June 18, 2010

LA Trip Pics [Pic Heavy]

Big ass popcorn, we didn't even finish it half way 0_0"
haha! idk why the BF's face is like that lmao
MBD Masks time ^_^ 
i told him to put it on for me, mwhaha
Breakfast date @ ihop
my cutie <3
WTF?? lol
This is his "pervert" look lmaooo!
The best advertisement for this phone ;)
A candid pic of hunbuns + Watermelon Lemonade = Yum!
Sippin' on my drank! lol
Mediterranean Food, I got the Greek Plate
He's too cute, isn't he?
Ready to kill this grub!
Mirror Pic
Our friend, Moses @ the Noraebang
At the YD Noraebang
Hunbuns singing hehe! hella cute
I sang Filipino songs, Korean songs & English songs. haha!
Moses & BF doing their duet lmaoooo
Me & Emily (cyworld friend meetup)
me & emily again
Where are you, John?
random pic lol
This looks hella funny
Me & BF at some random stop over
take 2
Sweet Potato Fries
My cutie <3
My meal for the night!
Elephant Bar's Chicken Caprese with Tossed Basil, Cherry Tomatoes and Mozzarella
BF's meal; Lamb....something, something lol!
Matching World Cup- South Korean Shirts
And, again..lol!
At home...=/
My little sis & I
whoops, you can see my bra -_-"
Ignore the mess, I just got home hehe!
wtf? I look high 0_o?

Anyways, I missed you guys so much! Hope you all had an amazing week. I know I did :) Anyways, I will be posting my LA Haul real soon & also my Haul video :] Also, I took some vids of my BF and our friend, Moses singing at the Noraebang [for those who are curious as to what a Noraebang is, it translates to "singing room" in Korean. It's basically a karaoke room]

Anyways, hope you guys enjoyed this uber pic heavy post!
I'll again, soon... needa rest & catch up with my family first! Glad to be back on blog :)


  1. haha looks like so much fun. the best bf's let us put makeup stuff all over them :)

  2. aww you went to la :D
    looks like you had a blast
    cute photos ^.^

  3. Awww you guys are so cute hahaa

  4. OMG hun..You two looks cute together..Looks like both of you having so much time during the trip..Ahhh foods..All delicious..

  5. nikki!!!! omg it feels like forever since i've talked to you! looks like you had fun on your trip, you and your bf are so cute! i love your haircut and those sunglasses are awesome! :)

  6. Aww yay looks like you had a blast.
    Can i just say that you are your boyf are so CUTEEEE ! I just want to pinch you both LOL


  7. Looks like lots of fun :D You two look cute together! and wow such a cuuuuute phone! ♥ x

  8. im seriously starving now ToT

  9. awwwww glad u had fun! it looks it too :)