June 30, 2010

Hair Photowhoring Day + Sis Makeover + Etude House Review

My hair reminds me of that "Narsha" look that I did last month, I think. haha!
Anyways, sorry for the massive photos of me in this blog. MWHAHA!
just felt like photowhoring today! yeee~!!!

I know I look underage in these photos, but do not be fooled as I am a Halmuni (grandma) as my BF would call me. LMAOOO! I'm turning 23 soon >.<

Here's my little sis in her post St. Patricks Day get up. lmaoo!
I decided to do another makeover with her. MWHAHA! I love having a little sister to play with lol!



Btw, thanks for those who have entered my MEGA GIVEAWAY! I will have the winners by the end of this week :) Look forward to another giveaway once I hit 600 ^_^ Excited much?


  1. aww your sis looks good in green!

  2. That hairstyle makes you look younger! I couldn't tell that you are 23!
    yea, having a sister is really cool XD
    I just followed your blog. =) anyway, what is your race? I'm thinking somewhere along south east asia..or I might be wrong.

  3. Your sister look cute..=).. I love all your camwhore..^_^..Super cute..

  4. love the hairstyle and so love the look on your sister :) you did an amazing job ^ ^

  5. Aww those camwhore pics are adorable! And your sister looks great :), good job :D!

  6. @Angie: she said thanks:)

    @Aisyah de cullen: Thank you! People always think I'm only 18, but I guess this type of hair makes me look super younger. haha! Anyways, thanks for following my blog :) and yes, I'am south east asian. I'm filipino.

    @Angie: Thanks, angie <3

    @Sara: thanksss, love <3

    @Arsyparsy: aww you're too sweet, thank you.

  7. Your haircut looks amazing! Soooo cute! As well as your sister!

  8. I love your sister's green look! That smokey eye is gorgeous :)



  9. I LOVE YOUR NEW HAIR CUT!!! It really suits you and NO WAY you're turning 23!!! You look WAYYYY younger than that!!

    You did a good job with your sister :D

  10. You're so pretty! 23?? you look younger! :D

    Yuo did great job, your sister looks awesome! I'd love to do makeover with my sister but she doesn't let me :(

  11. Awww your sister's makeup is gorgeous! Love it. Oh and I look young too, people usually guess that I'm like 16, lol, but I'll be 21 next month!

  12. You are both crazy cute! I wish I had a sister to give makeovers too *sighs* Love your blog :) xo

  13. YOur little sister make up was HOT!!!!!! ILOVE IT!


  14. You're a talented artist. But from one Pinay to another, too much foundation.

  15. "I love having a little sister to play with lol!"

    this made me lol...shes like your own life sized barbie haha

  16. You and your sister look so alike! The green makeup looks great :)