May 8, 2010

Spring 2010 Fashion Show/ Exhibit + FOTN + OOTN

with some of the work that the fashion students made 
Ohh look, it's the dress I made ;)
the board I made :D
some of the work that the students made ^_^

these are most of the pieces shown by 6 different fashion design students.

my fave <3

all 6 student designers with their models + collections

Outfit Of The Night
like my dress?
-Cotton/ Argyle Blend
-Ruched Bust
-Button Accent Sleeves
-Made in Korea

-Where to buy:

-Very sleek & comfortable. I most especially love the sleeves, looks very vintage, at the same time very chic as well. I got this dress from, which is based in Texas. They specialize in Asian fashion, & very cute, sexy & chic if I may say so myself. I can say that most of their stuff over there at Mode-5 is super amazing. I love everything & of course, want to purchase everything. Also, Saadia, one of the owners of Mode-5, is such an amazing woman. She is very friendly and makes sure she gives you the utmost best experience shopping on their site. 

So, if you guys are into Korean, Japanese or Chinese fashion, definitely check out MODE-5.COM for amazing dresses, tops, leggings, jackets, etc.

Face Of The Night

Have you guys been on a fashion show? If so, share some fun experiences ;)
Hope you guys like this pic heavy fashion blog!


  1. Oh, heavenly blessed beauty who's inner beauty is simply divine and everlasting...

    I would drag my balls 350 miles across broken glass just to hear the echo of your fart through a walkie talkie.

    btw, those are some weird ass dresses.

  2. @Babe: wth? what was that? haha you're so weird! I love you cutie! & some of the dresses are nice ;) be nice lol

  3. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures!:D

    Love your dress!:D Enjoy the weekend, Nikki!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  4. WOW, i want to change my major now. Not even kidding...I love cloths and i love the dress you designed and you get to wear it too its so fun and all that...oh man!! if i ever change my major we can go to that fashion school together hahaha i loveee it

  5. Well, they'll need to deal with harsh criticism if they want to be successful, anyways.

    Having said that, WTF IS THAT UGLY PINK + PURPLE SHIT? serious? who in their right mind would wear that? I can dig up old clothes and make a better shit than that.

  6. @Marie: Hi Marie! no prob & thank you so much! Have a wonderful weekend too :D

  7. Everything looks so amazing! I love your eye makeup! Soooo pretty!

  8. haha sorry to be nosy but you & your bf is soo cute. :) I'm suppose to be sleeping now but your new post popped up before heading to bed! I loooooove all the photos. Video was really fun to watch too and the photos of other dresses. And Nikki, your just simply gorgeous. I love the board esp, it looks like you put in sooo much time for that. Def worth it. Loved it! Looks like you had tons of fun. I hope one day your dream will come true! I'm sure it will. The dress was absolutely fab. & again, your def rockin' those boots! (your older post) :)

    <3 Katie

  9. Nice! I love the same dress you like and the one directly after it. :D

  10. Awww..I love your pink dress..=)..your FOTD as always gorgeous..=)..

  11. i love your shoes .. u should take pic of ur shoes closely hehe :)

  12. I love your pic heavy fashion blog :)
    Girl, I love your EOTN! So fabulous :3

    Ahhh I want to go to a fashion show! Your dress looks wonderful too

  13. omg your shoessss!!1 i love your eye make up.. and your shoeeess!! all the girls are so pretty and fab!! and so are you ofc! <3

  14. WOw some of those dresses are amazing!!!! It looked like a fun time. your hair, mu, and outfit!!! you can def rock it girl!

  15. aw how fun! i wish i could've been there! your dress is awesome! and you look gorgeous as usual, love your new haircut and shoes!

  16. I've never been to a fashion show, unfortunately, but that would be so cool to go to one! I love your purple eyeshadow! It's so vibrant!

  17. Wow! looking ar ur photos, I reminisce of the past during my school days!!! FAshion is so so fun~

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