May 10, 2010

Smashbox Tokidoki Soft Lights in Dolce Vita & Brush Set only $10.99

hello my beautiful ladies & gents,
Ok, So I'm so excited to tell you guys about this online store called BeFlurt that sells highend cosmetics such as MAC, Smashbox, YSL, etc. for such a discounted price. I couldn't believe it! But, I was actually, lucky enough to get my hands on the Smashbox Tokidoki Soft Lights in Dolce Vita & Brush Set for only $10.99 0_0" Crazy right? sooo cheap, when these things retail for about $48.00 at Sephora and about $19.99 at Beauty Ticket. I also picked up a La Cross Heated Lash Curler for less than $3 which in the end only cost me less than $15.

BeFlurt is pretty similar to Beauty Ticket. However, I think that Beflurt has less selections due to the fact that most of what they have are either LE or already discontinued, which is great for those of us who have been trying to buy LE or discontinued items off of ebay then to find out later on that we bought a fake.

Beflurt offers all authentic items at a guaranteed low price. And, since most are LE or discontinued items, once it's gone, then it's gone for good. However, they do stock up on more items. But just to make sure, if you guys are eyeing something, just get it because you never know once it's OUT OF STOCK. Now, that'll just be devastating, now wouldn't it? =/

I also love their amazingly fast shipping. It took about 3 days to get to my mail box, which is pretty awesome! I was so excited, I opened the box right away. Then I saw the packaging which was also amazing. (As most of you guys know, I'm all about the packaging) I love it when companies take their time to make everything pleasing to the eye for their customers. Everything was nicely wrapped in pink & red tissues with a BeFlurt sticker. They were also nice enough to include 3 cute business cards + their current promo codes.

Their customer service was superb, as well. If you have questions & email them, they usually get back to you within 24 hrs. I've spoken to Roy, and he was kind enough to give me a special promotion code just for my lovely readers.

So if you purchase $60 worth of items, make sure you enter the promo code: EWWITSNIKKI & you will automatically receive 15% off, it's already discounted price.

Another cool thing, about is that they actually do some amazing contests from time to time & right now, they are having a contest that gives away a $75 gift card to who ever wins. It's also pretty easy to enter. CLICK HERE to enter or learn more about their contest.


Another thing, please don't forget to enter my giveaways on the side bar. They close in 5 days; May 15,2010 --12am PST.

Also, I will post more pics + close up shots of the Dolce Vita Blush.

For now, all I can really say is, I LOVE IT!!! Can't wait to use it :]


  1. Awesome! I've been looking for some cosmetics to try by Mac, since I've never used them before, and being on a budget this will be great! Thanks for letting us know Nikki! :)

  2. Whoa thanks for sharing Nikkii! :D I can't wait for your review of tokidoki's blush! :D

  3. @Ciara: I absolutely know what you mean, and you're very welcome :D

    @LittoMokaa: No prob, & that's definitely coming soon ^_^

  4. Wow!!..Cool..But sadly here no Smashbox.. =(..

  5. oooh must look (; ty for sharing babe!

    ---*jumps around like a lil girl* oh boy oh boy i hope i win a contest lol!

    its the bf's bday that day so he better bring me some damn luck! LOL

  6. Thanks for sharing, Nikki!:D

    Have a lovely week!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  7. @Angie: awww~ well, I'm sure if you buy it from beflurt, they can ship international.

    @Michelle: No prob & lololol! too cute :D good luck! hope you win the $75 contest <3

    @Marie: Anytimes & you, too have a wonderful week :D

  8. lol whaat where is the 75 dollar one haha i didnt even know!

    --->guilty of not reading everything -_-

  9. Ooh, checking it our right now. :D

  10. Ooooh AWESOME! I'm all about bargain shopping and stuff! The tokidoki is sooo cute, it's worth getting just for the packaging alone!

  11. oOoOo!! This is awesome!! I love hearing about new trustworthy websites where I can shop!! And especially ones that offer good deals!! Love love love!! Thanks for sharing, love!!

    That is SUCH a sweet buy you got there!! :D It's TokiDoki+Smashbox, and the color looks amazing!! I think it will be a really pretty color on you! Can't wait until you get it so that we can see pics of swatches, and of course, of it on your pretty face! ^_^

    Thank you for your comment on my new post!!<33 It really made me smile to see a comment from you and you were one of the first, too!! I really appreciate the support!!<3

    hehe, yeah I get what you mean about Asian products being a little more $$ than American brands, but price-wise, the Dolly WInk stuff are pretty much similar to MAC stuff! The liquid eye liner & all the falsies are $12.30 on Sasa! From my knowledge, that is cheaper than any other site that sells it! You should totally check it out! :D Plus, so far from my experience, Sasa is the cheapest place to get MBD masks & other Asian brand masks, too! And I know you like your Yogurt & Black Pearl massks! :P

    SOOOO excited for Saturday! whee!

    ♥ caroline

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