May 30, 2010

Sister Makeover + BH Cosmetics 10 Pc. Deluxe Brush Set Video Review

I was bored, so I decided to do some crazy makeover on my little sister ;) Here are her before & after pics. lol



my mom says it looks pretty nostalgic. haha! whatever that means! 
my dad says "since when have you risen from the dead?" LOL much?

I used my Glamour Doll e/s, Elianto Glitter liner, Jordana Purple liner, Skinfood Eyeliner, 1/2 false eyelashes on each eye for this dramatic- goth like eyes & I used a Dark Purple Wet & Wild Lipstick + Victoria Secret Red Lipstick to create this blood red lips.

What do you guys think?

[Video Review]

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  1. I love the look you made for your sister! Looks retro but in a modern sort of way? I love love the hair!! :]

    Thanks for the review on the BH Cosmetics brushes!! I've been wondering about them for some time but I wasn't really sure about their quality.

  2. I love the look you did on your sister! It reminds me of Taylor Momsen, aha.

  3. You're an artist! I love the makeup! ^^

  4. You've got skills like no other. I'd love to be a model for you any day. Test looks out on me please! =D

    Your sister's make up looks so pretty. Smokey eyes for the win! Your parents are funny. It's not that kids say the darnest things but parents say the darnest things. Hehe.

    I'll be honest, I didn't get to watch your review yet but I will soon!!! Promise! I love your videos. You're so real in them. I'm on my iPhone and my little neice and nephew are watching Walle so I don't want to disturb them. {*hehe}

    <3s Serena.

  5. love the look u did on ur sis! i wish she opend her eyes in the make up shots as well, but yaayuuh great review!!!

  6. Crazy! the look you did on your sister is quite a transformation! haha :P She looks very gothic lolita-ish! You are so artistic and creative! I would never be able to do something like that even if I tried haha @_@ my colors would probably come out all muddy and everything :( lol fail!

    OooOo those brushes seem like they're very good quality! I'm tempted, but I already have a Sephora brush set, and I think instead of buying multiple sets, I should just invest in some MAC brushes that I've been wanting & lemming for since forever! xD

    ♥ caroline