May 25, 2010

[Review]'s Konad Set

Hey there guys, so last month, actually contacted me to do a review on their Konad Set. I, being the noob the I'am, tried several times to do it on my nails, however, I failed miserably =/ So, I asked fellow blogger & friend, Serena aka serenaeveryday to be my guest reviewer & do this review on my behalf, since she's pretty experienced with these things.

Anyways, here's her honest review regarding the Konad Set that sent me.

(Konad Special Nail Polish, Konad Scrapper & Stamp, Konad M57 Image Plate)
M57 Image Plate

How to use:
1. Apply base nail polish, any nail polish of choice. I used OPI’s sweetie pie. Make sure your base coat is completely dry.
2. Pick the design you want from the image plate. Cover the design with KONAD’s Special Nail Polish.
3. Use scrapper to scrape off access Special Polish and then role the rubber stamper over the design to pick up the polish onto the stamper.
4. Roll the design onto your nail. [Roll as in use a rolling motion: left to right or right to left]
5. Let the design dry for a bit and then apply a clear coat of polish. TADA! You’re done.

I’ve realized that you have to do steps 2-4 really fast. The special polish tends to dry quickly so if you aren’t quick enough, the polish will just dry in the design on the plate.

My Thoughts:

KONAD Image Plate: 4.5/5
I love how there are so many plates to choose from. The plate I received has 5 designs to choose from, I know there are more on other plates. Only issue I have with these plates is that they can slide around. There are plate holders out there however I don’t have one. I found that if you put the plate on top of a piece of tissue it doesn’t slide around as much.

KONAD scrapper and stamper: 4/5 
Both of these tools are pretty easy to use. Only issue I have with the metal scrapper is that it makes scratches on the plate. Sometimes the stamper doesn’t pick up all of the design but I believe it’s because the polish dried already or that I didn’t clean the plate off well enough.

Overall: 4.5/5
I think KONAD stamping nail art is pretty easy to work with. It is affordable and there are so many designs and shades of special polish to choose from. It can be challenging at first but with practice it’s relatively easy to work with. Key thing is to work fast! You do not want the special polish to dry up. You should probably have an idea of where you want to put the design before starting.

I really love using this product. I was able to finish one hand within 5 minutes and my nails look fabulous! I would definitely consider purchasing more image plates and special polishes.

Thanks again, Serena for doing this review & being my 1st guest reviewer on my blog! Hopefully, I'll have more guest reviewers on my blog in the near future!

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  1. Love this =) Serena's nails are so cute!

  2. So cute, I want a set of these!

  3. cool! I just got the Essence stampy set but haven't used yet :)

  4. Awww Nikki keep trying you can do it!

    Its really worth it....I konad all the not amazing at it thou :P

    If you wanna see please hop over to my blog :)

    M xo

  5. I already know I'd suck at it. hahaha

    Yay for Serena being your guest blogger! <3

  6. Ooooh Serena did a great job! I think I'd be a big klutz at it as well, I can imagine just paint and stamps everywhere but my nails LOL!

  7. Very cute nail art hun, love your haircut btw! :D Much love!

  8. I've been wanting to try out Konad since last year!! maybe this is the summer to try it... haha :P

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