May 14, 2010

NOTD + MBD Mask (Yogurt) Review

Hello there beautiful readers,
Ahhh, busy busy busy!!! Spring semester is almost done & I gotta register for new classes for Fall. Gahh! this time, I'm planning of taking a full load of fashion courses. =_=" Hope I still have time to blog later on. Hmm, well, I'm pretty sure I'll make time :)

Anyways, here's my NOTD (inspired by my friend, Ruby)
glitters = ♥

[Review] My Beauty Diary Mask- Yogurt

I always wanted to try these masks but never got the chance to until fellow beauty bloggers, Ange & Cydia were kind enough to send me a few MBD masks that included this particular one. (Yogurt) However, I didn't know full effect of these mask until Albert from, generously sent me more to try & do a review on it.

info taken from website
PRICE: $1.99 per sheet

Main Ingredient: 
-Yogurt (deeply nourishes & maintains fresh skin, condition & moisture content)
-Witch Hazel (sooths, moisturizes deeper stratum of skin)
-Hyaluronic Acid (prevents moisture evaporation, nourishes stratum comeum of skin)

Suitable Skin Types:
-All skin types, especially oily skin

-Regulates the production of oil & absorb the excess oil produced. Skin becomes cleansed, soothed & less oily.

Directions On How To Use My Beauty Diary Mask:
  • Cleanse face thoroughly before applying mask.
  • Excess essence from the packaging may be applied on the neck by massage.
  • After 20 minutes, remove mask and gently massage face to assist absorption.
  • Rinsing is not required.
  • You may apply toner, moisturizer etc. after application

What I really think
First of all, this mask smells divine. Sometimes I wish I could lick it! haha! Even my sister said the same thing, just because it smelled so good. And, boy~ do I love yogurt! I also really love the cooling effect that these masks gives your face. It definitely refreshes and sooths my dull skin. I actually use this mask when I feel like my face just needs a little boost. I mean, with all the makeup every other day, etc, my face could definitely use some help from time to time. Anyways, I'm not too sure if it helps alleviate excess oils from my skin, but what I do love is that, it makes my face super smooth after 20-30 mins of having this mask on.

I really would love to try the other masks and see how they work & if they really do work :) Anyways, sells these masks for $1.99 each sheet. I'd say, it's pretty cheap for 1 mask, but I wish they sold in boxes, instead.

Anyways, overall, I really like this mask! I love the refreshing feeling it provides for my dull, oily & sensitive skin.

How about you guys? What are your experiences with any of the MBD masks? 


  1. ooh i haven't tried them but they seem nice :) what pink lenses are you wearing?

  2. @Angie: I see, hehe! Yeah, I haven't tried them all yet. Hope to try all of the MBD masks soon :D & I'm wearing Dueba Super Nudy Pink lenses. :]

  3. fff.

    dang, i can see your reflect on the yogurt-mask package lol

  4. Im glad that you like the masks :) you can also get it from too

  5. I found a store in LA that sells them (by the box). Originally I was going to order them from but it's $22 and you wait for international shipping on that. I'm too impatient >.<
    If i ever find a store in the bay area , I'll definitely tell you. Believe me, i'm a woman on a mission for those.
    I have a few boxes right now, there's only TWO in one box. The larger boxes have 10.
    Personally i the yogurt one smells like FLAN. Yup, flan, the dessert ahhahahahahaha
    It feels really good but I think the apple one smells best! Angelique sent me some one or two of those. I wasn't able to pick them up in LA but I did get strawberry , bulgarian white rose and black pearl. i'll let you know! :)
    Cydia is so lucky she has a store near her that sells it -_- actually, SHE HAS TWO!!!

  6. I LOVE YOUR NAILS, BABE!! teehee! I just did my nails, and they're pink, too!! hehe I painted it with Sinful Colors Scandal...really sheer hot pinky color--it reminds me of fruit punch kids toothpaste! xD

    aww you look so cute with the mask on!! hehe xD omg I though you were wearing purple lenses at first! love the pink lenses on you!! kekeke i know something you don't know... :P

    ♥ caroline

  7. What a cool nail polish, I haven't seen any with glitter that big.

  8. Awww pink and purple..Very girly and I love it..=)..

  9. I love MBD mask!! But not all favour though..My favourite will be Natto and Strawberry Yogurt. I had review them though. Feel free to check here:

  10. sparkly nails! eeeek it makes me smile haha

    ive never tried mbd. would love to since it said its suitable for oily :)
    did the mask cover you lips? xD

  11. Your nails are HOT! <3 I want to try that mask out now since I've got nasty oily skin :P such a good price too. The only MBD mask I've tried is the aloe one? I really like it :) Leaves my skin super soft!

    P.S.Your eyes looks so stunning in that picture!


  12. Yogurt is totally one of my faves!! :] <3

  13. I've been dying to try out these masks, I've heard great things!

  14. Oooh I LOVE MBD masks - my favorite is Black pearl! :)

    Hmmm...maybe I need to try the yogurt out too! I have a multi box with the Red Wine, Black Pearl, White rose and something the way they make my face feel!

  15. Love the masks, and your hella cute lenses!

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