May 28, 2010

LOTD + OOTD + Cute pics of Nash (Super Pic Heavy)

Look Of The Day

I've been breaking out -_-"
simplistic eye + orange lips to add a bit of an edge
super asian! haha ^__^V
Products Used:
Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation (True Beige), Heidi Yi Mineral Foundation (Medium Beige), It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer (Tan), MAC Studio Finish Concealer (NW25), NYC Bronzer (Sunny), Heidi Yi Mineral Blush (Frosted Berry)

Products used:
 Skin Food Choco Eyeliner Jam (Black), Sleek Palette; Storm (Shimmery E/S), Maybelline Lash Stylist Mascara, 1/2 of False Eyelashes on each eye
I'm actually starting to like these Nudy Brown lenses now :) They really do look much better with less eye makeup on <3

Products Used:
Barry M Lip Paint (Orange)

Outfit Of The Day:
The weather was nice today! Sunny yet a bit breezy, which was super perfect. I just wore this cute top with this cardigan and some shorts & flats on.

Here's how he sleeps every night :) Cute huh?



  1. Love the makeup Nikki, gots to get some of that orange lippy! :D Cuteee.

  2. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
    You're puppy is so cute...awwwww so so so look beautiful my dear i really like your new hair it looks great on you hahaha

  3. Aww hun.. You look gorgeous.. As always.. ^_^

  4. aw how cute. I love your lipstick ^^

  5. Love the outfit! I also love how you rock those orange lips so well :]

    Nash is cute!!! I always take pictures of dogs when they sleep like that. I seriously think boy dogs like to do that to air out their balls or something. hahahaha


  6. I love your eyes here! =) & no one can rock those hot orange lips like you! <3

  7. Nikki~!!<3

    Ahh!! @_@ I feel like I've been away for TOO long!! ;_; I have 12 unread posts from your blog, babe! I'm sorry!! :'( been extremely busy--May just totally flew by for me! Finals, papers, graduation, then it's packing, cleaning, and finally the moving, and then I got sick right on the day I came back home to socal! fail...with a 101 degree fever! I'm better now! ^_^ I went to my bf's house and his mom took such good care of me! she was so worried bc of my fever xD it's so sweet bc she made us food (ton katsu w/ all the banchan) and then she iced my forehead and just told me to rest. At the end of the night I felt better, and my bf dropped me off at my house. :D Then I've just been sleeping & recuperating at home after that!

    Okay just a lil update, in case you were wondering why I've been MIA!

    I love you with the simple eye look & orange lips (which only you can pull off)! I personally really really love looks that emphasize the lashes. ;) for me, it's all about the lashes and how they can really make your eyes POP! I love it!! I was wondering what lenses you're wearing, but you addressed that later i your post, so yay! I like nudy lenses, but I don't know why it irritates my eyes!! UGH! I guess my eyes just dry out SUPER fast, which sucks bc after only a few hrs wearing circle lenses, my eyes start giving me problems and turning all red and irritable! -__-;; I hate it & so not fair!

    YOUR HAIR!! I saw one of your pics on twitter a couple weeks ago, but didn't get the chance to tweet you! hehe wow, you're so lucky you can pull off the straight-across 'fobby' bangs look! ^_^ hehe your lil asian ponytail in the middle of your head is super cute haha xD Nash is just TOO adorable! :)

    ♥ caroline

  8. Love the eye makeup, your eyes are gorgeous! =]

  9. love the makeup and the super asian photos! :3

    nash is so adorable.

  10. loved ur outfit and make-up :)
    and ur puppy is uber cuteness ^^

  11. your looking great miss! Never mind your breakout you are gorgeous. HOw cute is your dog aha. Awesome outfit too :Doverall a freeking good post xx
    Keep in touch, Kimberley xxx

  12. Aww that is so cute! I love how you managed to totally rock the lippie! :)

  13. The orange lip really suits you, you look gorgeous :)

    Your puppy is so sweet too :)

    M xo

  14. I love the lip color! I don't have any lipstick with that I'm thinking about buying a similar one ^^

  15. Super cute outfit. I love the eay it flows on you .. The sleeves are too cute!

  16. Ooh- you pull off the orange lip so well. o: I bet coral'd look great, too.

    That would never work with my- err- skin tone. Haha

  17. that has to be the cutest pic ive seen of a dog sleeping lol xoxo

  18. aww hello kitty background :D i like the orange on you! it fits really well

    ya, i got measured for rings just for fun at zales once i think. they told me i was a size 3 ringfinger xD that's like .. smaller than they make them. it sucks having tiny hands and feet :/

    i just ignore the fact that rings are super oversized on me and just clank them around with me haha. i think i like buying them more than wearing them xD