May 19, 2010

Celebrity Inspired look + New member of the family + 10months

Here's my celebrity inspired look
Got this look from Narsha from the Brown Eyed Girls!
Narsha is a 30 yr old hottie from this Korean girl group called B.E.G (refer to top)

I love her look at the "Abracadabra" MV with her asymmetrical hair + orange lips, sooo hawt!
Anyways, here's my take on it ;)

so what do you guys think?

Here's my Celebrity Inspiration
oh & her facial structure reminds me of Jen from Frmheadtotoe, don't ya guys think? lol hella gorgeous!


Anyways, today, me and my family got a new puppy! We decided to name him Nash. He's a Pekingese-Pomeranian mix aka "Peek-a-Pom". He's at least 8 weeks old & he's such a lazy bum with a prince syndrome! hahaha! But how can you resist a cutie like him though? haha! here are some of his photos from today :)

as you guys saw, most of his photos were sleeping photos. HAHAHA! such a lazy bum eh? but, he's uber cute so it makes up for it ;)



  1. this look is so creative and haute!!
    I LOOOVE ur puppy ah~~~~~~~~~ sooo cute~~~~

  2. Aaaaaa so freakin cute! My puppy is now 10 years old lol he's old but still precious.

    I LOVE that orange lip bold short cut look on you! It's what I've been longing to achieve xD

  3. it looks great on u! I love when people where non-stereotypical lipstick.

    And ur new puppy is ADORABLE!!

    love your blog, i've been a follower for quite some time.

    love to have u as a follower:

  4. I love your celebrity inspired look :) And your new puppy is SOOO cute!!!


  5. Wow!!.. I like your celebrity inspired look..Gorgeous..Awww cute little puppy..^_^..

  6. You look like a doll, good job with the makeup!:D

    How cute is Nash?!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  7. Hi Nikki! aww, Nash is super adorable! and your make up inspired look is lovely! love Narsha too on their MV abracadbra.she's hot! xoxo

  8. Love the look! It looks gorgeous on you. What makeup did you use? :)

    The puppy is sooooo cute! :3

  9. Very beautiful look! I love how your hair looks! :] If only I looked good w/ short hair.. You almost make me want to have short hair again.. haha

    Nash is super cute :]!! I love puppies. I can't wait to get another one

  10. 0.0 omg ! sooooo cute !!! i want one !! ^^

  11. awww super cute!!!! good job on the look Nikki, what lipstick is that by the way ? you pull it off very well and CONGRATS on the pup! Missed you at the meetup, hope you can make the next one!! maybe by then you and Serena can bring your puppies and let us all play with them ^_^

  12. happy anniversary!!!
    hehe woohoo new puppy ... !! welcome nash :)

  13. You look amazing! & the puppy, don't laugh but I was like...screaming? Haha...Awwwww. :) Can't wait to see more of your new family member. Hehe. Happy anni to you & your boyfriend as well. <3

  14. @Mei: Thanks hun <3

    @Angie: Oh wow! 10 years old! awww he's like 70 in dog years. Anyways, hope he/she has many more dog years to go :D Also, thank you! <3

    @Morgan: Aww thank you so much, you're so sweet! Also, I'll follow your blog :D

    @Hardcore Makeup Junkie: Thanks, love

    @Angiepink: Thanks love <3

    @Marie: aww you're the sweetest! Thank you

    @Trina Mui: Aww hehe! Isn't he the cutest? hehe I've been wanting one for years!! :D Finally, now! yay

  15. I think you guys look alike :P

    & your puppy is so cute! Omggg! >___<

    Happy ani. to you & your bf! :)

  16. omg i love this look nikki, so cute! that's so weird, i've had this song stuck in my head for a couple days now! i've actually been thinking about doing a 2ne1 inspired look, although i don't look anything like any of them!
    and that dog is the freakin cutest thing ive ever seen! i want a puppy sooo bad but my roomates dont :( so i'll just drool over yours :P oh and happy anniversary to you and your bf, me and my bf just celebrated 5 yrs on May 11th-haha, too long! nah, j/k i love him :) sorry this comment is so long!

  17. Love it :)
    You look like a doll ;)
    The pupy is soooo cute xoxo

  18. Nash is ADORABLE!! His eyes are amazing =) So cute!

  19. ohh i love the look it looks sort of retro and cute! and nash is super duper adorable!!!!

  20. you are too cute! and so is your puppy!

  21. @Locke: thanks dear! absolutely love Narsha too, she's one hot cougar. lolol

    @Sugar Sugar: Thank you! & I used a Lancom quad (4dreaming) + MAC paint pot (Soft Ocher), some eye liner going over it with a black shadow

    @Angelique: Thanks, Ange <3333 Aww, I'm sure your hair can look like it too & of course you'd look gorgeous with long/short hair

    @Susy: Thank you, you're too sweet! & I'm using Barry M (orange) lipstick. hehe!! And aww thank you! I've also missed you guys! Hopefully, next time I can pull through with it *cross fingers* hehe

    @Ipeh: thanks hun <3

    @Katie: Awwww you're so cute Katie, seriously! when I read your comment I was like AWWWW TOO CUTE! I could hella imagine it thats why haha! thanks, btw.

    @Susie: Awww no way! Narsha is waaay Hot! Thanks though, I'm flattered hehe! <33333 you're too sweet, Susie

    @Liana: Omggg! definitely do a 2ne1 inspired look! It'll look hawwwt!!! And thanks btw <33333 He's super lazy, all he likes to do is sleep! What a bum head! lolol! Anyways,5 years?? omg that's crazy! Get married already hehehe! jkjk! Anyways, I have tons of friends that have been in a relationship for 5-6 years already! I'm like damn boy, get married already hahaa

    @Ritalime: Thank you :)

    @Liloo: Aww you're too sweet, thanks love <3

    @Rachel: Aww thank you <333

    @Saving Capulet: Hehe! thanks <33

  22. @Pangie: Thanks, dear <3

  23. I love this look on you! it's so cute!!!!

  24. your look is haaawt! :D

    Omg peek-a-pom! such a cute combo XD He has this innocent look so cute :P

  25. Awwww how adorable!
    and Happy 10 mos to you guys!!!

  26. I love the look!
    & your new puppy is simply adorable^^

  27. He's such a cutieeeee puppy! =]

  28. I love how you edited the first pic! :]

    & the new pup you got is soo adorable! Supeeer adorable! My dog is a lazy one too..sleeps all day. Hehe

  29. That look is soo pretty and unique! It looks really good on you (: your puppy is soo cute, my shih-tzu is a yr old already ): they grow up soo fast lol!

    Follow my blog, you'll love it!


  30. I love the look, your hair is so cute!! And Nash is adorable!! Makes me want a puppy so bad!! :)

  31. OHHH WHAT A CUTIE! i love his big belly :) and your look is sooooo gorgeous you look just like the singer!


  32. OMG, your puppy is FREAKING CUTEEEE......i just wanna grab it and hug it to bed lol

  33. You look great! I love the inspired look!

  34. i love beg!
    you pull off the orange lips so well!! i love the look

    your puppy is so cute!
    puppies with big eyes are my greatest weakness

  35. you HOTTIE!<3 xD man, I think I've grown accustomed to orange lipstick being your signature mark/look because I always see it in your photos! ;) but it's a good thing though bc everyone wears pinks & nudes, but only a few fashionable handful can rock the orange and make it look just as good as the pinks & nudes, the way you do, 'ma!<33 haha you pulled off the look very well! ;p Me likeys!

    Nash is SUCH a cutie~!! OMG...and ESPECIALLY in the 3rd pic with his huge, watery puppy eyes...TO DIE FOR!! LOL xD You would think you'd died and gone to pet heaven after seeing that pic! haha :)

    Congrats to you & the bf, Nikki dear!<3

    ♥ caroline