May 31, 2010

BOF Inspired Necklace & DollFace Palettes + Special Promo for my readers

Kissing Star Necklace from ToFebruary
Hella cute right?

This is my nail of the week 
Black w/ Blue flecks Nail polish + Fushia chunk glitters

DollFace Cosmetics Haul
So my cousins from the Philippines came a few weeks ago & they actually got me a couple of palettes from DollFace Cosmetics. My cousin got me the 44 Shimmer & Blush palette & the 15 pc. Concealer + Corrector palette.
the palettes that I got

44 Shimmer & Blush Palette (double stacked)

Most of these blushes are pretty much dupables to MAC powder blushes. The one on the upper right corner is similar to MAC's Honour and the one on the bottom left is pretty similar to MAC's Trace Gold. Also, the orange one next to the Trace Gold dupe is similar to MAC's Style.

15 pc. Concealer + Corrector Palette

This concealer palette is great for beginner MUA's that are doing freelance work. 

DollFace Cosmetics is based in the Philippines and their stuff is only available for local customers. Which is why I had asked my cousin to buy me some from there :) Anyways, I contacted the owner of Dollface Cosmetics for some kind of promo for my Philippine-based readers. 

She contacted me back & agreed to give my Philippine- based readers, FREE SHIPPING FOR THE WHOLE MONTH OF JUNE FOR A SINGLE ONLINE PURCHASE.

Just say you're Ewwitsnikki/ Nikki's follower on blog & She will give you a free shipping on a single oder, all month of June :)


  1. ♥♥♥♥♥ Ur palettes!!!! I wana get them soon~

  2. The palettes are so pretty :)

  3. pretty palettes! and love ur nails ^^

  4. i love the palettes! and the bof inspired necklace. it's so pretty!


  5. oOooOo I really really WANT that corrector + concealer palette that you have!! I think it's so useful to have so many shades to choose from, not to mention the color corrector concealers! It's def. a must-have item for MUA, but I think it's great to have just for fun also! hehe xD I really want to get a blush palette, too! Or maybe I should just buy an empty palette & depot the MAC blushes that I have and make my very own palette! >:)

    I will enter your giveaway soon!<3

    ♥ caroline

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  7. I love the palettes!
    I'd love to buy them, but I live in Spain T___T

  8. Love the palettes! And the nails too of course :)