April 3, 2010

YES To Cucumbers Body Butter [Review]

8.45 fl oz. - 250 ml
$9 to $16 depending on where you buy it

What It Claims: Nourishes & Smooths; Combines Organic Cucumbers, Aloe Vera, Spirulina & Dead Sea Minerals; 99.6% Natural Ingredients; Free of Parabens, Petroleum & SLS; Certified Organic Ingredient.

Pros: First of all, 250 ml is a whole lot of product. It has a thick consistency like most body butters do. It helps your skin retain the moisture it needs. I also like the fact that this is organic & they use all natural ingredients. I also have a very dry skin (funny cause my face is insanely oily, however my body is the total opposite) I love the fact that it is absolutely moisturizing. It also smells really really good! can't really describe the smell but it's somewhat like a cucumber/ organic- clean- fresh scent. I really like it! You can definitely feel it sipping through your skin, retaining moisture, making your skin silky smooth the next morning. (usually, i put it on at night after i shower)

Cons: It may seem a bit "greasy" at first but trust me, the next morning when you wake up, all the "greasy" feeling is gone & you'll just have a super silky smooth/ soft skin. (like a baby's bottom, literally) I can't really say anything bad about this product besides the "pre greasy effect" and the cost (these organic stuff can be a tad bit costly)

Final Verdict: This product is amazing for those who have normal-extra dry skin. (like me) This will definitely give you the skin you always wanted. It smells really pleasant as well and not too overpowering like other products. I really like the smell because it doesn't have the overpowering floral/ candy-like or citrusy smell to it, just a clean, fresh scent. And lastly, I cant express how much I love the fact that it uses 99.6% natural ingredients. I mean what more can you ask for? I can honestly say that this is one product that I will recommend & keep buying because it's worth the money

5/5 Hearts 

The product mentioned above was a gift that I received on Christmas from my Aunt. 


  1. I bet that smells so yummy!:D

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    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  2. @Marie: hehe oh yes, yes it does hehe! :) sometimes i just wanna bite myself cause not only does it make my skin super smooth but it smells good too >:D

  3. oooh its between $9 to $16? thats a big different...how much did you get urs for? You're making me wanna get it...so this is like a body lotion right??? Have you ever try any body scrub?? omgg can you do a...foot care thing hahahaha im serious LOL....

  4. @Cyd: My aunt actually gave this to me for Christmas. She works at Walgreens so she gets things for 15% off. But usually they sell it for about $15 over there. I mean pretty hefty for me since I'm a cheapskate but... It's a reasonable price but the quality is amazing. & Yes it's a thicker version of a lotion. (better than lotion i must say)

    I've never actually tried their body scrubs, although that does sound good though! hehe! Maybe I'll try some soon.

    & Idk? i dont really have a foot care stuff.. wait I do, but I hate feet..even my own so yeah~lol AWKWARD hehe

  5. Thank you for sharing your review with us Nikki! I always see the "Say YES to ___" products hanging out on the shelf at Walgreens, but have never tried. This stuff looks great - like Laneige Water Pack for your legs and body! :D

    Also, you have me on a mission to try out LUSH now! :)

  6. That seems like a great product :) Awesome review!

  7. oooooooooooooooooh i likey! i want lol

  8. Thanks for the review! I should check it out... Actually you just reminded me that I need to moisturize LOL.

    My face is like that too.. Oily but the rest of my body can be so dry!

  9. so interesting! there is only yes to carrot here in toronto, i didnt know there s other veggies!! maybe its eggplant next time? lol

  10. the cooling cucumber sounds like a nice product! And I love the way you apply your eyeshadows. btw you won my contest so email me julie_lan(at)hotmail(dot)com with your addy!!