April 28, 2010

[Tutorials] How I do my eyebrows & eyeliner + FOTD/EOTD

How I do my eyebrows
requested by: glityeryeyexx 

It's really not that hard, I just kind of fill in my brows. 


How I do my eyeliner
requested by: kechiko

Btw, I use a gel liner & an eye liner brush (not angled)


Hope this was someone helpful?
Please let me know :)


products used: MAC Paint Pot (Soft Ocher), Sleek Palette-Acid (Purple Pink; shimmery e/s), Sleek Palette- Storm (Brown; matte e/s), Sleek Palette-Storm (Black; matte e/s), Femme Couture Gel Liner, Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner, Lash Stylist Mascara

(you'll notice that on the video i will have up really soon..that my lipstick & outfit changes. it's because i'm a girl & i'm indecisive. get over it! lmao!!!)


  1. Thanks for sharing Nikki! I've been having a hard time to wing my eyeliner =/ Either pencil, gel, liquid... I guess I need mre practice :D I use a angle brush for my gel liner.. Is it more easy to work with a normal liner brush? :)


  2. I love the purple! Girl, your lashes are SO LONG!!! I'm soo jealous x_X

    :D You look fabulous!

  3. psssst... what do you use to tightline??? ive been looking for a good pencil to tight line with... sooo far everything ive tried ends up giving me raccoon eyes within a couple hours!!


  4. love it! i love the eyeshadows you used...and i needed the eyebrow tutorial!! <3

  5. I'm obsessed with your EOTD, I REALLY love the colors! <3

  6. What the hell? that's freaking complicating.

  7. I love it. I need to find a good color for my eyebrows and those contacts are still GORGEOUS.

    I have such trouble with doing the top eyeliner. No matter how I try, it always looks horrible on me. I have deepset, hooded eyes, and just.. yuck, lol.

    I love your eye of the day!

  8. @LittoMokaa: You're welcome :) Dont worry I'm sure you'll get it soon. Actually, it depends on the person. I, personally prefer using a liner brush rather than an angled brush. hehe

    @Angie: Awww thank you & pfft don't be.. I just use a good curler & mascara i guess? hehe <3

    @Anne: I use Revlon's Colorstay eye liner. works well.. no smudging for me. you should give it a try <3

    @Girlabouttown: Awww thank yu & I'm glad it sorta helped (i hope) hehe!

    @Susie: Aww thank you! you should try to recreate this look if you want ;)

    @Babe: to you maybe, but I'm a girl... it's not second nature to me hehe

    @Stephanie: Aww really? hmm, maybe try using a brush on applying your eyeliner on your lids? maybe that'll help?

  9. Thanks for sharing hun..It helps a lot.. Wow!! I love your FOTD..Gorgeous..

    Keep on posting hun..

  10. I can NEVER do bottom eyeliner like that. I haven't found one that won't smudge & make me look like a raccoon.

  11. You are so pretty, girl! Love the eye looks you always do :D I've been inspired to do something like yours but I'm still practicing :D

  12. OMG your purple smokey eye is out of controolll! Love it so much!

    Thanks for sharing your brow tips <3. I can never get my brows quite right for some reason.

  13. Girl, you don't even need to fill your eyebrows in! They look really nice without even having it filled it!

  14. Awesome, I love the tutorials and you do your eyes amazing!


    xox Laura Beth

  15. LOL!!! I actually did notice you were wearing something different and that your lips were a different color. [I watched the video first before looking at this post.]

    I thought to myself.. "Am I THAT forgetful? I don't remember her lips being orange-ish?!" {*Hahaha} good thing you clarified what was going on.

    Thanks for both tutorials!
    I find your liner one very helpful...although I probably would make it a lot thinner. I don't have nice and full lashes like you that would show up. {*heehee}
    I think I might just have to try a liner brush. I have an angled one right now. I like how thin and nice your wing is.

    I LOVE your eyes! Purple is my FAVORITE!! LOVE LOVE LOVES.

    <3 Serena.

  16. Love the brow powder, is that from Sephora?

  17. great makeup, are those your natural lashes? omg girl, share the wealth, geez! lucky girl! :P

  18. 예쁜 니키 야!! ♥

    You are so good with makeup...especially at making the colors dark enough to make your eyes pop and to get them to really show up in picture! hehe The way you tak your pics and write the directions on them are so cute! xD hehehe Looking gorgeous, as always. I love how you could rock orange lipstick so well! I think it would look weird on me =/ hehe It's okay for being indecisive about clothes! At leas you're not indecisive about everything else...like how I am...FAIL! lol *sigh* yayy I finally get to catch up on blogs and comment again!! whee! but only for a little bit bc...back to the stupid paper...eww! ;_;

    ♥ caroline

  19. YOU ARE SO FREAKIN' GORGEOUS!! Aggh, thanks for doing the tut. Lol, I don't think I'll ever truly be able to get my brows to look as fierce as yours, but this definitely gives me tips to try out. :)

    P.S. Is it so wrong that I get so EXCITED every single time you post a new entry? :p

  20. Lovely tutorial..
    It looked so easy but fo sure it'd be pretty difficult for me.


  21. Oooh I really like how you fill in the winged part on the bottom! I'm gonna try that out :) I need to get a good gel eyeliner brush ~ any recs? I've been having trouble with my gel liner these days, so I picked up the L'Oreal felt tip liquid liner and it's super easy to work with a felt tip.

    Speaking of brows...I went a little pluck-crazy on my eyebrows this morning haha.. I started looking at them in the mirror, and I was like... hmm need to pluck here, and here, and before I knew it I plucked away half my brows LOL. I like the way yours looks dongsaeng ~ it really suits your eyes and your makeup!

    Thanks for doing the tut! And looks like a lot of other gals found it super helpful too :)