April 19, 2010

To cut or not to cut, that is the question.

  Lovlies, I need your help!
Ok, so the thing is, I'm in a little dillema, whether to cut or not to cut my hair. I've always had long hair since like 4 years ago. The last time my hair was chin length was my Junior year of high school.

Anyways, I'm in desperete need for a change since I've had my long hair for years now. However, I'm the type of person who kind of sucks at adapting to changes. (yes, very contradicting, in deed!) Also, part of the reason why, I'm a bit hesitant to getting a hair cut is because when I had gone to the salon years ago & asked them to cut it in this particular way, they took inches & inches of hair off of me & I JUST HATED IT!

Since then, I started cutting my own hair. Even gave myself a femme mohawk, a v-lign hair with tons of layers. Anyways, I swore to myself that I will never go back to that scary salon ever again.

But now, I'm really convinced to get a hair cut & have this change.

I really want my hair short, kinda like these following pictures.

i need your suggestions & opinions, although i do know that at the end of all of this, it will be ultimately my decision. however, your opinions will be appreciated.

1.) Hayden Panettiere
really like the choppy look

2.) Angela Zhang
this looks so freaking cool, but seems a little short

3.) Katie Holmes-Cruise
love that hair & bangs, but asian bangs always fails me.
(guess where i found this pic? lol)

4.) Rihanna
i love the length, but i might want shorter bangs than that

What do you guys think? I love all of them but I can't make up my mind on which one.


  1. I like the Rhianna one! I think that it'll suit you the best (i"m guessing from the prof pic!)

  2. i think the angela zhang one is very eccentric but quit too short but you could def pull off both the hayden or rihanna cuts. goodluck!

  3. katie holmes' one looks good :)

  4. I think the hayden one would look so cute on you.

  5. Hi Nikki! :)

    I had long hair since I was like 12 or 13 and I had a few short hair cut until now. The last time I had a short hair cut (chin length) was... a few months ago? Like you, I really wanted some change but you know for a few months it's great & nice but now I miss my long hair and want them back :(

    I really like Hayden's cut. It's simple & sophisticated. :) I encourage you to go for it if it's really what you want :D Remember, hair grows! =P

  6. rihanna. lol

  7. I say go for it girl.
    Cutting your hair short you can always add extentions if you don't like it.
    Thankfully you won't be cutting your hair as short as mine.
    Which in that case you wouldn't be able to.

    But I would choose the first one.
    You two have similair facial structure.
    And that's the first thing you've got to look at when attempting to recreate a hair cut.
    A lot of people just look at the cut.
    Not the facial features.
    And what would look flattering for that person might not look flattering on you.
    Get what I mean??
    [[ Sorry all those years of cosmotology school have gotten to me. ]]



  8. NOOOO Don't do it!!! Haha. I'm gonna say the opposite of everyone else. Hair takes forever to grow back, so just in case you regret I think it's better not to. You can always do dif styles with longer hair, but short hair is limiting. And I'm the type of person that hates to regret stuff.... and yea pretty much every time I even chop off 1 inch of hair I'm like nooooooo why'd I do that?!?! LOL. And I just think most of my outfits look nicer with long hair.. I feel like short hair can be one-dimensional and create this "look".. almost like you'd have to dress a certain way to match your hair.

    BUT ~ if you do chop it off and don't like it, there's always extensions if you want to deal with that.

  9. I had the Victoria Beckham a line bob for the longest time.. I loved it at first but then grew to hate it. Short hair is SUCH HIGH MAINTENANCE but if you're going to do it, I think #1 suits you best.

  10. I think the Hayden or the Rhianna cut would looks best on you.

  11. Hayden! I recently cut my hair short after years of having it long too..I was really hesitant and kept putting it off for months!! But I'll tell you it's such a nice change and a bit of a relief to have short hair again!

  12. Don't cut your hair~~~~
    IMO, your hair really is beautiful.
    I like long hair!

    but if u do really want to chop it off hmmmmmmmmmmm...
    You'd look good with all these cuts but you'd look best with hayden's!

  13. You could really look good in ANY one of those hair styles Nikki! Although I love long hair since I have never been able to have it long when I was young (my Mom would make me cut it!), in the Summer, short hair feels GREAT!

    Of all the pics, I am between Hayden & Rihanna type hair for you. You could pull off pretty sexy chic looks with a strong eye and sleek, styled hair!

  14. I totally agree with you. I hate going to salons now 'cause every time I ask for a certain type of hair cut they somehow manage to fudge it up! :( LOL. So, I've been cutting my own hair for years now :|

    I like Hayden's hair! :) But then I really like Rihanna's too! >___< They're both really cute!! Maybe Rihanna's cut but Hayden's bangs? :P I think they will all suite you well 'cause you have a nice face shape!~ ahaha<3

  15. OMG, I've been thinking of getting my hair cut too..maybe by end of summer im gonna donate my hair like 8-10inches of it....i was also thinking of more like Hayden Panettiere and rhianna's one...i think it will look great on u....i want Hayden Panettiere's style but longer!!! the last time i had short hair was back in gr 6 im scare for the change too

  16. Yyou should go for either the Rihanna or Haiden cut! both very cute--but I think the Rihanna one suits your face shape more. The Haiden cut is really cute too so you cant really go wrong!

  17. i also have been contemplating the same thing! LOL! i don't have long hair like you, but i've had short hair most of my life.. and it's finally past my shoulders/middle of my back and i'm already bored with it!

    if your hair grows fast, and if you do really wanna try something new - try do it! :) you'd look cute either way!

  18. omg cant wait to see the results!

  19. either the hayden one or the rihanna one. they would all look cute on u!

  20. wow~!!..all the hair cut that you show are beautiful..I'm sure one of this picture will suit your face and personality..I'm voting for hayden and rihanna hair style..But hayden more better..^__^..

  21. Hi, i <3 the Rihanna look. I did it like this 2 summers ago, i loved it! But wanted my long hair back so bad after about 1 yr. Its been two summers and i only kept it that way for a summer and ahalf, and my hair is barly shoulder lenght :/ i did it a lil shorter than hers like in the shut up and drive video better picture search her in a green? i think its green or blue bathing suit shes @ the beach posing. i love it!! Can't wait to see your finish look!!

  22. Hi Nikki! hmmmm...tough decision eh? me too.I got a new hair cut with bangs and layers.still having a hard time to adjust with my style cuz my bangs were cut pretty short T.T anyway, if you like a haircut that is not hard to manage or its like wash and wear type, Rihanna's cut is okay =)and i think it suits your job and your personality.can't wait to see your new hair cut^^

  23. The last time I had really short hair was in 5th grade. HAHAHAHA. oh man, and now I'm a second year in college and I kind of want to cut it short (even though I love my long hair... I do donate!). I think the fourth hair style fits you the best to your face structure.... I would go for Rhianna's look! Cut the bangs a little bit shorter... go to a different salon! Bring the photo with you and show them.... if they mess up like not short enough or something, you can always go home and fix it yourself =] You look pretty with longggg hair.

  24. The Rhianna one will look cute on you!

  25. ahhhhh i completely know how you feel about this hair dilemma! I don't think I'll be cutting my hair anytime soon but I am totally for the "change" :)

    I like all the hairstyles, but I loveeeee rihanna's edgy cut, but I wish it was a bit longer. I would cut a little at a time, like a little longer than shoulder length bob (longer in front, a little shorter in back) and if you love it, cut more! Honestly, going from longggg hair to short will be a big transition and I think you should go halfsies :) but of course the final decision is up to you!!

    goooooooodluck girl! take lots of pictures to the salon ;)


  26. OMG!! I'm having a hair cut dilemma too!!!
    I want to cut it short, but long enough to tie and it's been a few years since I cut my hair short..I don't think I'll even look good :/

    I like Hayden's and Rihanna's the best

  27. looks good, babes!

    and, wow, a lot of indecisive girls here, huh?

    well, give me a scissor, and i'll make it happen for each and every one of you.

  28. U r very very pretty! u'll look great in all styles! but u can try out zhang shao han's style. b cute for a change~

  29. Hey Babez!♥

    wow, you are brave! even though a lot of these short 'bob' cuts are soo sophisticated and hot looking, I wouldn't be able to bring myself to get my hair cut bc my mom always made me cut my hair SOOO short when I was younger...all the way up until 6th grade. Then finally I was allowed to grow my hair out in 7th grade and beyond. I know, NIGHTMAREE!!

    Anyway, I think that you should get the Hayden/Rihanna cut, but just get Hayden's shorter bangs, since they both practically have the same style/cut, just different length of bangs! :P

    From the looks of all the comments you're getting, I think the Rihanna/Hayden vote has the majority so far! haha ;)

    good luck, babe! You'll look hot with whatever you choose, I'm sure!

    ♥ caroline

    p.s. Would you be down for an SF blogger meetup? Not sure if you saw my msg about it last time! xD

  30. I like Rihanna's style the best .. not a huge fan of choppy bangs, just cause you can't do much with the til their long enough to clip back! BUT I think you could pull off any look.

  31. I like 1 and 4 the most! I think you can pull it off!!! how exciting!!!!

  32. I think either the Rhianna or Hayden cut would look fabulous on you :)

  33. I'm gonna have to agree with the ladies saying "don't cut it!". Try doing layers or just changing the color! But if you are convinced you need to cut, go for Hayden's hair. Good luck!

  34. if your not use to change and all that you can do the rhianna look...really nice clean cut..and you can have your long hair as well..so you can get a little bit use to it...

  35. I like rihannas!!

    how bout this..cut it shortER but not chin lenght yet..and if you are okay with the shorter haircut and don't regret it cut it even shorter.

    kinda like in steps

    i cut my hair slightly above my shoulder and i'm soooooooo regretting it now