April 23, 2010

Special thank you to all of you + Winner


First of all, I would like to sincerely thank everyone who joined my giveaway. I started out with just 1 follower (my boyfriend--yes, such a supportive bf, he is) Anyways, I never thought I'd get this much followers. I know this may sound a little mushy or whatever, but I seriously do appreciate all of you. (my readers)

For those who have been with me when I had barely 10 followers (you guys know who you are) Thank you for sticking by me till now. For the amazing friends that I've made this whole time, thank you for your genuine friendship. Though I haven't met any of you personally, I do wish to meet all of you somehow & hopefully, soon.

Thank you for my original 150 followers, this giveaway was initially because of you guys!

I also wanna thank the 225 followers that I've made within a month. Its sooooo crazy to think about it! Whether you started following me, because of the giveaway or for any other reason, I still wanna thank each and everyone of you for supporting my blog, it means so much to me. It's insane to see how far this blog has gone. Now, I have almost 400 followers 0_0" (never have I expected to get so many readers in such a short amount of time & for that, I'am very greatful)

For those who always comment on my blog posts, thank you for all your encouragement, support, love & compliments. It honestly does make my day :)

For all of my followers/ blog readers in general, THANK YOU OH SO MUCH for allowing me to express myself through blogging. You all have made this blogging experience a blast & you guys have given me the reason to continue on what I'm doing & to better myself in what I love to do.

Now, for the 150 Ah-mazing Readers Giveaway Winner...

....DUN DUN DUN.....

Angelique, Congrats!!!


  1. Awwww you desevre much much more followrs love!!

    and CONGRATS TO Angelique :) She's a one sweet girl!!

  2. @Cyd: Awwww~ Thank you! you're soo sweet. Love ya, girl!

  3. Crazy that you're almost at 400 followers!! Insane!
    Well like Cyd said, you do deserve having so many people reading your blog. Your blog is AMAZING! Giveaways are a bonus but I would still keep up with your blog even if you didn't have them. You're oh so .. AH-MAY-ZING!!! LOVES!!
    *hugs* *smiles!* =]

    Congrats to Angelique!! Crazyness.

    <3 Serena.

  4. your blog is amazing! so glad i found it! <3


  5. congratulation angelique!! u're so lucky..

  6. CONGRATS!! ur gaining more followers and yeah u deserve it. ur a great person that has a great blog!! good luck!

    yay angelique's so lucky!!

  7. Awww... you are so cute! And I agree you deserve it! You have a great blog and you are a wonderful person. :) Keep up the great work!

  8. Almost to 400 followers is amazing. Your blog is great and you're one sweet girl - you deserve it all!

  9. COngrats!

  10. OMG! Congrats, Angelique!

  11. Whatttt..I woke up to your DM from Twitter this morning (I slept hella early).. so it was a wonderful surprise!

    I feel lucky.. since you had so many entries! :]

    Congrats once again Nikki. You'll gain more and more followers because you're so awesome :]

  12. Angelique is on a hot winning streak!!! Good for her ^_^
    Congrats on all your followers and i'm looking forward to seeing more posts from you beautiful lady!!
    It's so cute that your bf was your 1st follower. Mine was my 3rd and he barely reads mine ahhahahaa

  13. YAY! congrats to angelique!!!!

  14. Congrats to Angelique for winning!

    && I KNOW you will have many more followers because you are a great blogger!

  15. Yay congrats to Angelique! She's a sweetie! :)

  16. awwww congrats to her! :)
    and girl, we're always here to support u! :)

  17. Congrats to Angelique!!
    And thanks so so much to you Nikki!!