April 2, 2010


hello my beautiful readers!
So some of you might know that i recently did a swap with a fellow blogger friend (Nicol) & she got me 3 sleek palettes. So here are the much awaited swatches :)

mostly shimmery but there were a couple of matte e/s
(this palette is great for an everyday smokey eye)
most are matte but there were a couple of shimmery e/s in the bunch
(very neon, great for making fun looks) 
 all matte e/s
(not as pigmented as the last 2 palettes but great for everyday look)
here's a quick sneak peak of my designer profile project.
let me know what you guys think of my board :)

 One more thing, I noticed I almost have 300 followers & I was thinking of doing this thing where once I reach either 300 or 350 followers that every month/ every 2 months, I will be sending out a love package to one of my blog readers. Just to show how much I appreciate you guys.
What do you guys think???


  1. Love the poster board (; its super decked out && fabulous!

  2. @Michelle: thanks love! i like how it came out. ahh after 3 hrs of working on that thing...glad it was worth it hehe

  3. hehe very cute and creative poster board! (: I love the detailing in the flowers! how long did it take you to do it?

  4. omg you soo creative ! good poster! :D

  5. dangg, the board came out better than i expected. good job, babes!

    and, good about the packages ;D

  6. @Loren: thanks hun! :) i love the top boarders too.. it took me about 3 hrs to finish that whole board. so tiring hehe

    @Ipeh: thank youuuuu love <333

    @Babe: thanks :) & yeeeeeeee

  7. Your poster is pretty! I can never make a project without my dad, his cutting of paper and gluing is so precise i just end up tearing and messing up the work area >_<

  8. Great poster.. You're really talented Nikki.. Luv ur blog :)

  9. Nice swatches! I haven't tried Sleek yet, I may do an online order with them someday

    Love the poster!!! You're sooo talented!

  10. Those eye shadows rock!! :D They look amazing!

    The poster is so creative! I love all the detailed touches :)

  11. YAY!! Swatches!!
    I actually see a number of colors I like from each of the palettes. I have this odd attraction to blue shades recently. I don't know why. O_o; Thing is I usually never wear blue because I feel like it looks as if I got socked in the eye. OR that it looks weird when my cheeks turn all pink and I have raccoon looking eyes. {*LOL} Maybe I just didn't know how to do make up then. Well I'm still learning but... not as good as you.

    The Acid palette looks like it can be a lot of fun. The colors aren't as bright as I thought they would be.
    I want to see you use the neon GREEEEEEEEEEEEN!

    Great job on your project. I LOVE the roses. So pretty. I rarely ever see anyone use a black poster board thingy. I think you did an amazing job. Only 3 hrs?! WOW. I remember one of my boards took me 3+ hours and everything was printed out. {*HAHAHAHA} How sad. Maybe I just wasn't as efficient when I was young.

    -Side note-
    *HUUUGGGS back. <3s

    LOL @ how you love the shrimp chardonnay but not the shrimp part. Isn't that the main ingredients? I've never tried it before but I will next time.

    I hope this comment shows up shorter than it looks. I sometimes feel so bad for writing so much. It's like an email... =X

    <3 Serena.

  12. oooh the display board looks super artistic... andd it actually has that anna sui feel to it! gahhh you're sooo creative :)

    anddd i loooove how you appreciate your followers/supporters... i've noticed some people blog or do YT vids just to "collect" subbies/followers. smh


  13. Love the swatches!! I really need to get my hands on those palettes ;p

    Good job on the poster!! Looks beautiful!

  14. That second vibrant palette is amazing. I seriously love Anna Sui, and the packaging is soooo cute... it's worth it for just the packaging I say!

  15. I love the acid sleek palette! IS SOO AWESOME!!!! LOVE IT!