April 21, 2010

[Review] Extra Dali Green Circle Lenses- pic heavy

Extra Dali Green

*Disclaimer: these lenses were sent to me by http://honeycolor.com 

Base Curve: 8.6mm
Diameter: 14.2mm
Water Content: 45%
Usage Modality: Yearly
Approved & Certified


The packaging is exceptional, the viles & the free lens case were in a bubble wrap inside a bubble wrapped envelope. It got to me in one piece. Honeycolor.com was also kind enough to send it to me using express mail which got to me in about 4 days. Yes! believe it or not, it only took them 4 days to get to my mailbox & it's great because of the fact that Honeycolor.com is based in Malaysia. (I was amazed!) 

lenses in viles
no makeup

with flash
no flash

I've been wearing these lenses for about 7 hours now & it hasn't irritated my eyes nor has it given me a feeling of discomfort. I gave it a 9 rather than a 10 because my eyes tend to get dry, so I had to put on some eye drops a couple of times, but other than that, it was great.

COLOR & DESIGN: 7.5/10
The color isn't that vibrant, but what I love about these lenses is it sort of blends in with my dark brown eyes, & it almost seems like I have naturally, big green eyes, which is awesome. The reason why I also gave it a 7.5 is because it's kind of hard to tell which one is the right side & which one isn't, by just looking at the color, because it doesn't have that huge black outer ring. So what I do is I have to put it on my index finger and check if it makes that perfect dome-looking shape (the right side) The design is very simplistic & more on the natural side rather than the opposite side which is the "dolly" or "anime-ish" type of eyes.

no lenses
no lens/ with lens comparison

These lenses are 14.2mm, whereas a normal diameter of an average Asian is 11.2mm (I don't exactly know the diameter of my iris though) Anyways, these lenses most DEFINITELY enlarge the eyes.

[new short hair]

Overall, I love these lenses because they don't make me look so alien-ish with or without makeup, considering that these Extra Dali Green are huge. I love the simplicity of these lenses & how they just blend in my dark brown eyes and gives it a little pop of color, but not too much where you could spot that it's "fake" from a mile away.  I also love the customer service! everyone at Honeycolor.com is super nice & attentive. They email back within 24hrs, which is a major thing, especially for impatient people like me. 

[a quicky]


  1. NIKKI! you look absolutely stunning!
    your eyes are still big without the lenses

    no need to still feel weird about the short hair. girllllll it suits u soooo much and i bet all the other comments ur gona get are ace and complimenting your hair! :)

  2. Those lenses do blend well w/ your brown eyes! BTW you have beautifulllllllll eyes! :]

    OMG your hair!!! It looks good :] I wish I could rock short hair but my hair is so thin, I would just be all flat and uglayyy

  3. HOLLA!!! at the sexy lady with sassy short hair and seductive green eyes. I have no clue what you were worrying about. =P

    OoOoO LA LA LA!
    *whistle that "WooO wOoOO" noise. I don't know hot to type it out. I know I'm lame. {*LOL} at myself.

    Sounds like these lenses are pretty good. You've been wearing them for 7 hrs and they don't hurt is a big plus! I hear colored/circle lenses are more dry than normal ones. My eyes are dry already and I wear regular contacts. =/ {*bleh}

    Even though your hair looks shorter than it really is, I really like the first picture where you're showing off your new do. I really love how it looks.

    <3 Serena.

  4. LOVE This review, they look great on you! And your hair looks gorgeous!

  5. Looks BEAUTIFUL! I love your new hair too!

    <33 REna

  6. Thank goodness you got sent these... foreal tho i've been wanting green contacts but i've been hecka scared that if i order some they wont be as green as i'd like them to be. hah thx milf :) anywayssss. I love the hairrr!

  7. @xoladiihoney: Thank you!

    @Nicol: Aww you're such a sweet heart, Nicol! thank you <3333 & Thanks to you guys! I feel more confident with my new hair. I'm still getting used to them but I'm starting to like it more and more :)

    @Ange: they do, thats why I love them so much! & thank you so much! you're the best! & PSHHH! girl, I bet you'd look stunning with long hair, short hair or even bald. ;)

    @Serena: Ohhhh serena serena, my love! heheheeh I freakking love your comments cause they remind me of our emails to each other haha! anyways, thank you for both compliments <3 you're soooo sweet! Anyways, still getting used to the new do, but im starting to like them each day

  8. @Stephanie: Thank you! & I hope the review was helpful :)

    @Rena: Thanks love

    @Jamila: AWWWW MILF!!! glad you found this review helpful :) I really like these lenses, they're really comfortable. ^_^

  9. You look so cute! Aggh, I don't know if you've done this yet, but can you please do a tutorial on how you do your eyebrows? They lookin' FIERCE! :)

  10. you look lovely with the new cut :)

  11. Great review! Thanks..since ive been looking for angel lens for less, this is cheaper than lenscircle.

    BTW, love your new hair! Not so many girls can rock a short hair..it looks great missy! :]

  12. @glittereyesxx: Thank you!, sweetheart! & No, I haven't done an eyebrow tut, but I'll most definitely try to do one this week. Just for you :)

    @Love, SweetCheeks: thanks, love

    @Miss Nikka: Thank you & honeycolor.com has a promo going on right now. And they have a variety of lens brands.

  13. the new short hair is cute! i like it. i was told by eye doctors that green lenses come off the most natural for brown eyed girls. you wear them well!


    You look SO HOT in those green lenses - I'm sad they don't have torics of the Extra Dali but they DO have them in grey. I'm going to snag a pair soon.

    Love love love your eyes in them I have been wondering about the "dali" series. Thanks for sharing!!! <3

    OMG you got your haircut, it looks GREAT!!! So proud of you for changing up your look, it looks great!!!

  15. WOW!!!..you look super gorgeous with your new hair cut..Much Much better..^__^..

    Keep on posting darl..

  16. 니키!!

    너의 새로운 이발 너무 예쁘다고 생각헤요!! 니키는 아름더워운 여자 예요!! ㅋㅋㅋ ♥ hehe we should really practice Korean with each other lol xD But seriously, girl, I love the new hair on you...coupled with your new green lenses = GORGEOUS! hehe You really can pull off short hair so well, Miss Sassy Sophisticated Young Thangg! ;) Love your eye makeup & outfit, btw!

    Hope you're having a great mid-week so far! Can't wait for the weekend [OMG]! haha

    ♥ caroline

  17. Loving the hair cut! && the lenses look great on you as well (: You got balls for cutting your hair off! I would be too scared to go any shorter -_-

  18. loveeee the new hair nikki~
    I think I might steal your pic to show my hair dresser XD

  19. These look way better on you than on me hahaa :D I love your natural eye colour too and your irises and naturally quite big.

    I'm glad you find them comfortable!

    PS: LOVIN' the short hair!

  20. holy moses! your hair cut is SOOOO amazing.

  21. @Susy: Aww really? hehe that's awesome & thanks <33

    @Sharlene: Thank you!

    @Irene: I think the Dali Grey will look even more natural on your eyes. I like the Dali series in general too. & Aww thank you. It took me a lot to cut my hair lolol!

    @AngiePink: Thanks hun, you're too sweet!

    @Caroline: Awww you're too sweeet! <33 Thank you! hehe! And I agree, I think it'd be a great idea to practice together :) & aww thanks again, Im glad you like the lenses too. <33 Hope you have a great week ahead of you as well

    @Michelle: Aww, girl trust me, it took alot of balls to cut my hair this short. I've been pondering about cutting my hair this short for 2 years now & finally I grew big enough balls to cut em for sure. haha

    @Angie: aww why do you say that? I'm sure it looks good on you too. & thanks, love

    @Jina: Aww really? you think so? I actually just cut my hair, myself. lolol

  22. Ooo I love those contacts on you! & you did such an amazing job on your hair! Looks so good! <3

  23. Hun..You receive blog award from me..Go and check it out..^_^..

  24. Your lenses look awesome! Green for Earth Day :)

  25. your hair looks AWESOME :)
    you can rock both long & short hair x

  26. i also wanted to order this
    thanks to for the review
    btw you look amazing :)

  27. Omgg Nikki! Your new hairstyle is stunning! :D And love the lenses on you! SO natural! :D