April 12, 2010

OOTDAYS + Love Note + Giveaways & Future Giveaway

(outfit of the days)

Ok, so the weather here has been insanely multi-polar. Like a week ago it was warm & sunny and this week, it's windy & rainy 0_0? Hence the coat & scarf

very neutral eye makeup with heavy eyeliner (as usual)
Oh! and I didn't even bother doing my hair cause it was raining anyways, so I just put it in a bun.
this was my outfit on Sunday, for church. hehe! 
This was my outfit a few days ago when I went to run errands.
(no contact lenses & yes! those are REAL prescribed glasses)


Oh! & look what I got in the mail today!
Thank You so much, Natalie!
(I love how you sent me a love note & a postcard! I most especially love the fact that you even gave me your favorite post card out of your collection & the letter was sooo sweet! I was touched, absolutely)



please join! I will be picking one special "LOVE NOTE"at the end of the month & I will send that person a love package, from me, of course :]


  upcoming giveaway:

Once I hit 350 Followers, I will be doing another giveaway. This giveaway will be sponsored by MYCANDYEYES.COM. They are kind enough to give 1 of my lucky readers, 2 pairs of circle lenses. 

I'm so excited! I can't wait till I hit 350! I love doing giveaways & giving back to my amazing readers!

Also, a special thank you to mycandyeyes.com for doing this collabo with me. xoxo


Also, Please don't forget to enter my lovely friend/ amazing jewelry artisan's giveaway


  1. Aww, Nikki<3

    I LOVE how you can still look so hot and stylish on such a crappy rainy day! I really have to applaud and give props to you and all the other ladies who can manage to dress up and still look so good even when the weather sucks! lol it's so sad, but I think I dress according to the weather...if I see that it's raining, I don't even bother and my brain automatically tells me to reach for a hoodie and plain, boring black peacoat and scarf...so that I blend into the masses of other people wearing black on campus and in SF. sigh...I think I need to stop being so lazy and be more inspired by you beauties!<3 hehe I mean, if you don't dress up now when you're young and at the prime of your youth, when the hell are you going to start right? >:P

    Love the vibrant hue of your blue coat, and I'm totally digging the neutral brown makeup look! You're so good at lining your eyes--love it! Whee congrats on so many followers!! I can't wait to see you hit 350! Yayy! ^_^ and that's freaking awesome that MyCandyEyes are sponsoring your giveaway! :)

    <3 caroline

    p.s. you mentioned how you want to actually gain more meat on your thighs, legs, and arms--that's the opposite from me! hehe I can lose a lil on my thighs (they're not fat, but can use toning) and definitely lose A LOT from my chunky arms! lol :P Just eat up, girl! <33

  2. i love the bright blue coat and prescription glasses! <3

  3. ooh circle lenses yay ! hehe

    i dont like rainy days.. i cant really dress up.. but you look cute !

  4. omg i love your new layout and banner! and you look cute as usual in your pics! :)

  5. I was just wondering what kind of shoes did you wear with the trenchcoat. and pants or skirt?

    I haven't quite figured out how to wear my red trench yet. =(

  6. i love your coat (; i have a thing for coats...lol you look beautiful as always...i needa get on that love note (: ^_^ with a lil love package as well hehe....expect that within the next week or two...(:

  7. @Caroline: Awww you're too sweet mama <3333 Thank you so much! But in all honesty, it didn't take that long to dress like that. I just threw on some boat neck long sleeves underneath, some dark washed jeans, boots, scarf & that coat on. Hhahaha! But i know what you mean. I hate it when it rains =/ it's so hard to be fashionable when it's raining cause you kind of just get discouraged to look your best because the rain might wash it all away anyways haha. Anyways, I'm glad I somewhat inspire you. I mean.. you're a pretty girl so even if your in sweats & a tee im sure you'll still look gorge <333

    I'm sure you can tone your legs & arms in no time. As for me.... girl, i do eat alot. ask anyone i know hahah! I just really have an insanely fast metabolism. hehehe

  8. @Jenny: Thank you hehe! people always ask where i got my glasses & im like at the eye doctor? lol!

    @siwing38: I'm excited too! I hope you join that giveaway once its there :D and thanks love

    @Liana: Thanks liana <333333 you're too sweet

    @Shortnails: I actually wore a grey faux leather boots that are double buckled that are almost to my knees. & I wore dark washed jeans

  9. @Michelle: Thank you! I love coats too! But somehow, they remind me of those "COAT FLASHERS?" hahahahaah! but I really like coats though cause they have that sexy look to them without being all flashy & all. & Oooooh~ i cant wait to find out what its gonna be. sooo excited to read your note <333 whoot whoot!

  10. Hey girl!

    That is such a fabulous color trench. Luvs it! I recently purchased a vibrant purple trench and I adore it. hehe.

    Fabulous blog!! =)

  11. Lovely blue coat!:D Looks so posh!:D

    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  12. omg dongsaeng I am in love with the hoodie you're wearing!! Where did you get it? I love the colors and the fit! Looks so good on you! And I will most def be joining the contact lens giveaway ^_~

  13. @Sassy J'adore: Thank you & omg! I love purple! do you have a pic with it?

    @Marie: thank you

    @Sophi: Thanks unnie! I actually got that hoodie in the Zummie's Outlet store in Seattle. hehe! I love it cause it zips all the way up. (looks like im trapped inside there lol) but yeah! it's a fun hoodie if you wanna hide from someone lol & YAY! cant wait for that giveaway :]

  14. nikkiiii!! i don't know if it's b/c i haven't touched my blog in a while and therefore haven't seen your new layout, but I LOVE ITt. did you do it yourself?? i need a new layout.. mine is so boring lol. i guess when i have time i shall get to it.

    loving the blue jacket btw. i think bright colors look really good on you! baby babay ohhhh

  15. OMG... that's my love note...I just can't belive my eyes.. LOL
    I love ya Nikki :******

  16. you are so beautiful!! : )

    don't forget to join my give away for amazinggg prizes!:

  17. @Christina: I actually only just did the banner. I also changed the background. but the over all theme, i got it from a website. hehe! anyways, hope you're doing well. I miss your blogs on blogger. & Thank you <333

    @Natalie: Thank you so much love, I was really touched by your letter <333 You're sooo sweet. Love you too <33

    @Princess: Thank you & Ok, I'll check it out

  18. love the new layout!

    how could u look so hot running errands?! even in ur glasses you r such a cutie!


  19. @Sharlene: Hey love! aww shucks! you're too sweeet <3333 thank you so much love

  20. I love your outfits! They are so freaking cute!! <3

    & thanks for helping me about the mailing stuff! :) I really appreciate it!

    I can't wait for your next giveaway! :P

  21. @Susie! Thank you love & No problem, glad I can help & WHOO HOO I'm excited too hehe

    @Phuong: Thanks dear <3

  22. Such a beautiful trench coat :)
    I've been eyeing up quite a few recently, but I dont know if i'll be brave enough to go for that colour! You pull it off so well. x