April 26, 2010

OOTD (Sunday) + FOTD + Genki Crepes + Misc

hello loves,
anyways, here's my blog post from this weekend. I had tons of pics to show you guys, so hope you guys enjoy looking at em :)

outfit of the day

ok, so this was a candid shot -_- haha!

i played with the lighting a bit! heh
i wanted to focus more on the eyes so i did a soft focus on the face. heh!
natural lighting :)
simple smoky eye w/ dramatic lashes

Genki Crepes & Japanese Goodies
strawberry ice cream with kiwi & whip cream in a paper thin crepe! yummaaay
IT'S SO GREAT! (yes it sure was!)
finally found these flavored kitkats (green tea & flan) also got these milk flavored candies. super delish!

Anyways, I did my sister's friend's makeup for her prom :) She wanted a dramatic/ classic look because she was wearing a LBD (little black dress) Anyways, here's the look

Anyways, stay tuned for The Brush Guard Giveaway. I'll post it in a few hours :D


  1. SHIT. I've been obsessed with flavored kit kats recently. I will have to hit up Genki and get me some flan kit kats! The green tea ones are soooo good. I'm hoarding them and not sharing. You should try Royal Milk Tea also, so good.

  2. Oh I love love love your hair!!
    Can you cut my hair too? Hhaahaha but im so scare to go short out of a sudden..the last time i had short hair was back in grade 6 LOL... you and susy and other girls with all these kit kats are evil!!! When i havent try all these yummy one beside the org one.. btw I love your makeup too..u have really big and beautiful eyes and super full lashe

  3. waahh so pretty! And that crepe is making me drool. I've also never tried flavoured kitkats *adds to my to-do list*

  4. WOW! Loving the makeover for PROM!
    You're so talented!

    Yummy! Kit Kats! I wanna try them all too!

    Love all your photos! You're so darn pretty! I wish I could pull off short hair..but my face is too big for that LOL

    <33 Rena

  5. Why hello gorgeous !
    Ahh your OOTD and EOTD are both awesome! I really like your jacket and that purple top is very pretty ! You have got the best eyes I rekon, I love how you do your eyeshadow, you should totally come Australia and teach me how haha I can paint with a paint brush but absolutely suck as using eye brushes and eyeshadow!
    Mmmm crapes *drools* it looks so good ! I wish there was a local crape store near me I promise I'd go there everyday haha
    Good work on your sisters friends makeup, it looks awesome and very fierce ^^

  6. Congrats on 400+++!!!

    Also, OMG, you look like a MODEL in all your photos! Super super gorgeous, what camera do you use? Such flawless skin and pretty, striking, dramatic eyes!

    I really LOVE your new hair! :D

    And YES, aren't the Matcha green tea sakura kit kats the BEST? Let us know how the flan ones are too, yummmm!

  7. Love the new hair and those shoes are so awesome! I want flavored kit kats too...

  8. @Susy: Aww I know I've been wanting to try them for the longest time & finally!!!! I went to Genki last night & found some! hehe! i'll try to find the royal milk tea but they dont sell those flavored kitkats here in Stockton so, I had to go to SF to get em. Thanks for the suggestion though :D xoxo

    @Cyd: Awww thanks love!! I'll definitely cut your hair for you for free if you come here or if i go there ;) And girl, dont be scared... you're gorgeous & even if you're bald, you'll still look gorge ;) And thanks for all the compliments, you're too sweet! love ya!

    @Gloria: Awwwww you're too kind! thank you so much! & You should definitely try those flavored kitkats if you see them around. sooo delish!

    @Rena: aww thank you! <333 thanks for all the compliments too, you're too kind, Rena! & pssh! i'm sure you'll look stunning with long or short hair :D

    @Janice: Awwwwwww thank you sooo much! you all are too kind! thank you for all the compliments & I actually have relatives in NSW... so maybe when I go there (hopefully soon) then I'll help you do your makeup hehe

    @Irene: thanks Irene <3333 and psssh! model? lol! I'm too short to be a model & my skin isnt really perfect. It's just the makeup lol! although i do wish that my skin is perfect lol! & for the camera, I just use this Canon A530 (pretty old) Oh! and I havent tried the matcha green tea one yet, I'm still saving them till I really want them lololol!

    @Prettyaspeaches: thank you! & I know they sell them online :D

  9. I've never had a crepe before, but it looks good! And the only flavored kit kat I've ever had was strawberry (and it was gross, lol.) I love the look you did on your sisters friend. I like how to liner and shadow are the same color, but completely separate.

  10. I LOVE your hair and your makeup is fierce <3

  11. great outfit and look overall!!! I love those milk candies! the chocolate ones are my favorites!


  12. Omg, can I just say that you look amazing!? I love those shoes! So hot! <3

    You should do a tutorial on that EOTD I really like it! :D

    & that crepe looks so yummy! Mmm. I'm starving right now! Hahaha :P

  13. OOO Lovin` The new do!!! :D

  14. cute hair cut...i love the outfit and the makeup

  15. Gorgeous!!..I love your outfit..I love your FOTD..Your hair you look rock!!..

    Keep on posting hun..^_^..

  16. Well dang Mrs. Asian Ri Ri (Rihanna) you looking mighty fine (: Maybe I should buy a plane ticket to go to Cali and get my hurr did by you rather than spending 85! on an FUGLY ass hair cut I got here -_-

  17. As always, you look hot! :D I love the entire outfit all the way to your boots! :D

    Flavored kit kats are extremely delicious! lol :p

  18. You look so pretty Ms. Nikki, love the shoes!

  19. the dramatic eye looks so pretty on u!

    omg i want some crepe so bad now after seeing ur pic! lol
    but the only crepe place i know that has crepe in a cone in Alameda closed down. );

  20. LOve your outfit :] !! YOu make me want to go out and find Japanese candies!! hahaha.. I love love Japanese crepes.. So nice & crispy & gooey... LOVE IT!

    I seriously love your eye makeup here. You look fab w/ the dramatic look. I wish I could pull that off like you :]

  21. Me so sad... I'm so behind on commenting and catching up on blogs. Well.. I read them but I've been lazy to comment. =X

    Feels like it's been forever.

    This is an AMAZING outfit! I KNEW you'd be able to work those shoes. Dang. I don't think I'd be able to think of such outfits to wear with shoes like that. I'd probably give up. {*LOL}

    Love Love LOVE how you use and wear bold colors. I love the purple shirt... obviously because my favorite color is purple but yeah.
    The candid shot is so cute! <3s. It actually looks like you were posing. {*HAHAHA} Guess your sister has luck taking great pictures of you.

    Looking stunning in your FOTD. Bold eyes and natural lips. What color/lipstick are you wearing? That color is so pretty.

    MmmmmmMmmMmmmm... I am getting my hands on those Kit Kats. That's a promise! [to myself..] =]

    You did a great job on your sister's friend. She must have had the best makeup at prom. Looks professionally done. I want you to do my makeup!!! someday.. hopefully..soon.

    <3 Serena.

  22. cute blog xxx
    and cute of you to follow mine :)