April 6, 2010

LOTD + Fashion Program

Hello there lovelies, 
 Yesterday was an amazing day! It was my first day of school after a week of Spring break. (which wasn't as fun as I thought it'd be, but who cares... haha!) 

Anyways, some of you might know about my Designer Profile Project & that Anna Sui trifold board that I just recently made. Well, yesterday was my presentation & I volunteered to go up (I was the 4th presenter) Anyways, I did my thang...blah blah blah & after my presentation our instructor asked me if she could keep my board & so of course I said YES! so class goes on with other presenters etc, then class ended & I left & when I reached to the 1st floor (my class being on the 4th floor) I came to realized that I left my damn coat in my class -_-'WOW!! So I had to run back up a few flights of stairs to get my coat. Then my instructor was still there, surprisingly & we talked for a bit & told me that she wanted to keep my board because the Fashion Department will have this little exhibit thing going on in campus & she wanted to take my board for the exhibit & she asked if I would be ok with it being displayed. And so I was like SURE WHY NOT! NO PROBLEM! hehe! & we talked yadda yadda... then I told her that I'm planning on transferring to FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising) & She was like, that's great... blah blah blah..long story short. She invited me to this Fashion Program that we have in school to help me pick other fashion courses so that way I dont have to take certain classes and pay a gazillion more $$$ just for the same classes in FIDM (another long story short...It'll really benefit me) hehe! But yeah!! I was so happy! cause my board was the only one that she asked to keep. Made me so happy! ^_^ guess those 3 hrs of slaving over that board was well, worth it.

Here's another LOTD (from yesterday) hope you guys like it!

i tried messing with the lighting on this one to give it a more vintage look to it 

 [CLOSE UP] Lips:
NYX Round Lipstick (Orange Soda & Circe) --Combined
^Thanks to my Sissy for the Orange Soda Lipstick :)

[CLOSE UP] Eyes:
MAC Paint Pot (Soft Ocher), Wet & Wild Idol Eyes Jumbo Pencil (Electro), MAC E/S (Electric Eel), MAC E/S (Guacamole), Sleek Palette (Storm; Matte Brown & Black), Femme Couture Gel Liner, Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner, Maybelline's Lash Stylist Mascara


  1. your board must look great in order for your teacher to pick it :)
    i did that beforee! i left my coat in the library, the hightest floor and had to jet back up to get it.

  2. WOW!!..
    Amazing look darl..As always you look beautiful..
    You start your school yesterday but mine start next monday on 12/4..^_^..Continue my degree in business..

    Keep on posting nikki..I would love to see more LOTD from you..=)..

  3. Nikki!
    Lovely look of the day :)
    Btw.. I e-mailed you twice. I wrote you a Love Note and I can't wait to send it. But you never replied to me with your adress. So please e-mail it to me.
    My e-mail is natalka4656@vp.pl

  4. totally loving the look! amazing!!

  5. Oh yay!!!!! im so happy for you...told ya that you did an AMAZING job for your project hahahahah

    oh man...i think ive told u this before...but yea i wanted to go to FIDM back then i even got all those informations already hahaahhaaha i wish you luck!! <3

  6. oh btw, you look lovely =] love your look hahahhaaa as i said you're so creative!!

  7. omg! u look awesome!!! I DIG THE LIP COLOUR!!!!!

  8. Your makeup looks oh so creative :D Wish i could do it :/

  9. wow, that's great that your instructor will be displaying it!!! YAY for yoU!!!! and you're looking gorgeous as always! :)

  10. "do-doo-doo-DOO-do I'm lovin' it" hehe. Love the multiple eye colors! And ~ you're right about Circe - I've been using it to tone down some bright pinks I have and to mattify. It's creamier and less drying than using concealer! Glad it's not going in the garbage :)

    동생 ~ 잘했다 on the project!!!

  11. yay hard work does pay off! good for you :]

  12. 동생 you won the PopChampagne contest!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  13. Congrats on your board & the fashion program!! :]

    Love your LOTD! The blue eyeshadow really pops <3

  14. love the eye and the nude lip look!
    i can never find a nude lip color that can fit me and create a look like this... );

  15. I can't really see your outfit. And trust me I'm trying to stare really close to see what it looks like but only thing I see is the gray shirt with a black strap [that might be your bra =X].

    ...YeAhh.. That sounded kind of crepper-ish... {*LOL} BUT back to the point.

    I wanted to say I love how your makeup dresses up a casual outfit. You look great without even trying. You can throw on a plain boring old T. Throw on some make up and BAM! [I use "throw" because it's as if applying makeup comes natural to you. No effort needed to look AMAZING!]

    I love the bold colors you use. Loving the blues, teals, and all the sparkles. I think I'd look like a raccoon if I ever wore make up like yours.

    Back to school... I wish I still had school sometimes. I miss hanging out with friends. {*sigh} Good job though [again]! I think that's the 3rd or 4th or.. yah time I've said that.

    <3 Serena.

  16. those are some big-ass lips, lol.

  17. Your makeup looks amazing!
    and congrats on your project

    lovee your blog

    follow me at:


  18. Bold look! Love it though :D I am so happy for you that your board will be featured in the exhibit! I hope you get into the fashion program and rock it! :D Hoping the best for you :D

  19. Congrats! That's such good news, your obviously very talented =) Keep up the amazing work and I achieve your dreams <3

    My the most you wish for, be the least you get ♥

    Have a great day!

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