April 6, 2010

Inspired Look Of The Day

The model for Yagolicious by Yago Monique website

ELF Eyelid Primer, NYX Jumbo Pencil (Milk), Sleek Palette-Acid (Neon Green & Neon Yellow), Japanese Lashes (#10), Femme Couture Gel Liner, Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner, Jordana Eyeliner (Blue), Maybelline's Lash Stylist Mascara
Rimmel Lipstick (Pink Blush)

more pics.. lmao! (you can tell, i photowhored)

now, me & my niece
(my sis was blow drying her hair! heh!)

Btw, here's another entry for NV Beauty's Bring Your A Game Contest
hope you guys liked it!


  1. love the bright colours :)
    aww your niece is so cutee

  2. Oh my darl.. Gorgeous!!.. I love the look..Green and Yellow..

    As always i love your smile..You have such a beautiful smile..^_^..

    Keep on posting nikki dear..

  3. absolutely gorgeous! very vibrant i love it!

  4. Nikki! even though i only started following you this year, i swear youre already one of my faves when it comes to artsy/inspiring looks (fyi, i follow a LOT of beauty bloggers :P).
    not to put any of the beauty bloggers down buuut im finding a lot of the looks that some girls do (including me, even though i don't consider myself a beauty blogger) are repetitive... every look ive seen you post so far have been super creative... seriously, you make me want to experiment with colours again :)


  5. @London's-beauty: thank you & she is hehe!

    @Angie: Thanks love you're too kind <3

    @Khris: Thanks <333

    @Anne: Awwwwww that means so much to me. Thank you so much! & I'm so glad that I somewhat inspire you to experiment more on makeup :) xoxo

  6. uh... photowhored it? I would too if I looked as great as you... =P

    I really love how creative you are. LOLanne says that she finds a lot of girls repetitive.. I feel like my comments are. =/ But I'm not lying when I tell you I really like every single look. You've done so many different LOTDs, FOTDs, EOTDs, and blah blah blah and NONE of them are really the same.

    *Looked at your pictures AGAIN...
    Have you ever thought about modeling? I feel like almost all of your photos could be professional head shots taken by photographers for a magazine or something.

    Nikki-eeeeeee!!... I feel hella stalker-ish. =( This is worse than FB and Twitter. {*AHH!} My comment is creeping me out. HAHAH. I think I'm just going to stop here for now. {*LOL}

    <3 Serena.

  7. Girl.........You're so damn good with updating your blog hahahahaa and doing looks tooo...you're amazingggg

  8. PS. I don't think many girls would be able to work with neon green and yellows. You definitely pulled it off. Impressive.

    <3s again... Serena. =D

  9. @Serena: PFFFT you're too sweet! and what are you talking about your comments being repetative. Psh! I absolutely love them!!!! <3333 heheh! Thank you so much for always supporting & commenting my blog posts!! I honestly do appreciate every single one of them :) And as for modeling, I've been invited to a modeling/acting workshop before. (have you heard of Barbizon?) but... Idk, hehe! I mean if given another chance later on in the future then maybe hehe! And dont feel "stalkerish" I love love love your comments here, and on twitter! thank you so much serena na na na na na! LOVE YOU!!!

    @Cyd: Thank you so much cyd! <3 love you!!!

  10. fabulous job, nikki! i will def try this out soon!

  11. @Jen: thank you! cant wait to see your take on this look :)

  12. Wow you did an amazing job! It looks exactly like the picture =)

  13. @Susie: Aw thanks so much dear <3333

  14. Soo vibrant! You nailed it :)

  15. WHOA!!! Those are the coolest looking eyes I've ever seen!!! Look so good, you are so talented!!

  16. @Salina: Thank you <3

    @LCzinha: aww thank you so much :)

    @Kimber doll: you're such a sweetheart! thank you so much, love

  17. Hi lil sis ~ hehe as usual I think YOU look better than the inspiration photo! You are the most amazing makeup person ever!!

  18. So cool =) V exotic looking, beautiful ♥

  19. @Sophia: SISSSSSY! you're the sweetest evaaaah!! love you

    @Rachel: aw thanks love! xoxo

  20. gosh i absolutely love your makeup looks! you have a real talent for makeup... like FOR REAL :) i don't see too many other bloggers with this kind of originality and BAM colorwork ;) love love love! keep up the great work girly<3

  21. this is such a crazy fun look! it looks as though you're a model and you straight up just walked off the fashion runway! ;P green is definitely one of my favorite colors, but I don't think I can pull this off like you can! ^__~ And oh my gosh girl, lol we have something in common--my bf is Korean and his first name is Jae too! lol xD I totally need to improve on my Korean bc his mom wants to conversate with me more! I def. need to expand my vocabulary and refresh my memory with the grammar...must review & learn more in the summertime xD

    <3 caroline

  22. @Jimin: awwww girl, you are too kind. thank you soooo much! You don't know how much it means to me that you all appreciate my work. thank you, Jimin <3333

    @Caroline: Thanks love! I'm glad you like it <33 & Omggg how cool is that? That's awesome that we have things in common. :) hehe

  23. lately ive been into the same green u used as ur eyeshadow!!lol Spring Feverrrrrrrrrrrrr lol

    major prettiness look :)

  24. I just gave you a blog award! Hope you like it!

  25. @Harjot: Aww thank you so much! you're so sweet

    @Nicole: Thanks Nicole! I'll check it out now :)

  26. okay love, you're too beautiful. <3

    The eye look is FRICKEN gorgeous!

  27. @Lisa: Awww thank you! you're too kind <3 Definitely appreciate the love xoxo

  28. Gorgeous! I love it.
    It`s great for springtime ;)