April 30, 2010

FOTD /OOTD + Dyed hair + Project Love Note Winner, Misc

Hello my lovely readers, 
Now, let me warn you, this blog post is gonna be pic heavy, as usual. LOL! Anyways, hope you guys enjoy reading / looking at this post haha!


wearing japanses eye lash #11
(my current fave!!! love how it looks, needa get more -_-')

simple smoky silver eyes, using the Sleek Palettes
wearing geo ash wing circle lenses
vintage/ chic look! 
love the chiffon flower on the blouse.


my hair was originally black-dark brown so now it's like chocolate brown :) I loves it!!

Month of April's Entries:

the winner is...
the winner won't know she won until she get's this package :) 
muwahaha! >=D

Anyways, don't worry if you didn't win, because I'll have this readers appreciation giveaway every month & give a lovely reader a special love package from me. 

To find out how to enter, CLICK HERE & join now!!!


these lovely packages came to surprise me a few days ago. <3

Also, please don't forget to enter my Circle Lens & Brush Guard giveaways. Ends 05/15/10


  1. Oh boo haha a greater hint would have been nice LOL JK!

    Love the look! Gosh woman you are amazing!!! Freaking pretty (; love how your hair turned out! I never dyed my hair before...not planning on it but I always get curious about it hehe.

    Congrats to whoever the winner is!!!

  2. love the new hair colour

  3. Your hair color turned out pretty :]... Yay! I see my note up on your board <3

  4. haha it's hair dye week! xD gosh, I am soooo jealous how you can always doll yourself up and dress all cute all the time! I didn't do makeup for a whole week until today. I did my makeup to go to my internship finally after being lazy and going in bareface for 2 weeks now! @__@

    I really admire how you can dress up and really take the time to make yourself look so HOT and presentable! hehe you'd be embarrassed to have a friend like me...I wear a hoodie and the same pea coat everyday bc I don't have time and it's so damn cold and I get cold easily *sigh* Your bf is lucky to have such a pretty & sweet lady like yourself as his gf! ^_^

    OOooOoOo!! the suspense! I wonder who the lucky girl is!

    ♥ caroline

  5. @Michelle: haha! well, it wouldnt be a surprise now, wouldn't it? haha! aww~ Thank you! you're the sweetest! hehe! & girl you dont need to dye your hair, it's better left a virgin hair ;)

    @Niika: thanks hun!

    @Ange: Thank you & haha yeahhh I put up your note :)

    @Caroline: HAHHA! i know right. & pssh girl... you're too kind. Actually, I would love to go to class in sweats and just a hoodie but being a Fashion Major, it's kindof a weird thing if I show up to class looking like how I would look like at home. I mean, I dont know.. haha! And, I bet you look gorgeous even if you dont doll yourself up.

    Ohhh! you got braces? since when??

    OMG! you should definitely tell my BF that! hhaha he'll be like "NAH, SHE'S LUCKY SHE GOT ME" hahahaah hes hella funny! <33 anyways hope you had a great week! have a wonderful weekend, now :D

  6. Love the hair! Plus the lashes are hot!


    xox Laura Beth

  7. You soo preety. love reading ur blog!! :D
    keep a good work nikki :D

  8. Hi Nikki! ohh lovin' ur style,the new hair cut and the hair color,awesome =) whoa, great giveaways too.congrats to the winner! take care =) xoxo

  9. Omg, I love those eyelashes! They make your eyes POP! <3

    & your hair color turned out nicely!

  10. Oh my nikki..You look gorgeous with new hair color and FOTD.. I love it.. Gorgeous as always..

    Keep on posting babe..^_^..Have a blast weekend to you..

  11. cool post! you're so creative and full of something cool =)

  12. I've seen quite a few reviews for Palty hair dye. Do you know if they sell it online? I kinda wanna try it, but I'm pretty sure we don't have any of that here. :(

  13. I love your vintage look - so adorable!!! And your lashes are hot too!!! (where do you get your lashes lol? I always am on the lookout for great falsies!)

    I always enjoy your posts - and that hair color looks SOOOOO good on you!!!

  14. Eeeiii. Your new hair looks sooo fresh & pretty for the spring season! Those lashes are pretty killer---are they heavy? Do they weigh your eyes down at all? :X

    Hmm, I would love to try those out! Your bf is lucky to have such a bootifulll girl! :)

  15. that look is gorgeous! : ) you really do have the best eotd's ever :)

  16. @Laura beth: Thanks love <3

    @Ipeh: aww you're so sweet! I'm glad you like reading my blog. thank you! <33

    @Locke: thank you so much! :D

    @Susie: I know right? I love those lashes & thank you

    @AngiePink: Thank you hun! ^_^ & I will

    @Felicia: Awwww! you're the sweetest! thank you so much :D

    @Ritalime: Umm, Im not sure, try to google it? I knnow Pretty&Cute sells it.

    @Irene: awww thank you! I love them too. I actually got them at Daiso in San Francisco. hehe! & you're sooo sweet, Irene

    @Glitteryeyexx: Hi there, thank you! & The lashes are actually pretty lightweight & thanks love, youre so sweet

    @Angie: AWWWWWWWWWWWW! you're soo sweet! thank you, love

  17. ahhahaha I think you read 'bareface' as 'braceface'!! lol xD

    But I did have braces before...I requested to have them as my sweet 16th bday present...LMAO i'm so weird, huh?! @_@ and I got to take them off in exactly 2 years, just in time for Senior Prom!! hehe xD My teeth were pretty straight to begin with, but I had a slight overbite so I wanted it fixed :P

    ♥ caroline

  18. loving the outfit :D gorgeous as per usual!

  19. So cute! I love this look!! :)

  20. Awww my fav pic of the lashes is the one with your eyes open (the twitter one). They are so so gorgeous on you!!

    And I'm SO happy you like how the hair dye came out!! It's one of those things where you can't predict how it's gonna come out so... I'm glad it came out good!

    And I gotta keep my claim on the TOP LEFT corner lol.. so I'm def gonna send a note every month!! I'm not gonna let anyone take my spot hehehe :p

  21. loving the makeup and the cute hair clip, as well as your hair color! love everything! lolz... have a great day!

  22. wow you got an amazing blog! lots of pictures to look at, and i've seen those japanese hair dye before, was skeptical to try, it looks lovely on you, i guess i might give it a try next time!


  23. you look adorable! is that skirt for the maxazria/miley line? hehe

  24. unniieeeeeeeee~~
    teach me make up!!!
    u should make a tutorial videoo!!!! x)
    and your hair!!! omgggg~
    damn aweseeemmm!! =D