April 8, 2010

[COVER] 마음이 다쳐서 by: Navi + FOTD

Hello my loves,
So for those of you guys who follow me on twitter you guys know that my nieces stayed with me for a almost a couple of weeks (they just left today) Anyways, We went to the park almost everyday (that meaning, ONLY ON THE DAYS THAT THEY'RE BEING GOOD) hehe! Ok, so here's some cute photos of my adorable nieces & me & my lil sis

it was a perfect day to go the "water park" (as they call it)
basically a park with a little place where the water shoots up from the ground, which they love btw. hehe!
my little cuties
 me & my little sister
 us again! haha!

& finally, a picture of me with a tiny tiny bit of makeup on
[SUPER RARE!] haha!!!
 no lenses, no eye shadow, no heavy eyeliner & brows undone haha!

And Lastly,  

*DISCLAIMER: I'm not a professional singer or rapper so spare me & hope you guys like it. I absolutely love this song & Navi is a great singer. So definitely check her & her songs out.

First Verse + Jaebum's Rap

Chorus (A'cappella)

(I don't like this one, but bleh whatevs...heh)

Anyways, hope everyone is having a great week


  1. Honestly you look beautiful without make-up..*Natural Beauty*..=)..Your skin look flawless..

  2. Love the bare look, your beautiful either way (: && i love kids!!! you did a great job with the cover =] you can saaang! go on with yo bad self hehe

  3. @Angie: awww thank you soo much! I still feel a bit weird looking RAW like that. but thank you so much :] I really appreciate that & my skin is far beyond being flawless hehe

    @Michelle: aww love you! thanks <33 I looove kids too & again, thank you. that "go on with yo bad self" made me LOLOLOLOLOL

  4. Aww you're a such a great sister/auntie!

    Keep singing gurl :) The cover was sweet~ You're beautiful and great at what you do, so don't let people tell you otherwise!

  5. @Wacky Jacky & Silly Willy: Thank you so much! Your encouragement means so much to me :) Thank you *HUGS*

  6. Aw, what a nice aunt :P

    You have a really nice voice! ^^ I've been wondering, are you Korean!? Ahh, I love JaeBeom! He's so sexxxxxy! Hahahah. <3

  7. u have a gorgeous voice! i could never sing half as well as u! :)

    i love the picture of you with minimal makeup on! u still look so pretty!

  8. Hahaha, I was going to say! Your Korean skills are better than mine! :P

  9. Nikki!!

    I LOVE the natural minimalist look on you! I think you look gorgeous just with your mascara, eyeliner, and blush! You're a beautiful girl, so no need for eye shadow when you don't feel like it! :)

    OMG...this is too weird, girl! I have 2 little adorable nieces, too! They're so precious to me--I LOVE them hehe, and they're quite fond of my bf, too! Always excitedly shouting, "Uncle Johnny! Uncle Johnny!" whenever they see him...sometimes they choose him over me, too! Not fair! lol They're my older sister's kids :) I totally can relate with you on being an aunt. hehe most of my time is spent with my family & bf & my gfs. I feel bad because I miss a lot of get-togethers with my gfs sometimes and they get mad/give up on me. =/ it's so hard balancing time for everyone!

    Gosh, you have such a pretty voice!! I'm so jealous! hehe Filipino girls can sing soo well! I know a few who sing as beautifully as you! I've really been wanting to take singing/voice lessons...just for myself because I love to sing. It's such a great way to express your feelings, but I want to make sure I sound good when I do sing! lol! My secret dream was always to be a Asian pop star haha IF I could have it my way and if I had the skills, I would totally try to follow that dream and make it real. What's better than singing and dancing and making music for a living! :P

    <3 caroline

    p.s. I saw your miyuk! You did a good job! I love seaweed soup! yumm :3 but you know what's funny? My bf doesn't like slimy seaweed! haha the ONLY seaweed he eats is dry seaweed lol I'm like...but you're Korean! haha My bf was born in NY but went back to Korea to live when he was like 4 and then came back to the states when he was 12. :P This is SOO crazy! lol I told my bf about you and your bf and he was like whoa wth! haha

  10. aww i love your looks with less make up :)

  11. Looks like so much fun!

    I think you look v pretty with the nearly bare look! =)

  12. aww sounded like fun! i used to LOVE those "waterparks" it's so fun trying to anticipate the water jumping up hahah and then SPLASH! you look so pretty with almost no makeup! i wish i had eyebrows like yours! mine are so sparse.. almost non-existent eeek.

  13. your singing is great! love it :)
    and i like your skin, you look great like that :)

  14. love your fotd!!! it's so chic and simple. :)

  15. You sound so cute when you're rapping! "look at the time I gotta go it's 2 P-M. Peace." {*LOL} too cute!! <3s.

    Waterparks!! I used to love going through those. I remember as a kid I played a game with my cousins to see who could run across without getting wet. Obviously everyone got wet but it was a lot of fun. Memories.

    You're such an awesome auntie, taking them out to play and making them yummy and healthy pasta.

    You and your sister are cute together.
    I love your SUPER RARE look! I think you look stunning still with or without a lot of make up. The purple liner on the lower lash line is a nice touch. So pretty.

    <3 Serena.

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