April 18, 2010

Concert OOTN + 150 Followers Giveaway Update

Hello my lovely readers!

So, some of you might know that I've been practicing for this concert for a while now, anyways, the concert was actually last night. I was one of the back up singers... And ughhh thank God, it's finally over. It was so hectic & exhausting. A day prior to the concert we had our last rehearsals & it took us like 5 hours 0_0 I was there till almost 12:30AM. yeeep! insane! Anyways, it was a major success. So I'm super stoked & it was fun too so it's all good.

Anyways, here's my OOTN

without the cardigan

I'll upload some video footage of the concert from last night, later on. In the mean time, please don't forget to enter in your final entries for my 150 AH MAZING READER'S GIVEAWAY by 11pm PST. (tonight)

Also, please don't forget to enter my circle lens giveaway ^_^ You have plenty of time to enter.


  1. I love that Blue Leopard Print Cardi!!!
    So cute.
    And your makeup matches PERFECTLY.



  2. @Jordan: thanks love :)

  3. I want your dress! Where did you get it, dear?

    <33 Rena

  4. Nice :D I'd love to be a backup singer if I could sing haha

  5. Love the dress!! Its gorgeous xx

  6. @Rena: I got it at this store called Bloom's

    @Surge: Aww! hehe

    @Princesa Liva: Thank you, love

  7. @Becky: Thank you, becky

  8. Pretty dress! :] Love how the blue leopard cardigan pops.

  9. You look so gorgeous :)

  10. @Ange: thank you & I know what you mean, love that cardigan

    @Heroin: aww thank you

  11. I love the criss cross neck on the front of that dress .. the blue color is really striking, too!!

  12. sexy ;D
    love everything <3

  13. oh you look so gorgeous with your sister!! Glad that the concert went well =]
    I love your dress, where did you get it??

  14. Very elegant. I love the criss cross straps. I bet that blue leopard cardigan made you stand out from everyone else... in a good way. =D

    It must be nice having a sister.
    Interesting how your sister is 6 years younger than you and my brother is 7 years younger than me.

    Glad the concert went well. 5 hours of practice sounds insane! Atleast you were well prepared then right?

    <3 Serena.

  15. Glad the concert went well =] You look gorgeous.

  16. Wow!!..Gorgeous..I love your dress..Gorgeous blue makeup look..As always i love to comment your smile..Beautiful..=)..

    Keep on posting hun..

  17. Nikki♥

    You look so elegant and sophisticated!! 내 친구가 너무 너무 예뻐요!! ;P I love it, you just look all-around glam, babe!! hehe I bet you did a fantastic job at the concert too--you're such a good singer!<3 You and your sister look cute :) I miss my sister xD She's down in So.Cal. with her kids :P

    Hope you had a fab weekend!!

    ♥ caroline

    p.s. would you be down for a SF blogger meet-up sometime this month or in May? I wanna get a chance to meet all you beautiful girls before I graduate and move home! So far, Sophia & Susy are down! You probably know more SF girls, too, so we can invite everyone! Let me know! :D

  18. @Kimber doll: thanks love <3 i love that particular detail too hehe

    @Nicol: hehe! *blush* thank you <333

    @Cyd: Thanks cydddd <333 & thank it did go well! it was fun too! & i got the dress from the mall at this store called blooms

    @Serena: Thanks serenananana! i love the cardigan and that dress too. And... i guess having a younger sister is good & bad at the same time. lol! me and her are best friends but she gets on my nerves at times & she knows where & when to push my buttons, but desipite of all of that. we're good hehe! & I guess so...I'm hella tired today tho haha

  19. @xoladiihoneyxo: thanks hun!

    @Angie: you're the sweetest! thanks angie

    @Caroline: Awww 헤헤헤! 아니지만 고마워요! :D and aww you must miss your sister a lot =/ & I'll see, hopefully I'm free on whatever date it is, if so, then I can :] But we'll have to see cause i'll be extremely busy this May because of finals. let me know though <333

  20. I'm glad your concert went well! I love your outfit too especially the blue!

  21. I'm sure you did wonderful at the concert, you're really good at singing! So talented!! ^^

    I love your outfit too! Simple black dress but the cardigan makes it stand out! =)