April 13, 2010

Betsey Johnson on Ruelala & Giveaway Package from Lisa of HQCD

Hey loves!
Ok, so I'm absolutely psyched to blog about this, because as most of you guys know, I love Betsey Johnson! I love her crazy, whimsical designs with a splash of elegance & rock n' roll. Anyways, my awesome BF just happened to have $20 worth of credits on his RueLaLa account which makes me wonder how & why? Lol! But whatever... the point is, he knew that I love Betsey Johnson so he offered to give me his credit. *sweet right?* Heheh! Anyways, These are the earrings I got. They're soooo cute! I love black with lace & the fact that it's heart shapped, well...as cheesy Nikki would say, "it just captured my heart" *throw up* haha!

Anyways, for those who don't know what RueLaLa is, it's basically like Hautelook. They put up designer brands and sell it for like 40%, 50%, 60% sometimes ever 75%.

I know right now, Hautelook is featuring Juicy Couture (handbags, watches, clothes, etc) And RueLaLa is featuring Betsey Johnson. So if you're a fan of either brands but think they are too pricey for your taste on the regular basis, then try you're luck on the following sites. You might just score some really nice things at a very discountable price.

Oh~ and hurry up, because the Betsey Johnson sale is only up till tomorrow I think & a lot of her purses have been sold out, but make sure to check it out, she still has tons of accessories & shoes that are up for sale.

Betsey Johnson Heart Earrings
($25 Original Price)
($15 RueLaLa Price)
($4.95 Using my BF's $20 credit)

Another thing that made my day was Lisa from HQCD's package.
I recently won her previous giveaway, which was so unexpected. (made me happy to hear I won though)

 Here are the stuff I got in the mail
image via iPhone

(Cute Makeup Bag, Clinique Moisturizer, Clinique Lipstick, HQCD Addict Mirror & HQCD Earrings + a note & a couple of her business cards)

Again, Thanks Lisa! Also, please don't forget to visit her blog. She is one talented & smart girl!


  1. LOL thanks for the essay (: next time I expect it to be 800 words lol ^_^ but i loved it so thank u for taking ur time to write so much (:

    moving on to your post...

    congrats on winning the giveaway hehe a belated one :P

    umm...love the earings! such a great deal...i always see good deals of betsey johnson at tj maxx as well (:

  2. Owww nikki..How sweet your BF..My BF always did that to me too..=P..Cute earring you have there..Congratulation on winning the giveaway..I never get a chance to win any giveaway even thou joint many of them..Hahah..Lucky you..^_^..

  3. @Michelle: HAHAHAHAHAHA! are you sure you want 800 words? haha! cause I will make it 800 or more. LMAO! jk ;) Anyways, thank you & I know what you mean...definitely love bargains & TJMAXX is my bestfriend because I got a few good highend brands there that I really liked. They also sell NARS & CHI stuff for soo cheap! hehe I go broke everytime i go there. lmao! I actually got a Betsey Johnson cheetah print leggings for like $14 [hella loves it] hehe

    @Angie: Aww that's awesome! our BF's are the best <333 & Thank you! Don't lose hope, I'm sure you'll win something someday. It'll happen when you least expect it. Good luck, love

  4. Awwww your bf is so sweet..he is so thoughful!!!

    I don't have anything from Betsey Johnson but it sure does look so pretty and i wanna get something from it lol....

    && Congrats on winning the giveaway!!!! =]

  5. @Cyd: He is <33 & Thank you! I love Betsey Johnson! You should definitely check out her shoes, accessories & clothes. She's a realy dope designer. & Thanks btw! hehe

  6. Nikki,

    I agree with everyone here. Your bf is an amazing stud. Not to mention good looking; smart; great; talented; skillful; and, one of a kind.

  7. Ah, I love Betsey Johnson! That's such a great deal you got on those earrings! Congrats on the win! :D

  8. omg i love betsy johnson! she has such cute girly stuff! that was so sweet of your bf!

  9. @Babe: LMAOOOOO! you weirdo! & yes, you're all of that & more <3 I love you!

    @Susie: OMG me too! & I know! hehe thank you

    @Liana: Me too, shes my fave designer & HAHAHA Yeah he is :D

  10. LOVE the earrings. They are so you. [Like I said on twitter.] Show us pictures when you get them!!! I really like the lace detailing. I think it's lace atleast.
    I can totally picture you modeling Betsy Johnson clothing. You would looking hot rocking it.

    Your boyfriend is so sweet for giving you the credit. {*AWWwW} You two are so cute together.

    Congrats on winning! Nice goodies. Sorry this comment is boring and bland. =X

    [just looked at your response to Michelle...] I LOVE TJ MAX TOO!! I can spend hours in a mall and find nothing but spend 15 minutes in TJ MAX and end up with a full cart. {*LOL} I feel like 75% of my closet is from TJ Max.

    <3 Serena.

  11. Haha I totally browsed that sale too. Every morning when I get into office.. check Gilt, Hautelook, and Ruelala!

  12. @Serenanana: Thanks lovaah! I definitely will! I'm so excited to get them & wear em <3 LOVE LOVE LOVE Betsey Johnson! I went to a couple of her stores before and OMGGG I just wanna buy every single thing in there, even the store itself. LMAOOO! I love her style!!! &Thanks again, my bf is super duper sweet! thats why I WUV HIM! hehe

    &oOhhhhh TJ-MAXX is sooo cool! I love it like I love ROSS! gotta love bargains <333

    @Sophia: SIIIISSSSSSY! Did you get anything from Ruelala?? or Hautelook? or Gilt?

  13. I totally loveeeeeee the earrings! Those are something I'd totally get & it was such a deal!

    Congrats on winning the giveaway too :]

  14. @Ange: I know! they're gorgeuos, you should totally get them, but I think it's closed now =/ they were $15 at Ruelala (original price is $25) & Shipping is originally $9.95--standard shipping 0_0 Crazy huh? But thank goodness I got my bf's $20 credit :D hehe I was in luck lol

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