April 1, 2010

The Best of March 2010

Here's my month of March favorites.

1.) NYC Matte Bronzer (Sunny)
love love love this matte bronzer, perfect for contouring the cheeks & elongating the nose
2.) Wet n Wild Ultimate Mineral Loose Blush (Barely Peach)
my first time using a loose powder blush & this one go on so smooth & very pigmented
3.)  LUSH's Grease Lightning
at first i thought it wasn't working because it doesn't give me that "stingy"feeling like my other spot treatment did, but I noticed that it's really drying my pimples. And it's gone after 2 days!
4.)  NYX Round Lipstick (Circe)
many people love it, some hate it! but i'm one of the many people that loves this extremely nude, almost concealer like lipstick. its perfect for erasing the color of your lips, especially if you have pigmented lips like me. it's also perfect for toning down bold color lipsticks.
5.) Maybelline's Lash Stylist --DISCONTINUED
i got this mascara in a swap & i loved it! it lengthens & thickens my lashes like no other mascara ever has. the wand is pretty unique  (looks like a comb) so it separates lashes while it does the job of both lengthening & thickening the lashes.
6.) Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner Pencil
my ultimate fave eyeliner! works as well as the mac kohl liner. but the only difference is, it's a drugstore brand, hence, less expensive. never will i ever try other eye liners ever again. this is my HG!
7.) MAC Studio Finish Concealer (NW25)
not so sure if this is my right shade, but it works pretty well for me. this little container of concealer  lasts me for over a year. so even if it's $16.50, i will definitely buy it every year just because it has amazing coverage & i love it's thick consistency because it doesn't rub off too easily.
8.) LUSH's Enzymion
talk about oil control! this moisturizer isn't only made with all natural ingredients but also helps eliminate unnecessary oil on my face. it leaves my face feeling matte, fresh & squeeky clean.
9.) LUSH's Fresh Farmacy Facial Soap
my HG on skincare! that's all i can say! 
10.) Barry M Lip Paint (Orange)
my new love! quite an unusual lip color, but combined with NYX's circe lipstick, it is amazing! 
11.) NARS' Duo Concealer (Ginger/ Custard)
applies smooth, consistency is very build-able. perfect for concealing under eye circles. 
12.) Femme Couture Gel Liner (Black)
my other HG when it comes to lining my lids. love love this eyeliner! it doesn't smudge on me, stays on the whole day. (pretty water resistant too, if i may say so myself) just as good as MAC's fluid line in black track. but this one only cost me $5.99
13.) Sleek Palette (Storm)
amazing colors, very pigmented & smooth to the touch. perfect for everyday/night look. this palette has everything you need to create the perfect smokey eye. i'm totally hooked on these palettes. I WANT MOREEEE! hehe!
14.) Stila's Illuminating Powder (Rose Gold)
amazing for giving your cheeks a healthy glow or a bit/ alot of shimmer.
15.) MAC Paint Pot (Soft Ocher)   
i use this as an eye shadow base & it never cease to amaze me. my eye shadows seem to appear more vibrant & stays on for hours on end when i use this as base. 
16.) LUSH's Tea Tree Water Toner
so far the best toner i've ever used! gotta love my lush <3
17.) MAC #222 Brush
blending is key to create amazing looks without having those harsh lines. love this brush!
18.) ELF's $1 Blending Brush
for only $1 how bad could it be? but this thing is absolutely amazing, giving my 222 brush a run for its money. haha! this brush is amazing for blending out the harsh lines from my eye shadows & for only $1, how could i ever complain.

random photo with this 
uber cute hair piece / anna sui inspired earrings

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  1. Great favorites! NYX sunny and Mac studio fix concealer is definately in my march faves too! lovee it!

  2. @miss nikka: thank you! love love the concealer. ive been using the same one for years! & the sunny bronzer is awesome too.

  3. Love your march faves...
    Looks many people included the sunny bronzer to their march fav hahahaha i love studio finish concealer and im so jealous w/ ur Sleek palette anddd i've heard a lot of goods about the LUSH's Tea Tree Water Toner wanna do a review of it? =] hahahahahahaa thanks and i love elf brushes

  4. @Cyd: hey love!!! omg~ i know... so many people love the nyc bronzer! well i mean how could people not, it's awesome :) & the MAC concealer is my HG. i love the amazing coverage it gives me.

    btw, i already did a review on my lush stuff, i linked it to you btw hehe!. & ELF brushes are AWESOMEEEEEE! love love em!

  5. OOO I see a lot of Lush product there!! Tempting tempting.. haha! Love your hair accessory!

  6. @LittoMokaa: hehe! love my lush! <333 and thank you so muchhh

  7. I love soft ochre paint pot! I really wanted to try Lush grease lightning. Fresh farmacy unfortunately didn't work for me :(

  8. @Jbreezybaby: yayy me too! it's my ultimate eye shadow base :) works great for any e/s color hehe! and aww im sorry to hear that. guess it doesnt work for every skin huh? im sure theres something out there for u that will work wonders for ur skin :)

  9. i love all your favourites :)

  10. ooh i have the nyc bronzer, fresh farmacy, the sleek palette (different color though) and the mac concealer too! love them all! i just did a march favorites too, check it out if you get a chance! :)

  11. @April: thank you

    @Liana: Niceeee! hhe! & mkay I'll check it out too :)

  12. I love your hairpieces!!! Always so stylish, fun & pretty!

    Also, I have TOTALLY been lusting over the LUSH products...total must haves, I am so tempted everytime I pass the LUSH store at the mall. :)

  13. @Irene: thanks irene! & i know what you mean! LUSHHHH is total loveee <3

  14. Great faves!:D You've just reminded me to use my Lush Tea Tree Toner!:D Thanks!:D

    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  15. @Marie: hehe! thank you! glad i reminded you to reuse your tea tree water toner :) hehe

  16. LOL thank you for linking me i'll see it after i reply you hahahahahaa yes I LOVE the bronzer u know how everyone are sayin that nyc they're gonna stop makin the bronzer i even emailed them abt it LOL....they said they're not gonna stop sellin it lmfaooooo hahahahaa

    and YES....studio finish is also my HG tooo but i find NYX concealer in a jar it's just as good =D try it !!!!

  17. wahhhhhhhh?!?!?!? lash stylist has been discontinued??!? omg, that's been my hG ever since it came out 3085340958340958 years ago lol
    i used the WP formula for the longest time... i obviously havent been giving it much love though, otherwise i would have known it was discontinued :(
    i guess im stuck with my current mascara fave... supernova by fresh. it's non wp buut it's good for everyday.
    *sigh* im still sad about lash stylist!


  18. WOW i love this kind of post!! lol~ very informative so we can skip the step of trying out some useless things haha~~ i specially wanna try #2,13,14! thanks for sharing~~^^