March 7, 2010


So I've been thinking about this for quite a while now & I've been really itching to get my hands on the Sleek palettes & Barry M Lip Paints, which U.S. unfortunately doesn't have =/

And OBVIOUSLY these pictures aren't mine. hehe!

I really like this orange lip paint. (orange is the new pink?) lol!

Anyways, if you are someone from UK (or anyone that has access to these items) & wanna do a swap with me for U.S. makeup, please email me at:


  1. Hey Nikki, WAY back Themakeupsnob had a blogsale. and sleek palettes were on the list. No Barry M. though. What's available are the Jewels and chaos palettes. I used to keep an eye on it on her list. but i already have 3 palettes and won't be ordering anymore. So here's the link. . . ask if it is still available since the sale was from January. :) I've purchased from the makeupsnob. she's great!

  2. I definitely feel you, I wish the US had some Sleek or Barry M! I want to get my hands on some too :) Hope you get a swap soon :)

  3. oOoOoo... those palettes are nice. I've seen them around. Hope you can your hands on one. Actually I'm pretty sure you will. I will be waiting for all your amazing EOTDs, FOTDs, etc.

  4. omg i know what you mean! i finally got a sleek palette in a swap, but i'm still wanting to get some barry m!