March 9, 2010

UPDATES: MAC Sales + New Twitter + Formspring

My Beautiful Blog Readers
I just wanna inform you that for those who have been waiting for my MAC Sales, that I'll be picking up the orders this weekend at my supplier's place *whew finally!* Unfortunately, I won't have everything that people have requested because some weren't on stock anymore. I had asked my supplier to grab the ones on my "order" list cause I know for sure someone is going to get those. Anyways, I'll post up the pics & prices next week, so stay posted on that!

Another thing is my twitter account. Some of you bloggers who follow my old account (ETTE_LOCIN) probably wondered why I tweet all sorts of weird "ad" stuff. Well, I just wanna let you guys know that, THAT ISN'T ME. My tweeter was recently hacked by god knows who -_-' So I made a new account. Its the same name as my blogger & youtube account >> http:/
please follow that instead. I already deactivated my old account so yeah :)

Lastly, I just wanna let you guys know that I have reactivated my formspring. Reactivated, meaning I'm active again. I made it a few months back but never used it. So now..its back & I can't wait to answer all your questions for me ♥ Here's the link >>
and it's also on my sidebar, for your convinience :]


  1. Yea I remember reading those really "salesy" tweets from your account. I suspected that a spammer hacked it.

    Just followed your new twitter and no biggie about not obtaining all the things on my wish list. Besides I probably need to tone down on spending for a while because I've already done a lot of that!! He he he

    but will be definitely getting that MAC 168 from you though :-D

  2. yay, i hope your weekend goes good, with getting all your supplies...i already followed your new account on twitter! i'll be sure to stalk you on formspring too, hehe :P

  3. Sorry about the hack :( Totally not cool. I'm probably going to join twitter sometime soon lol. I'm so old school!

    Thanks for the update hun! :)

  4. Sadly I am working on the 23rd :( I get off at 5.. how late will you guys be staying in the city??

  5. Hi Nikki! New to your blog, Sophia recommended me to it. So far i'm loving it. I still need a chance to catch up by browsing through your older posts but just wanted to drop a hello :]

  6. Hi Nikki, are your orders all pre-order? If so, when will you open up your next order?

  7. oooh mac sale!! What girl doesn't love mac eh?! :D That sucks to hear about your twitter, who has that much time to hack into some other person's account these days!

  8. @GeekyMacBoy: thanks love! & Don't worry I'll still get the stuff you asked for. At least try :)

    @Liana: thanks liana! I needed it hehe! & thanks for following ^-^

    @Irene: Thank so so much & you should totally join the band wagon hehe

    @Sophia: Aww boo =/ Me and my BF are actually going to leave the city around 6ish? what time do u start work?

    @Lady S: aw thank you so much for checking out my blog =]

    @AlyssaMae: Actually only some are preorder. I also picked up a bunch of eye shadows (golds, yellow, greens, purple shades) also a few powder blushes, some lipglass, some LE stuff.

    @Julie: ^-^hehe! thanks for following my blog btw :) And I know... people just do crazy things sometimes -_-' hehe oh well.

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