March 5, 2010

Sunglass Collection + Blog Award + Randoms

♥ Hello my amazing blog readers!
Here's another tour of my life. (AKA, ANOTHER PIC HEAVY BLOG) lmao! well not necessarily but i wanted to share one particular thing that I'm obsessed about besides makeup & fashion.

So these are some of my babies. (Some of them broke so I threw them out)

I'm the type of person who has ONE FAVORITE! & that's what I use all the time. My current fave is the F21 "gaga"sunglasses that I recently purchased. hehe!

another inside look of my classroom :]

my skirt pattern on top of my fabric
(the whole pre-sewing process was so freaking tedious -_-' i almost wanted to shoot myself lmao)

Here's the skirt update for those who are interested regarding how far I've gone.
Anyways, I'll be making a high waisted skirt that has pleats & an elastic waist band with pockets on the sides. So far, I've finished putting pleats on the main fabric & attaching the 1st side of the pockets on each end of the fabric. I've also surged the sides already. And since I have a sewing machine at home, my instructor allowed me to bring my fabric at home to finish the other side of the skirt. :) So far so good & I'm one of the very few that are ahead of the whole class ^-^ yay!

On a lovey dovey note~I just wanna share this little cute convo between me and my BF! he's so freaking cute & he just never cease to amaze me. Sometimes he even surprises me with how he talks or when he's trying to act cute, cause he's definitely not the "cute" type (he's more manly...i guess hehe!)

YELLOW: my bf
PINK: me

[man he's too sweet! he loves my cooking & that makes me happy]

another thing that made me happy is this blog award from the lovely Eve! She commented me & told me to check it out. I didn't know that this blog award was given to those whom inspired the person whose giving the award.

So, I'm very touched & super glad that I have inspired you in some way. Thank you so much! It means so much to me :)

Thank you Eve for this award!
1. Post the logo on your Blog
2. Pass it to 12 bloggers that inspire you!
3. Link the bloggers and let them know!! 

So here are my 12 inspirations 
& I'll also tell you why :) hehe! (BONUS)

you inspire me so much, there are no words to describe it. you are everything that i could have asked for/ wanted. you are such an amazing blessing from God & i admire your knowledge, determination & motivation in life. iloveyou

 you inspire me because not only are you beautiful physically but also because your heart is pure as gold. you are a wonderful person and a wonderful friend (can't wait to meet you IRL) i admire your charitable & down to earth personality. 

you inspire me because you seem like an amazing mother and aaden is just the cutest baby i've ever seen. i might not know what kind of struggle you've been through but i know whatever it was, it made you become the amazing person that you are today.

 you inspire me because you just seem like a super dope chick! & i love that! i wanna go back to WA & hopefully meet up with you hehe!

♥ Kym:
you inspire me because you're my zoo! hehe! & you're not just absolutely talented but you're also an incredibly sweet & thoughtful friend. 

 you inspire me because you just do what you do without thinking of all the haters. you seem like a blunt-honest person which is great because you say what's on your mind. you're amazing because you have this wonderful god-given talent to make sad people happy & the happy people even happier.

you inspire me because not only do you make the cutest things i've ever seen but you also seem like this super sweet person which i adore.  

 you inspire me because you are just one of the sweetest people i've ever met. you're really easy to talk to & i love all the comments you leave me. hehe!

you inspire me because you are one talented chick who never gives up. keep on doing your thing and i'm sure you'll reach the top :]

you inspire me because you seem like such a cool person. i especially love the recent vlog you made about self-esteem. you are amazing & i'm sure a billion other people think the same way.

you inspire me because of your simplicity. you are naturally beautiful & i love the fact that you don't have to wear a pound of makeup to be one. & i also enjoy the comments you leave on my blog. it makes me smile, laugh & cry out of laughter haha! you're one of the sweetest

♥ Irene
you inspire me because you're such a cool person to talk to. you also love hello kitty hence the coolness factor. I also love the comments you leave on my blog posts. they are all so sweet! 


  1. haha, i love you babes.

    clean yo glasses! lol

  2. ur so lucky,i need a pair of sunglasses but i cant afford it right now :( lol... i know there are cheap ones but most of them are ugly haha :)

  3. Thankyouthankyouthankyou for the tag! You made my night! ^_^

    You're lucky in that your face shape can pull off almost any shade - I can wear only one or two types, thus I have only a few pairs of sunglasses... -_-

    Also, super cute convo with the bf - he is totally smitten with you!!!

    Finally - CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOUR SKIRT! I am still so envious of your sewing class, it looks super fun (Tedious pattern-piecing aside) and lets you get the creative juices flowing! Of course a talented lady like yourself would be top of the class!

  4. @jae: i lovey you too babes & lmaooooooooo i did

    @keisha: awww.. try forever 21. they have alot of cheap sunglasses that are hot! hehe

    @Irene: awww no problem girrrl! you're just one cool chick! & i really do enjoy your comments. it makes me smileeeee really big! (no lie) hehe

    & actually, i haven't worn some of those glasses cause idk? i just buy them and only wear them 1x or 2x haha..

    & I can't wait to see how'd my skirt turn out. i hope it'll look good :) you should definitely take a sewing class or something. it's absolutely funnn funn funn!! <33 & thank youuuuuuu thank youuuuuuuuuu! you're too sweet! <33 xoxo

  5. Oh lawdy! Thank you ma'am for the award (: and I'm dope...very berry dope mmkay =] as Irine said...lucky your face shape can pull off shades! As for me, my high cheek bones does not allow me to wear any kind of shades!

  6. I went to Fashion school for 5 YEARS lool so your pictures reminds me a lot of souvenirs <3

  7. so sweet! :3 and fashion school had also been my dream :3 hopefully I'd be able to get myself in one real soon :D

  8. @Michelle: yes yes you are one dope chick! lol! anyways, i think you can pull off any shades... or maybe u just need to find the right shape for you. i'm sure you'll look amazing. hehe

    @hollywood: aww that's great! i'm sure it was a blast huh?

    @saving capulaet: awww im sure you'll be able to dear :] just keep your head up <33 xoxo

  9. I keep forgetting that you write back on here hehe, anyway no he's same race as I am. His mom lived in korea for a long time so every time we are around her we have like a inside joke about saying thank you hehe...

  10. Yea that is a good thing to at least understand a bit! I can't even imagine how awkward it would be hehe. Yeah seriously our bf's should get awards for putting up with us lol...oh wait they do...they get us HAHAHA thank you thank you you and your booskie is cute as well (; i wish the two of you eternal happiness (:

  11. oh nikki you are so sweet! *tear* haha, no tears, but seriously you are such a sweetheart! i am so glad i met you on here and i hope someday i can meet you in person! *hugs!*
    ps. love your sunglasses!

  12. {*AWwWww} Thank you. =]
    I'm glad my comments make you smile and laugh. I only speak the truth!

    You have so many sunglasses. I've never had so many at one time. 18?! I think if you count all that I've had my entire life it be less than 18. {*LOL}

    I want to be in that sewing class! Take me. I miss sewing but I'm just too lazy to set up the machine. =X
    Can't wait to see your skirt though! I know it's going to look fabulous.

    You and your bf are defs cute, the "gf or not" = <3. I can feel the love. {*singing can you feel the love tonight in my head} haha