March 7, 2010

My Updated HG For Skincare

Hi there pretty ladies
Anyways, here's an UPDATE for my HG's when it comes to skincare.

If you guys haven't seen my previous skincare update in the past well, here's a more updated version. Some didn't change at all & I've added some new stuff to my little HG shrine of a much beautiful & healthier skin.

Before I get to the products, I just wanna give you guys a real quick overview of what type of skin I have.

I, personally have an OILY-PROBLEM PRONE SKIN, which is also SENSITIVE. -_-' whatta combo right? lmao! not entirely a good one but I can live, thanks to my HG! whooopty doo! hehe!

So, lets start first with the amazing MAKEUP REMOVERS that remove makeup like theres no tomorrow.

Missha's Perfect BB Deep Cleansing Oil

Boy oh boy~this little thing is a one bad mutha lovah! I use it to take off my EYE makeup & it takes off everything & I mean everything at that. You're probably wondering why I only use it for my eyes...Well, its because it's only a sampler hence, SAVING? lol! But anyways, back to the review. This product is absolutely amazing. Like they said "Big things come in small packages" well, in this case, they're right. This thing removes all kinds of makeup. From heavy eye shadow to liquid liners to water proof mascaras, even gel liners that stay on forever.

It also washes off quickly & doesn't leave an oily resedue on your face.

And what's even greater is that it only cost me S&H (which was roughtly $6) & the whole sampler was free. So now, I wanna get the full sized one :]

Point's Green Tea Cleansing Cream & Green Tea Latte Moisture Foam

This is an amazing duo! The Green Tea Cleansing Cream is like a cold cream that you lather onto your skin that still has makeup. It has an oily/ creamy consistency that seems to work like a vaccuum & sucks all your makeup away. Once you wash it off you'll notice that your sink is hella dirty~ which is a great thing because you'll know that your face is free from makeup. However, it does leave you an oily finish which is why you use the Green Tea Latte Moisture Foam right after you wash the cleansing cream off your face. You lather a tiny bit of the moisture foam onto your hands & on your face then wash it off, It'll definitely take out the left over makeup that's left on your face & will make your face soft & matte.

I'm almost done with my first pair & already got another pair in stock. Thanks to Mrs. Lee! lmao! its so unexpected, but she bought another one & my BF sent those to me along with the LUSH babies that he got me for Valentines day :)

& did I mention that this duo smells amazzzzzing??? hehe!

Clean & Clear Daily Pore Cleanser

I use this once in awhile, when I feel like my face is a bit dull & needs to be revamped. It has these microbeads that is amazing to use as a scrub or a mild exfoliator. And did I say, a little goes a long way? well it does. This is an awesome product because it leaves your face silky smooth & incredibly soft, like a baby's bottom (no, seriously!) I LOVE IT!

Another great thing about this is it's only less than $5 at target! Now who doesn't love great products for cheap?

Lush's Fresh Farmacy Face Soap

So, if you are a new blog follower, you probably don't know that this is my absolute HG when it comes to skincare. This is my FAVORITE!!!! I can't stress it enough. What I love about this product is that it is made of ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS and it also does not test on animals which is the greatest! It could be a bit messy though, since Lush cut's you chunks of this soap & wraps it in this Lush paper thingy thing. For better a better usage of this product, it's best that you cut your HUGE CHUNK into little palm size chunks. That way you don't waste your product.

Anyways, back to the review!

This soap works wonders for my oily & problem prone skin. I noticed my skin got a lot better after switching to Lush for cleaners.

What I do is I wet my palms a bit & lather the soap onto my hands & then I wash my face with it. I massage it on my face to make sure the product sips through the outer layer of my skin. & boy~ does it work.

Although I still do get the occassional 1 or 2 breakout, it's not as much anymore as it used to be. Back they I'd break out every other day -_-' But not anymore ^-^ hehe! I honestly wouldn't know what I'd do if I hadn't found out about this product.

It leaves a squeeky clean finish to your face & not drying at all. LOVE LOVE IT!

You can get whatever size for a particular amount. My BF actually got me backups (2 huge chunks)
thanks hunbun! ♥

Lush's Enzymion Moisturizer, Tea Tree Water &  Greese Lightning
(I won't write too much regarding Enzymion & Tea Tree Water because I have written a review about these following items on my previous blog post)

Yet again, another Lush items. hehe! I'm totally IN LOVE! hehe!

Enzymion is an amazing moisturizer that isn't oily at all. In fact it leaves my face oil-free & matte the entire day. I don't even have to reapply makeup or worry that my makeup will smear because of my greesy face. lol! This moisturizer, although doesn't have's still great because I haven't used my bloting paper ever since.

Tea Tree Water is a refreshing toner that you spritz all over your face after washing your face. It has a tea tree ingredient which is awesome for those who have problem prone / oily skin.

Greese Lightning is a light spot treatment. At first I thought it wasn't working/ helping me with anything because unlike the Clean & Clean Acne Spot Treatment that I used to use, that stings the living shiizz outta me when I put it on; Greese Lightning does the complete oposite. It is this super light spot treatment that doesn't sting you. I put it on every time I finish washing my face & at first I didn't see any difference until I got a huge pimple on my chin a size of a crater. Since then, I put it on each night before I go to sleep & I've noticed it dry out the big crater I have on. A few days pass & realized my once crater like pimple had already dried up & shrunk. Ahhh~ its amazing!

It's really amazing because since I started College I started to break out like crazy & I've tried all the other brands out there but never helped out. There were times where it did work for a few months then after that, it would stop working & I'd go back to step 1 once again.

It was really disheartening trying to find the perfect tools to make my skin better. And I wasn't gonna give up makeup either since it is what I love.

There were times when I would cover my face in makeup so people couldn't see what I have underneath it. My self- esteem was not only damaged but the whole thing was tearing me apart.

But now, since I have found what works best for me...I can honestly say that I'AM ABSOLUTELY, 100% HAPPY! I love my new skin & I love myself even more. ^-^


  1. i wanna try Lush's Fresh Farmacy Face Soap !!
    i hv very oily skin too
    really big problem for me sometimes .. :(

  2. i have the fresh farmacy also! it does get pretty messy but i like it..except does your skin feel kinda tight after? mine does, but i have pretty dry skin. i almost got the tea tree toner but the lady talked me into getting the "breath of fresh air" toner instead, it's really refreshing!

  3. for the tree oil toner thingie if i dun have prone / oily skin skin is it still good? i have super dry skin and i hate it