March 17, 2010

LOTD/OOTD + Packages + Upcoming Giveaway Updates

 hi my blogger babies
I know I've been inactive in regards to my postings, guess it's cause I've been a bit preoccupied lately, anyways, I just wanna let you guys know that I'm still alive! Anyways, here's my LOTD (look of the day) I know it's not much, but hope you guys like it. PS. Yes I know, I camera whored, yet again. lmao!

(i didn't wear green, but good thing i wasn't pinched today. lucky me! hehe)

smoky purple & cranberry eyes
& here's my OOTD
 that is totally not ST PATRICK'S DAY material lol!

oh~and here's a look i did a few days ago, it's pretty cute (HELLA ASIAN) look! lol! it is kinda a Park Bom inspired look from 2NE1's new MV.

the light blue e/s, double winged liner & circle lens gives you this super dolly look & makes your eyes bigger & brighter

On the other hand, a couple of days ago, I received 2 packages. One is from the giveaway I won from Phi & a super sweet love package from Sophia.

thanks sis for these yummy goodies! so far i've snacked on the hello kitty choco pie & the 대추차 (dae chu cha)/ jujube tea and boy were they delish! to be honest, i'm not much of a tea person, but the ones she gave me tasted so gooood! ^-^ again, thank youuuuu <333
the hello kitty candies that phi sent were absolutely mmm mmm good! & the fact that they were hello kitty made it even better! hehe! thanks phi!


So first of all I wanna thank each and everyone of you (my readers) who continue to read, comment & most of all, support my blog. You guys are amazing & honestly, you all inspire me in one way or another. 

Through blogger, I have met some real, genuine & amazing people. And, when I first started this personal/beauty blog, I never thought there would be people (aside from my BF & a couple of friends) that would actually take the time to read & comment my posts. So to those who take the time to do so, THANK YOU SO MUCH! you guys don't know how much it makes me super happy. 

Anyways, so far I have 148 follower, which means, 2 more till I do my 150 Followers-Mega Giveaway. All of these items that I'll be giving away were all purchased with my own money. I know it's not much (figuratively speaking) but I'm doing this giveaway as a way to say Thank You to those who have been with me all the way.

I have collected these items the past few months & the box that it's on is already extremely over packed. So either I should stop buying stuff or get a bigger box. Which in my case, I think I'll just buy a bigger box because I wanna buy more stuff for whoever will win this.

Anyways, here's a sneak peak of all the goodies.
(and yes, i have added more since my last sneak peak)

This giveaway will start once I reach 150 followers!

Btw, for those who haven't entered my SKIN79 MINI BB CREAM SET GIVEAWAY, please enter! you still have time. It's open till the 23rd of this month.

If you guys don't know yet, I have loads and loads of new MAC e/s, blushes & a couple of lipglasses. So if you or someone you know is a MAC makeup junkie, then get on it! I'm selling them for cheap so yeeeeah, I mean what kinda girl would skip a good sale right? haha



  1. nikki ur such a hottie! congrats on almost reaching 150 followers, it seems like you jumped up hella fast! yay! omg your giveaway box looks great, you better stop or else you're gonna be broke! :P lol, it's so addicting though isn't it? anyways love ya, glad you did a post, i was wondering where you went! :)

  2. @Liana: aww you're too sweet <33333 you're one hot mama yourself ;) & thank you so much. It's so exciting & yeah you're right, it's absolutely addicting! I just wanna keep buying and buying.. lol!

    anyways, love ya too! & thank you for always reading & commenting! you're the best <33 xoxo

  3. Good God woman! how much are you giving away? lol love the look u did! super cute! I love the asian one its very park bom <3

  4. @Michelle: haha! well i don't know how much I have all I know is that I've been collecting those babies for a few months now & it kinda just added up on its on! haha!

    & thank you <33333

  5. aww nikki so kawaii!!! You deserve 150 and more!!! the giveaway looks mighty pretty!!

  6. ive said it before and ill say it again. your stunning! i love love love your eyes haha! they look so fierce without you even trying!
    *hi5* on the photowhoring haha LOVE it!

  7. ooOo that purple shadow looks awesome on u!!

  8. Omg!!.. You look so beautiful as always.. Keep on posting.. ^_^..

  9. the big doe-eyed look with the double winged liner --- soooo presh! Your eyes are always so perfect!!!

  10. oooooo i like your hair like that nikki! something looks different about it but whatever it is, i likey! haha! that second pic of you is definitely "sexicana" hahaha! <3

  11. @saving capulet: awww thanks dear! <333 it means alot

    @jhanice: thank you so much! you're too kind<33 & hi5 on photowhoring hehehe

    @christina: thanks love!

    @xoladiihoneyxo: aww thank you

  12. @angiepink: aww you're so sweet, girl! thank you & i'll keep posting most definitely :) thanks for the continous support

    @kym: zoo, you're just too kind hehe! thanks <333 & idk maybe its my bangs? or cause my hair is down? lol!!

    @irene: aww thanks irene! glad you like that look! it was fun making my eyes look super huge! hahah!

  13. You look gorgeous and I'm totally green with envy with your hair! It looks so thick and luscious, especially your bangs!

  14. Gorgeous pictures! Love the eyeshadow combo you used :]

  15. BTW that looks like a gigantic giveaway!!! LOL

  16. the park bom look is so lush!

  17. thank you so much for your kind comment :) i'm really touched and happy that you like them<3
    have a great day :)