March 28, 2010

I'm Back + UK/US Swap Palette + LOTD

OMG!!! Finally I'm back!
Seriously felt like forever guys -_-' But yeah! the thing is my internet broke down & could not use it in anyway which frustrated me a whole lot! Anyways, I'm back now and wow! it feels like i needa catch up on a lot of the blogs that I follow. Crazzzzy! haha!

Anyways, here's another pic heavy blog!

So recently I have made a swap with an amazing friend, Nicol <333 She is uber sweet & her package actually came within a week which was surprisingly fast! I was so excited to open her package that I didn't wait till i got home. I actually opened it while i was in the car! HAHAHAHA! 

I was sooo pleased with the pigmentation of all of the palettes! I'm totally hooked now! & definitely wanna get the Original & Bohemian palettes too ^_^

Barry M Lip Paint (Orange), Sleek Palette (Chaos, Acid & Storm)

So, Thank you so much to the lovely fellow blogger, Nicol <3 you're such a sweet heart to do this swap with me! Hopefully you get yours soon too :)

Ok, so on friday me and my little sister actually went to a Benefit Concert for Haiti & Chile at their High School cause our little bro performed with their dance team & I also did a couple of the model's makeup for their Fashion Show. To be honest it was a bit boring & disorganized but I mean.. it is high school after all. (no offense to any high schoolers here! just saying hehe :)

But other than that, We came to support our brother & my sister's friends & to also do our part to help with the rest of the world's crisis. 

Anyways, here's my LOTD

Lips: Barry M Lip Paint (Orange)
Orange Lips 'r LOVE
the eyes <3

Now, for the models in the fashion show's makeup!
hope you guys like it (its a bit extreme!) hehe

Models: Anjeanette & Vanessa

Anyways, I'm really glad to be back on the net!

Btw, Thank you for everyone that continue to read and follow my blog! I appreciate it a whole lot! thank you guys <3

Will post swatches and more EOTD looks using the following palettes. <3




  1. i wish i could pull off orange lips! i've seen MAC's shade... love it.

  2. I love your outfit! =) Super cute. & you did great on the models' make-up!

  3. @Krislyn: aww im sure anyone can pull it off. even you :) try it with a nude lipstick first then put the orange lipstick on. it works wonders hehe

    @Susie: aww thank you so much. you're too sweet! <333333

  4. loved what you did with the models, especially the detailing on the second model's eyes. :)

  5. @Lisa Cristina: aww you're so sweet! thank you! im glad you like them :]

  6. dayummm girl, your body's super hot!! *jealous*

    andd i <3 how you line your eyes!! it's thick, buuut super well defined. which eye liner do you use?? ^^


  7. @Lolanne: aww lol youre too kind but i actually think im too skinny! i'm trying to gain a few more pounds hehe! but thank you so much! you're the sweetest! I use this gel liner i got from sally's beauty supply called Femme Couture. it's fairly affordable & it works amazing.

  8. Simple outfit but I love it! I love your makeup too... I seriously am too lazy to do eyeshadow LOL.. maybe one day I'll make some time.

  9. You're So lucky to get those amazing eyeshadow palettes i know everyone always talk about it but i just don't know why is it so good and it makes me wanna try them hahahah

    and i really like your outfit its very simple but gorgeous! im a very simple person like very simple stuff and i really like your looks too =] you're really good with coming up makeup ideas no kidding. my makeup looks all look the same just different color LOL

  10. @Angelique: Thank you so much hun <333 I cant wait to see your looks too <33

    @Cyd: aww hun! thank you!! <33 I'm glad you like my looks & outfit. I llike your sense of style too. And I really love your EOTD's too! the colors are very exciting :) keep it up! keep doing yo thang girl! hehe

  11. Aww happy b-day to the hunbuns! hehe :p

    I love that last look, with the zebra stripes!! I've never seen something like that before ~ you are so creative!!

    I love seeing your LOTDs.. so glad that you're posting again ^_^

    Eek just realized I forgot to send you the orange soda l/s that I mentioned! I'll try to mail tomorrow :) It's one of my fav l/s right now!! I think it looks good on a lot of skin tones! I'm kinda curious to try some lavender color l/s. Do you have any?

  12. @Sophia: thanks sis! you're too sweet! <33 xoxo! and man, youre uber awesome!!! thanks again for getting me that l/s you're the best. you didnt have to! but youre super thoughtful <33 & as for the lavender l/s... hmm i've never tried one. i think it wont suit my skintone since im a bit tanned. hehe but im sure it'll look great on your skin tone sis <3

  13. wow.. I love your make-up..very creative..Awww..your outfit!!.. I love it.. Gorgeous as always..=)..

  14. @Angiepink: thank you thank you!!! you're super kind! glad you like it :)

  15. Love your makeup and I love the orange lips! Gorgeous! I am really into nudes and pinks... I'm gonna have to find that perfect orange shade now. hahaha!

    Also, great looks on the models!

  16. OMG! those palettes look friggin GORGEOUS! Do you know where it can be purchased??!!

    and your makeup is so exotic, dramatic, and sexy! i LOVE IT

  17. nikki love the eyes!! gorgeous! maaan i keep on raving about the sleek palette! the colors are so vibrant, so far i havent seen any here in manila. sucks!

  18. okay you're like the only person i know who can pull off orange lips well. i love it!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. absoulety gorgeous my dear ;D
    and no probs! :)

  20. I LOVE this outfit! so simple and chic!!