March 11, 2010

40 Beauty Question Tag

Tag: 40 Beauty Question
Thanks to "MakeupBySha" aka Sha for tagging me.

sorry for the excessive sniffing, scratching & saying words like "UMM" & "However"

haha! I get really critical when it comes to watching my videos, which is why I don't upload too much. haha!

I also wanna tag those whoever want to join the bandwagon. Please feel free to do this beauty tag, I'd love to see/read it. Also, Please don't forget to comment, rate & subscribe :)

Thank you lovelies


  1. Girl! You are on a roll with the videos (: YAAYE ^_^ I love watching videos on youtube (; & also loving the look you did (: amazing job!

  2. YAY more YouTube videos .. I love these, especially when I am about to go to bed but I cant sleep .. always good to watch these things haha !


  3. Hi dongsaeng! Hehe I like learning one word at a time.. makes it easy to remember ^_^ Dude I should have you teach me like 1 every 2 days?? Hmm ok so how do I say "i'm happy" and "i'm pissed"?

    Your video is so cute ~ you have a cute voice! LOL love how you keep itching yourself haha~!

  4. aw you're so cute! hehe i like how you keep sniffing, that's me on a daily basis :P thanks for tagging me, i've been wanting to do this tag! :)

  5. haha aww you're so cute in your vid. I say ummm a lot too. I love Taylor Swift's hair too, she's got beautiful curls kudos to her hairdresser. Have a great weekend!

  6. You look great on this video <3

  7. awwww get well soon! :)
    so many videos in one day and love every single one of them.

  8. get well nikki! Lovin' your vids. Even if you say umm a lot, its cute!

  9. cool video. love watching them and reading your posts!

  10. your videos are really great :) thank you very much for sharing, and good luck for the future^^
    drey jewelry.

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