March 25, 2010

2.5 days after 3.5 months

Hello there my beautiful bloggers

*DISCLAIMER: this blog post is extremely pic & video heavy! haha! if you chose not to read about my life then it's ok, but for those who wanna keep up with me, then feel free to do so & I appreciate it :)

Anyways, So some of you are probably wondering whats the relevance between the title & this post. Well,  the BF went to visit me on Monday and he left to go back to LA on Wednesday afternoon (which makes it 2.5 days only) & If you read my previous posts, I mentioned that we had not seen each other for at least 3.5 months, Hence the title of this post hehe!  =/ Anyways, it's a bit bittersweet but I'm glad we were able to spend time & experience new things together. Anyways, here's the pics & some videos. ENJOY!!!

The 1st picture we took after 3.5 months of being apart from each other
Me & Hunbuns at John's Incredible Pizza
He's hella good at this particular game, Unlike me.. haha!
We earned a total of 2800+ tickets
(it was hella fun seeing people look like they wanna kill us cause they look so green with envy) mwhahaha!!
My siblings came with us too :)
We were able to get matching huge boxing gloves with the tickets we got 
the weird looking cake me & my sister made for the BF
(clearly, baking just isn't my cup of tea. i tried my best though so he loved it!)
After dinner, me, the BF & my siblings played Monopoly
(which me & the BF won!!! WHOOOT!)
The next day we went to SF.
the first in our agenda was eat Korean BBQ

(which wasn't as good as I thought, i think it's just the restaurant cause the other korean restaurant I went to before was really good. He was also disappointed cause there's lots of good korean restaurants in LA)
Next was Japan Town ^_^V
Inside the mall.

My lashes & bling mini haul from Daiso
(absolutely love the bling decos & #10 & #11 lashes)

& for those who are curious reg. my iPhone --it's working now :)
took some asian style photos @ Pika Pika
(notice the plain pic? haha it's cause Hunbuns didn't know how to design it & he forgot haha! soo cute >.<)
The view from Coit Tower
Outside Coit Tower
Elevator at Pier 39
Bay Cruise @ Pier 39
Sea Lions (I think) they're so lazy, it's cute
So close to Alcatraz
Extremely Close!!! hahaa
At the deck
At Aquarium Bay in Pier 39
Cute jelly fishes
Star fish

We got to touch these :) Some are soft & some are hard. 
(as to why it differs, i have no idea haha)
Sea Cucumber. doesn't look to appetizing 
Hunbuns <333
We got matching "I ♥ SF"sweaters

*excuse the excessive cussing at some of the videos hehe!

The Crookedest Street/Lombard St. is one of the most visited tourist spots in San Francisco

This is actually my first time on top of Coit Tower! it was a pleasant experience :]

The cool-looking jelly fishes @ the Aquarium Bay in Pier39

Anyways, there's more but I didn't want your computers to lag too much because I have so much stuff on this post! Anyways, for those who looked & watched everything, thanks for being patient haha!

I had a great time spending the few days with my BF. I'm really excited to see him again in July. ^_^



  1. Awwww I'm glad you go to see the bf :) I remember the days of waiting to see my bf when I used to live in OC and he lived in Central Cali.. He was lucky I was crazy enough to come twice a month though! =X lol You and your bf are absolutely cute together! :)

  2. OMG! The jellyfishies look amazing! I wish I can see jellyfishies @ the aquarium here! you & ur bf look like you guys had an amazing time! I haven't had day off from work on weekends for the bf & I to have fun like that hopefully soon ;] I love the pix, you look very happy hehe =]

  3. @Alyssamae: thank you! i was so glad to see him after so long :) We had tons of fun together! and dang, that's crazy hehe! Anyways, thank you again <3

  4. @Michelle: I know there were lots of amazing things at that aquarium. My bf even got to touch a Sting ray. it was insane. hehe! Anyways, hope you and your BF get to have some "you&i" time soon :] & thank u so much! i was & am very happy that i got to spend time with him <333

  5. Aww, so nice to be able to see your BF :D Glad u guys had a nice time! Loved your looks! You have a natural edgy look (with the hair & eye makeup).. :D

    Leopard leggings are hot! :D

  6. @Rainy Days & Lattes: Aww thank you so much! I was super happy to be honest! I had a wonderful time with the BF :) & thank you for all the lovely compliments. you're too kind hehe

  7. awww soo happy for you! i <3 how you kept on giggling when you and your bf were driving through the crooked street haha sooo cute!


  8. Just curius...what's up the black circle with letters over your mouth in that one pic?

    Glad you got to spend some time with your bf. =) Looks like y'all had a good time!

  9. OMG I used to go to John's pizza with my (ex)bf too!! Hahaha. I stuffed my face and he watched football :p

    Which restaurant is that - not Brothers right cuz looks like they already cooked the meat for you?

    EEWWW that pic of the bees FREAKS ME OUT!! >.< And I actually only recently tried sea cucumber.. it was on sushi with gochujjang, and it was delicious!! I love the texture! HAve you eaten it?

    Love the shades! What is the "pwnd" circle thing?

    My fav pics in this post are the purikura and the last photo with the SF hoodies. You two are adorable ^_^ And LOL at him not putting background stuff ~~ I once used a purikura machine that ran out of time HELLA fast, and of course not in English, so I was like OMG how do I decorate my picture?!? LOL!

  10. @LOLanne: hahahah! thank you! it was so funny! It was my bf's first time driving around SF that's why! heheh

    @NV Beauty: Oh! that! I actually put that there cause my mouth looked funny hahah! & thank you! we did have a great time ^_^

    @Sophia: awwwww unnie! that's so funny haha! my siblings loved john's and me and the bf loved winning tons of tickets hahha!

    & that restaurant was Brothers. (dont eat there, it's not that good) haha! the Kalbi was super rubbery & the Bulgogi was dry >_< & the kimchi looked bleh haha! & My bf said that my miyuk gook was way better than theirs lol

    Omg~ i've never tried sea cucumbers, maybe i'll try it next time. Im curious to know how it tastes like :)

    Thanks, love those pics too! So funny did you see the cupcake on Jae's face? He totally messed up and ended up putting that on his face. it was so cute cause he was like OH SHIT! hahaha xoxoxoxox!

  11. omg at your adventure! hehe. Beautiful pix and I've always wanted to take photos in the Asian booths, thought it only existed in Asia. haha. Seems like you two enjoyed it a lot =]

  12. @xoladiihoneyxo: hehe! thank you it was such a blast especially if you're with someone you love! :) And, yeah~ it was only my 2nd time taking pics at those asian photo booths & it was my bf's 1st time so we were totally confused esp since everything was in japanese lol

  13. Looks like you two having so much fun.. You two look cute together..I love your smile..Keep on posting hun..^_^..

  14. aw it looked like you guys had so much fun! you guys are so cute come you live in different cities, school? that would suck to not be able to see my boyfriend for 3 months at a time!

  15. @Angiepink: we did :) it was amazing! & thank you so much <3

    @Liana: thanks <333 it was super fun! i had a blast spending a few days with the BF & we live in different cities cause we met online. And surprisingly, it worked out! hahaha!

  16. awww! you two are so cute! reminds me of when my hubby and i were only bf and gf! 8)

    <33 rena

  17. Alcatraz!? That's scary! Hahaha. I love your make-up in the pictures (: You are so pretty! & Mmmm Korean BBQ<3

  18. awww great pictures! Glad you got to see him and spend time w/ him even though it was only 2.5 days.

    I hope you get to see him again soon!

    You guys look uber cute together.

  19. Looks like you had a great time with the BF. I love his facial expressions, they made my day. :P

  20. @Rena: aww thank you! hopefully, me and him end up in the same path as you & your hubby :) hehe!

    @Susie: hehe! it was actually pretty cool to be that close to alcatraz & golden gate bridge & thank you so much! As for the korean bbq. the one we had wasnt that good. hehe

    @Angelique: i know and thank you! hehe

    @Vincent: yeah we did! and lololol!!

  21. Wow that looks like a shit load of fun!! Lucky you >=O i wish we had stuff like that to do around here lol

  22. Awww... What cute pictures. You two make a really cute couple. Love the pictures from the aquarium. I need to go sometime this summer to an aquarium. I love sea turtles.

    I remember being away from my boyfriend for 6 months. He was away to finish his degree in Physical Therapy. It was really really hard being away for so long. I did visit him twice. Now he is back, and we are moving together in a few months. Its hard being apart but sometimes the time apart makes your love for each other grow more and more. Wishing you and your bf the best! :)

  23. awww you're doing the long distance thang between norcal & socal too!??! it's rough, i'm in the same boat.. but glad you two are making it work. i love pika pika, that's my friend's place! it's so much fun. I wish we had more places like that in SF. but that's so sweet of him to come visit and you two look like you had a good time ;]


  24. you guys are sooo cute!! and you have such a pretty smile =] i want to take my boyfriend to the aquarium now! lol

    btw: i nominated you for a blog award, come check it out at my blog

  25. awww you LOOK like you had so much fun. in all the pics/videos, you're smiling with so much joy! hahah u can def tell how happy u were with your bf. good for you!! but how come u guys can only see each other so little?

  26. Aww it's so great that you got to spend time with your boyfriend. 3.5 months!? wow that's crazy. My boyfriend was in San Diego for only 4 days for a tennis tournament and I was already missing him so badly! ):

    Also I live in SF also so it was cool too look at your pictures and be like "Oh! I've been there!" haha actually I live pretty close to Japantown.

    I found your blog recently and I love it. Hope you update soon. (:

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