February 21, 2010

Sunset Eyes using CS's 88 Shimmer Palette

Hello my beautiful readers ♥

So here's the EOTD/FOTD for you guys! hope you guys like it. It kind of reminds me of the beautiful sunset we have here in Stockton. I mean, Stockton isn't the nicest nor is it one of the famous cities in California, however, what I really love about this agricultural city are the sunrise, sunset & the billions of stars I see at night. It's absolutely beautiful <3 & You can't find any of that in LA or SF. hehe! anyways, here are the eyes or should I say eye for this pic at least lmao ;)

btw, those are my real lashes (in case you're wondering ^_^)

(btw, don't mind that mini pimple i have in between my brows -_-')

i styled my bangs differently today, well sorta heh!
again, wearing Rimmel's Lipstick in Celeb (love love that lipstick!)


(Two Gold e/s & Red e/s)
Coastal Scent's 88 Shimmer Palette e/s (golds & red e/s), LÓreal Metallic Duo (Platinum; Black), MAC Paint Pot (Soft Ochre), MAC E/S (Gold Tease), MAC E/S (Oh! My Darling), Femme Couture Gel liner, Maybelline's Blackest Black Mascara & Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara & Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner

So a few days a go, I actually got this Missha Deluxe Sampler. It didn't take that long for them to ship it to me. (from NJ to CA-- only took less than a week) And It's actually FREE! yes! it's free, well sorta.. you only had to pay for S&H which was only $5.99.

It came with the following:

--Missha B.B. Boomer (10 ml)
-- Missha Perfect Cover B.B. Cream --No.23 (10 ml)
-- Missha Luminous Color Lip Gloss w/ SPF10 (2.5g)
-- Missha Perfect B.B. Deep Cleansing Oil (18 ml)
-- Super Aqua Detoxifying Peeling Gel (20 ml)

Of course, everything was so tiny, however for $5.99, you really can't go wrong with that. Actually I'm currently using the Missha's Perfect Cover B.B. Cream; No. 23 (50ml, SPF42 PA+++)  which I bought off from ebay for like $16 or so. which was fairly cheap!!! ^_^ And they've sent me samples of the Missha's Perfect B.B. Deep Cleansing Oil. However, I don't think I used the cleansing oil right so I can't really do a decent review on any of these until I've tried them out for at least a week or two.

Anyways, I've been using my B.B cream for almost a year now and I still have some left. (well i got the biggest tube which was 50 ml) But still, you really just need a small amount in order for you to cover your whole face. I actually use the B.B cream, after my face primer and before my foundation. So it's kinda like a base for my foundation. 

Actually, this B.B. cream is a few shades lighter than my skin tone. I'm fairly tanned and definitely don't have the typical "lighter"asian skin. hehe! So I don't use this as a foundation alternate but as a foundation base. This definitely helps even out my skin tone & what's great about using BB creams is apparently they have different kind of healing properties that benefits your skin. It also helps whiten & even out your skin tone. It also lightens up your acne scars which is a huge plus. It also claims to do a lot of good thing for your skin (if you want to read more about BB creams, please read my previous blog regarding "WHAT IS A BB CREAM")

Anyways, this is it for now. Hope you guys enjoyed it.

Btw, if you guys are curious & wanna try out this thing called BB Cream, please enter my Skin79 Mini BB Cream Set (click on the picture on my sidebar on the top-left)

I'll make a better review for the whole sample set once I'm able to use it.  


if you guys wanna try it out yourself, check out http://misshaus.com  & register now to get your FREE sampler ;)


  1. LOVE the FOTD hun! It looks amazing :)

    i've always been so curious about those creams but have been hearing they dont have darker shades.. but i see you use it as a foundation base - so i'm really interested in seeing how this is! :)

  2. wow girl.. love your new tutorial.. Keep on posting.. =)..

  3. @Khristine: Aw thanks love <3 & yeah~ BB creams are pretty good. the one i have smells really good hehe! :)

    @Angie: aw thank you so much! you're so sweet <3 I'll keep making more, don't worry :)

  4. wow ur blending is absolutely amazing! the colors look so prettyyy i def wish we had sunsets like that=)
    i love ur hair wish mine could hold bangs like that *jealous*

    <33 Sharlene

  5. Forbes just named Stockton as the #2 miserable place to live in the US.

    It's ok, thought. At least you got your sunsets.

    nice colors :D

  6. tha front of yo face is ridikuluz! can i getchyo numba?

  7. Nice post, thanks for sharing this wonderful and useful information with us.

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  8. @Sharlene: aww you're too sweet! thank you for all the lovely compliments! and~ our sunsets are awesome, but the current city i live on, isn't that great hahha

    @Jae: babe~ you suck! shuddap you already told me that on the phone earlier haha! i love you!

    @Michelle: dayuuum girl~ i'll letchu holla fo a dolla! haha ;)

    @Herina: aww thank you so much <3333

  9. aw your look is so pretty! so jealous of your lashes! :)

  10. @Liana: aww thank you! it's funny looking tho cause my bottom lashes are prbably the same length as my top lashes. hahaha!

  11. thanks nikki for replying to my comment. :)
    i really love your look! wow! i love checking your blog because of your different looks and of course your make up advices. :)

  12. @gracie: aww thank you so much gracie! you are too sweet! i'm glad you like what i do :) thank you for appreciating my passion. <3333

  13. whooa nikki!! that's awesome!! it looks really great on you! <3

  14. @Saving Capulet: aw thank you love <33 you're too sweet hehe

  15. I've been wanting to try out that palette for awhile...the colors look so pretty and pigmented!

    Love the look & the inspiration behind it!

  16. @Irene: Aw you should definitely get em Irene! :) I love this palette. & Yes it's very pigmented. I actually used a MAC Paintpot in Soft ocher as a base for my e/s. & Thank you so much hehe

  17. omgggg...this is really pretty...it looks different to most of the look. you mix and blend the color beautifuly hehehe i love CS =P

  18. @Cyd: aww thank you so much cydia~ <3 hehe! I love the CS palette too hehe

  19. How hot can you get miss Nikki!? Loving the colors on your lids. ;]

  20. hey there beautiful!! i love the bright bold colors.. i could never pull that off lol.

    i finally got the package! thank you so much for the bracelets + goodies =) the extras and love note was a nice touch and i will definitely treasure each and every piece! when i get a chance, i'm gonna blog about the lovely additions to my jewelry tree.

    <3anonimous b

  21. @Katie: awww you're too kind love <333 thank you! you're hot too hehe

    @Christina: thanks girly! & im glad you loved the package i sent you ^_^ i'm glad you're giving them a good home hehe!! <333

  22. But I only have a dime (;

  23. Nikki you are so creative ^^ and you're like painting on your eyes ^^ so beautiful and adorable ^^

    And I'll ever knew that's your real lashes if you didn't mention about it ^^ *jealous*

    Btw the Missha deluxe sampler is only for the US residents ?

  24. @YJia: aw thank you so much <3333 i actually see makeup as another form of art which is why when i put makeup on i see my face as a blank canvas that needs to portray the certain feelings i feel that day :] & thank you again for the compliment regarding my lashes. you're too kind <3

    & as for the missha sampler, give me your email & i'll refer you & i'm sure you can get it to regardless of where you're from.

  25. Nikki I jz checked the Missha website and I think It's just for U.S residents coz the shipping address there you can on choose the state in U.S ^^
    But then nvm lak ^^ thanks for your kindness ^^

  26. WHAT THE HECK MEXI! how did you get such awesome eyelashes!! we filipinos aren't supposed to have those!!! hahaha! jealous... i have your typical short and straight asian lashes. =/

  27. @Zoo: hehehe! idk? i actually have the shortest lashes out of my siblings. I guess its the mascara i use or how i curled it? idk? haha! anyways, thanks fo the love zooo <333