February 28, 2010

Sewing + Lovely Packages + NFTW (pic heavy)

Hello my beautiful readers
Anyways, here's a PIC HEAVY blog post, with tons of updates regarding everything else haha! So some of you guys might know that I'm taking fashion courses, and I'm taking an industrial sewing class this semester. And for our first project we're actually going to make a skirt. (I'm planning on making a high waisted-poofy skirt ^-^) I'll add the tulle after it gets graded lmao! But yeah~my class went to Joann's to get some fabric, pattern & elastic. 

Actually, our instructor said we have to use a cotton fabric however, if we're a bit on the adventurous side & feel more confident using other types of fabric, we can then use whatever we want except jersey & silk. Anyways, here's the fabric I picked out. 

(pattern A is the one i'll be doing --upper left corner / plain baby pink)

Sinful Colors (Soulmate) & China Glaze (5 Golden Rings)
this color combo reminds me so much of Juicy Couture. hehe! Pink & Gold ♥

And oh oh oh~on Saturday I checked my mail & got 2 packages :) Ahhh!!! I was so excited! I opened them up as soon as I got home. The first package was from Enchanted Little Things. They previously had a Valentines Day Giveaway and I won it! & The other package was from the swap I did with Sharlene aka *I-LASHES. 
group pic
Hard Candy makeup + Lace ♥
Red Swarovski Crystal Necklace ♥
a close up with these two lovelies (picture doesn't do it justice)

Anyways, I just wanna say THANK YOU to Enchanted Little Things & to Sharlene for these lovely packages. Cause I personally love opening them, just because it feels like Christmas all over again *big cheesy smile*


  1. that's a beautiful fabric indeed! and aw such lovely necklace <3

  2. oohhh sewing. nice :] Lovely packages! They are beautiful indeed. ^^ Check e-mail Nikki. Hehe.

    Katie Ngo

  3. ooh i love hard candy! cant wait to see your skirt! :)

  4. @Saving Capulet: awww thank you <33

    @Katie: thanks love & i've check it & replied back :]

    @Liana: this is my first time trying em out, hopefully it turns out well & as for the skirt, hopefully it turns out how i want it to turn out hehe

  5. beautiful necklace :) I love the color red...
    good luck on the sewing! I have one at home but my dads the one who uses it haha

  6. @Hyuna: Thank you :) Wow! that's cool that your dad sews ^_^ you should ask him to teach you or something hehe :]

  7. ooh can't wait to see your skirt! :]

    & I loveeeeee getting packages too! I love opening them.. definitely a Christmas feeling to it :]

  8. OoOoo.. Love the fabric. I'm excited to see how the skirt comes out! =D
    That's really cool that you went with your class as a whole to the fabric store. I don't think I ever had any field trip like experiences in any of the classes I took.

  9. Tell us how the skirt turns out! Again, so lucky you get to take classes for this stuff - I want to sew stuff in my spare time :)

    Also, yay for love packages!!!

  10. yaaye for packages =) having a giveaway make sure to enter =] hehe anywayyy i love ur music playlist =] YAAYUH FOR BEAST