February 8, 2010

MAC Mini Haul from Sophia + EOTD & NOTD

Thank you so much Sophia for being so awesome <3
I got these MAC single shadows from Sophia's mini MAC blogsale that she had recently & She was super generous because she sold me these babies for super cheap which made me extremely happy ^_^ I got 3 MAC single shadows --> L to RGuacamole (F), Electric Eel (S) & Swish(F) I just got them today from the mail & was super excited, it's like Christmas when I receive packages! I love love love em hehe! She was so sweet that she even gave me some candies & a cute note <3 ahh~can't wait to do EOTD with these beauties. heh! So again, Thanks Sophia! Can't wait to meet you IRL, hopefully by next month :) hehe!

I was at Walgreens earlier & boy oh boy were they having a 40-50% off, of Maybelline & CG stuff and Rimmel was having a BOGO sale. I wanted to get more lipsticks but I'm a tad broke right now. But hopefully the sales lasts a bit longer so I can go back & get Rimmel's lipstick in Crush & Revlon's lipstick in Orange :) Cause lately I've been loving the nude-orangey lip color, but haven't found the right "nude orange" lipstick yet. but... I definitely wanna try those two out ;] Anyways, here are the stuff I ended up purchasing. 3 Sinful Colors Professional nail polish.

(L to R: what's your name, soul mate, secret admirer)

i currently have "what's your name"on. it's such a pretty color :) black with blue flecks in em. really really pretty!


Anyways, hope you guys like it ^_^V

BTW, 50 more followers till my 1st Blog Giveaway! I can't wait~ I'm already starting to stock up on some items, I'm planning on making this a big one. hehe! So to all my current blog followers, THANK YOU SO MUCH for reading my blogs, leaving lovely comments & just being the great people that you all are. I must say, I've made quite a few genuine & good friends through this site & I just really appreciate knowing you all.

So, on the flip side... Valentines Day is just right around the corner... What are your plans?


  1. lucky! i want some mac too...:P
    hey i was just at walgreens too, they were having a major sale but i was broke too, so i just got an eyelash curler and a sinful nailpolish too, it took so long to choose one! but i got a dark green one, i forgot the name but i will post it soon! you and sophia are meeting in real life soon? how fun!

  2. @Liana: Heheh! I just saw her post about her little blogsale & I just grabbed it instantly just cause she was selling em for so cheap. <3333 & I know what you mean, walgreens was having some serious cosmetics sale 0_0 i wanted to buy everything! my eyes were going bonkers haha!

    & hi5 with matching sinful nailpolishes ^_^ hehe!

    & yes! im going to SF next month and hopefully we get to meet hehe :)

  3. oooo lovely haul! and i love your polishes!

  4. @Styleganji: aww thanks phi <3

  5. they look so nice and you looks pretty with blue contacts! keep up the good work.
    aww i wanted to take part in your giveaway but i live in the UK! damm i need to get there. Nice blog ,keep it up!!
    take a look at mine *cheesey smile*

  6. Yaaaay glad you got the package!!

    Oooh thanks for the rec on ELF. Does it last awhile? I checked out the reviews on the site, and someone said it lasted them 2 weeks?!? Haha I don't know if they're using HELLA product, or if it's really that little.

  7. @London's beauty: aww thank you for all the compliments. You are just too sweet <333 & Aww, well.. don't worry i'll be having another giveaway soon... for my 100 followers giveaway. That one is International so I'm sure you can enter on that one :) & I'll check out your blog soon <33

  8. @Sophia: Hey beautiful, I already commented you back about it! &&&& thanks again for the package! I'm still super happy :) hehe

  9. love your FOTD pix! you're great w/ makeup!!! :) i'm now following you here. when you have time, come swing by my page too! i hope to get more fellow followers. i'm still new w/ blogging. thanks!


  10. @TinaBobeena: Thanks for following & for the lovely compliments <333 I'm not following your blog. Hope you get more & more followers :) xoxo

  11. Oooh love Walgreens hehe...soon they will be having a Friends & Family Discount that I will be sharing (I think it might be this Friday???) I love the Sinful colors line...sooo many to choose from! Your colors look so pretty! :D

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