February 12, 2010

Lush Review + Love Package + Old pics


So I've been using these products for almost 2 months now, So I guess that means, I'm able to conduct a better review with the following products. ^_^ And I sure do hope, it helps some of you figure out whether or not these products will work for you or not.

Anyways, just a little fyi about me and the type of skin i have, just to let some of you know just in case you guys don't know yet. I have oily, sensitive & problem prone skin. I started breaking out when I was in my junior year of high school. However, it wasn't like severe acne or anything like that. But when I started my freshman year in College I noticed a big difference. =/ And NO! not the good kind of different but the bad kind. I started to notice that I've been breaking out more not only the occassional pimples here and there (esp. on my forehead and chin) but I also started breaking out on my cheeks -_- which totally pissed me off. And being the impatient person that I'am, of course I would pick on those pimples and it would leave me acne marks afterwards & I would break out every week, it just seems like it never wants to go away, which pissed me off.

I know I've talked about this before and how I've used almost every other acne fighting cleaners or treatments such as Proactiv & Murad & everything else. And believe me when I say this, but NONE worked for me. Maybe for a bit I'd see a few less pimples here and there but they would always find their way back onto my face. I felt almost defeated and my self esteem just kept going down the drain, as I found myself covering my imperfections with a ton of makeup, hence making my face worse =/

Until I tried using LUSH (not only that, but I started to eat more healthier as well. I also drink more water now & try sleeping as early as I can. I also use more organic & natural or homemade skincare) And, as shocking as it seems, it did change~ my breakouts lessen & I only get little pimples here and there but now...hardly. My face has gotten less oily with or without makeup. Although, I can't go back in time and stopped myself from picking on those pimples, which now has left me permanent scars, I know that over time...it'll be all healed & i'll get my old face back ^_^ So here is my HG when it comes to skincare <33

Lush's Enzymion Facial Moisturizer
Fruity moisturizer makes oily skin matte and dull skin radiant

-- It smells really good, but not overbearingly strong.
-- Gives you a matte finish to your face & doesn't leave it with an oily / greesy feel to it
-- Little goes a long way (literally!!!~ unless you go moisturizer happy)

-- Although it will make your skin happy, it will make your wallet sad. This baby is $35.90,
(but trust me...this is a good investment & I'm an el-cheapo when it comes to stuff, but I just love this too much <3 )

OVER ALL: 4.5/5

^ that's the chunk left after almost 2 months <3
Lush's Fresh Farmacy Face Soap
 Cleansing chamomile bar for troublesome skin

-- Does wonders to my problem prone skin
(cause of this i have not been breaking out lately)
-- Leaves a squeeky clean feeling after you wash it off your face
-- Doesn't dry my skin
(unlike others who claim that it has, guess it just works good for me)
-- Pretty affordable

-- Nothing really, except it could be a bit messy.
(it's best that you chop in in little chunks instead of using the whole chunk that they give you)


Lush's Herbalism Facial Cleanser
Herbal cleaner for oily & problem skin

-- Nice semi-exfoliant texture
-- It looks unique (like WASABI)
--> beware on where you store it esp. if there are kids around
-- Smells great!

-- Insanely messy
(product goes on everywhere)
-- Unconventional packaging
-- I really don't know if this helps me with my skin at all
-- Leaves an oily feeling after washing it off


Lush's Tea Tree Water "Popular" Toner
Popular toner for oily & problem skin

-- Packaging is pretty good (w/ the spray. good for on the go!)
-- Pretty good toner
-- Smells fresh
-- Good for people with sensitive skin (not harsh)
-- Fairly Affordable

-- You can make a homemade version for a toner that does the same
(ie. vinegar & green tea w/ lemon toner)


From my awesomely beautiful & talented Zoo aka Kym
And if you guys didn't know, she is also the owner & creator of Herrohachi shirts.

Ok, so yesterday I opened my mail box & found this little white box. Got home & opened it & as soon as I opened it I was cracking up. Just cause it's the cutest thing I've ever seen. Actually... its more like "the cutest thing I'VE NEVER SEEN" haha! Since I've never seen a plush toy of a FAT CELL before.

Man, I swear Kym is on of the sweetest & most thoughtful-est people I've met. She's so freaking hilarious~!!! And we totally click cause our humors are insanely- insane! haha!

Anyways, thanks a bunch lovely, ZOO! you are too thoughtful & thanks for wishing me good luck on my "FAT ASS DIET" with the help of these, I'm sure i'll be fat in no time ;)

PS: I ate all the chocolates already ^_^V mwhaha! Oh~ and how'd you know I love Ferrero Rocher? That's like my favorite-est chocolate evahh! (but crazy cause i've never tried this kind before, it's actually good) So thanks alot Zoo! You're the best <3333

Anyways, I'll leave you off with my post of conceitedness lmao~!!! Here are some pics I found on my PC. Some pics are either from 2008-2009? Do you think I look any different? haha!

The Nikki through the years~


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  1. What's with all the hype for Lush products lately? Makes me wanna buy more stuff from Lush and draw myself a yummy bath :) Nice pics, I like you with the geek glasses.

  2. i'm glad you found something that works for you, babe. you're already beautiful, but i guess having a better skin will make you "beautiful-er," right? about time you can match your bf in the looks department, lol!

  3. Glad to know that most of your Lush products work for you. I haven't tried any Lush product but I'm dying to try their soaps. It isn't available here in my area though. I would have to drive 7 hours just to buy it. By the way, nice pics. I especially love the black and white photo.

    Lots of love,

  4. New follower here! I love how almost every post is blog heavy! <3 <3 <3

    I also LOVE LUSH. I use Enzymion and Herbalism. I bought the Tea Tree toner but for some reason I feel like skin just doesn't like Tea Tree oil {*shrugs} so now my little brother is using it.

    I know what you mean about Herbalism. I can't tell if it's helping my skin or not. I feel like it's not strong enough and I've been thinking about trying Fresh Farmacy or Coal Face. Got a sample of Coal Face before but I feel like it dries out my skin too much.

    Thanks for the review!

  5. Oh my goodness. You look so pretty in those pictures! Were you a model before?

    I'm so jealous of your LUSH collection! That's good to know about the toner, though... I currently use Proactiv's toner, but have thought about venturing out. I'll skip this one for now!


  6. thanks for sharing! i really want to get some Lush now...:P
    i love the pic of you in black and white!!!

  7. nikki! you're so adorable, your pictures make me laugh. thanks for sharring all those cleasing/facial items! I'll try to look for em ^_^

  8. great post! I loveee the second picture of you!! :)

  9. @Lady Jane: Actually I asked the same exact question back then, until I finally tried them out. To be honest, I'm really lovin the fact that not only are these products handmade but they use natural ingridients which is mos def good for the skin & i believe they are also peta approve ^_^ & thanks glad you like my "geeky" glasses hehe!

    @Jae: aww babe you're too cute! i love you & i almost threw up, GORSS! hahahahah

    @Golden: Oh wow! well, mine isn't so bad. the nearest Lush store is about 30-45 mins away. But I actually got these when I was in LA ^_^ anyways, hope you get to try them out soon. they're really pretty good IMO. although I haven't tried their soaps. Anyways, try maybe ordering online??? see how that works for ya. & thank you! you're too sweet<3

    @Serena: AWWW thank you for following my blog! I'm glad you like it! & i know~ my blogs are always pic heavy I guess its cause I'm a more visual type of person & pictures lure me in to read more stuff. hehe! Anyways, I'm sorry to hear that the tea tree water toner didn't work quite well for you. I'm you're you'll find a better toner out there :) Actually, Its fairly easy to make your own homemade toner, I can teach you if you would like? I actually made a post about it. & As for Herbalism, I'm halfway done with mine but i really don't know if it made any difference. I much rather prefer fresh farmacy better. it doesn't dry out my skin & helps with my occassional breakouts :) xoxo

  10. @Kate Gene: awwww shucks~ you're too kind! *blush* heheh! & nah~ i never did professional modeling lol. Anyways, as for the lush stuff. I'm mosdef going to keep the Fresh Farmacy & Enzymion as my HG skincare. And, the toner isn't so bad either. actually, Tea tree oil does wonders to problem prone skin which is why I got the tea tree water. :) I think it works too ^_^ but just stick to your proactiv stuff for now, and when you're ready you can always venture out for new toners. and if things don't work out you can always go back & im sure proactiv will welcome you with open arms lmao! :) however, that's not the case with me. Me and proactiv don't quite mesh well with each other lol XD xoxo

    @Liana: Aw you should try em out! It did wonders for my skin & i've technically tried anything and everything. but only these items made a difference :) & thanks, i'm glad you like my "conceited" pics lmao jkjk hehe

    @Yumiko: Aww~ thanks! I'm glad my pics make people laugh hehe! ^_^

    @Lucy: aw thank you so much~ stay tuned for more reviews & makeup/fashion related stuff! thanks for following my blog too btw <3333

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  12. Thank you for the lovely comment :)
    I lovee your blog, & it's also got me hooked on 'Bad Girl' by B2ST! haha, xx

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