February 15, 2010

FOTD + VDay Love Package from BF

Friday's FOTD

Lips: Rimmel Lipstick (Celeb)

"Earth Angel"
(greens & browns)
MAC Paint Pot (Soft Ochre), MAC E/S (Prankster--VP), MAC E/S (Guacamole--F), Sephora Duo (N05), MAC E/S (Oh My Darling!--F), Femme Couture Gel Liner, Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara, Revlon Colorstay Pencil Liner

So on Saturday, February 13, 2010, I received a package from the BF :) It's his Valentines day love package. Including all my fave stuff...I swear he's so freaking thoughtful ♥ He got me tons of LUSH goodies, a heart box filled will yummy chocolates, our little journal that we send each month to each other (even though he kept it this time for over 3 months -_-' lol!) Oh! and his mom also sent me some Korean cleansers (thanks mom!)


Enzymion (my HG!)
 Tea Tree Water
Grease Lightning (a new product i've been wanting to try out)

2 Big chunks of Fresh Farmacy Soap (my absolute HG!)

Point Cleansing Cream (cold cream-- best makeup remover evaah!)
 & Green Tea Latte Moisture Foam

Godiva Chocolates
(see the empty spots, it's cause my sister ate em') LOL!

Anyways, just wanna say..Thanks babe~ for all of these :) Honestly, you didn't even have to buy me anything because youre love for me is already enough & then some. As cheesy as it sounds, you know it's true ♥ heh! Thank you for being my lovely valentine, even though we weren't exactly able to spend this day together physically, its ok because I'm able to feel your love despite of the 332 mile gap between us. I LOVE YOU!


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  1. aw, your boyfriend is so sweet! btw, i almost bought the rimmel celeb the other day, now seeing it on you i definitely want it! :)

  2. @Liana: heh! i know..he spoils me too much though lol! & omg~ you should totally get CELEB! it's my current fave lipstick. i love the color cause its pink but not too light, look almost like your natural color but with a little pop of that nice pink heh!

    btw, lovin the default pic that shows up on the comments hhehe! hella pretty :]

  3. love the cute package your bf got you! that's so sweet of him! :)

    i love your fotd! you're so freakin gorgeous! :) Inspires me (to do some fotd) but ehh im not that good lookin haha!

    anyway :) have a great day hun and enjoy your gifts!

    <3 Khristine

  4. Awwwwwwwwwwwww thats a super duper sweet of your boyfriend. Are you guys doing a long distance? Why can't my bf be like this...urgggg

  5. That is very thoughtful of him!

    And a journal exchange every month, is such a great idea to keep in touch with each other.

    I commend you guys' relationship & more power!

  6. love the MU! looks wonderful on you!!! :D and 100pts to your BF! that's wonderful!

  7. How sweet! Your boyfriend is thoughtful indeed. Look at all the goodies and now you don't need to restock on your LUSH items. Looks like he got you what you needed and wanted.

    Also, I loving the MAC shadow in Prankster you used. Is it from a limited edition palette? I don't see it on the MAC website.

    PS. What kind of homemade toners have you made? I found a few recipes/directions online before but never tried them. [I commented on your LUSH post before.]

  8. @Khris: aww hehe~ thank you! and wth? you're beautiful so you should definitely do some FOTD :) hehe

    @Cyd: Awww you are just too sweet, you're gorgeous yourself <333 & Yes! me and my BF are 332 miles away from each other. he lives in LA & I live by SF heh, are you in a long distance relationship too?

  9. @Mrs. Zeus: Hehe! thank you so much ^_^ <333

    @Tina: thank you so much! and he's definitely a 100% A+ in my book, he's such a sweetie pie hehe!

  10. @Serena: I know what you mean, he's so freaking sweet. He got me exactly what I wanted/ needed <3333

    as for the prankster e/s it's actually from the 2009 holiday "devil may dare warm e/s" palette from MAC. idk if they sell those individually but yeah~

    and as for the toners... hm, i actually use a green tea, apple cider vinegar + a hint of lemon juice as TONER. it helps out heal my acne & post acne marks. i'd love to do a tutorial if you want :)

  11. Thanks girl, I'm following your blog now too! I'm loving your makeup, you look gorgeous <3

  12. @LillyChantilly: Aw thank you so much :) <3333

  13. OOPS! I found your homemade toner! I thought you said you were going to blog about it. I'm blind or I just can't read. hehe. Thanks!! I watch/ follow/ etc. Bubzbeauty too. =]

  14. oh hi, can i have your cardigan? Now? thanks! haha! Brownie points for Jae for that love package!!! <3

  15. @Kym: Hahah! you're too cute kym. I actually got that cardigan at Ross! gotta love it!! hehe! & I know he's too sweet <33 So how was your vday? did the BF do anything special for you?

  16. ngaww such a thoughful boyfie, he knows he's one lucky guy!!

  17. i was wondering what is the Enzymion? and seriously, ur bf is too sweet. i want a love package too!! ahha i'm gonna show my bf this mayb he'll take the hint for nex yr

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