February 10, 2010

FOTD + OOTD + Eyeko Frustration + Giveaway Update


Valentine Eyes
(pinks & purples)


MAC 138, 187, ELF Powder brush, Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream, Stila Illuminating Powder (Rose Gold), NYC Matte Bronzer (Sunny), Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation (Early Tan), MAC Studio Finish Concealer (NW25)
ELF lash curler, ELF Blending Brush, ELF Shadow Brush, MAC 222, 209, 204, 263, Chapstick Medicated, MAC e/s (Swish), NYX (Violet), Sephora Duo e/s (N05), MAC e/s (Sorcery), Femme Couture Gel liner, Rimmel Extra Super Lash Mascara, Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner, Revlon Lipstick (Pink About It)

laid back with edge. heh!


On a heavier note, I have a little ish to vent to you girls...Ok, so a few months ago (DEC 30' 2009) I ordered some products from http://eyeko.com/. It's this really cute, anime-ish type of cosmetic store that is based in London. Anyways, its been almost 2 months since then but I still haven't gotten my order. So this past month I've been trying to contact them to just basically ask when will my order come. & where the heck is it? And, I've contacted them several times and they basically tell me the same thing over and over again...that the stuff i ordered were highly in-demand and that i ordered them after the holidays, making it busy & all the weather changes and bullcrap!

Anyways, I contacted them again becuase I was so disappointed and frustrated that my order hasn't gotten to me for the longest time. And guess what?? They email me saying "YOUR ORDER MUST HAVE GOTTEN LOST"-_-?! woooooow! I mean although they said they would gibe me full refund.. i'm still a little ticked off since I waited for that long, for what? Nothing! but it's whatever now! All i can really say is.... you'll never see me buy from them ever again.

I've been stocking up on some awesome consmetics & skincare stuff for my 1st GIVEAWAY (150 Followers) And, I'm just saving them in this box which is so ready to be shipped to one lucky home :] So hopefully, I reach 150 soon ^_^ hehe!



  1. Your soo freakn gorgeous nikki! :) BTW, The payment may be late due to the weather. You know how it is. UPS and possibly Fed ex isn't in business nooww i'll update you. <3

  2. Hey there lovely!!!
    Aw you're so sweet and yes just keep me updated :) tnx!!! <3333

  3. pretty!!! great job on your MU and OOTD!!! likin' it a lot! i was planning to do a V-day FOTD too, but we'll see if i'll get around to it.

  4. Hey pretty lady love the look (:

  5. aww pretty Look.*-*
    i like ur new background really cutee^^

  6. @Tina-Bobeena: aw thank you so much love! & you should mosdef do a vday look. can't wait to see it :)

    @beyond me: thanks beautiful <333

    @alejandra: thank you so much ^_^ glad you like the look heh!

  7. Awww I wore my "I <3 NY" sweatshirt when I came home from work!! Hehe we we're twinsies! ^_~

    Sorry to hear about the eyeko.. I hope they make it up to you or something. Like seriously that is NOT good to tell your customers that you lost their order!!

    I'm loving your new blog layout too btw! Luuurv pink :)

  8. hi! love your outfit and your makeup! man that sucks about your order, i ordered from the nyx $1 sale and i still haven't gotten my stuff and it's been about a month! arrgh, i'm so impatient though...btw, your new layout looks awesome, so adorable!

  9. OMGOSH.....who's that hottie??

  10. @Sophia: aww dang~we're twins <33333 & about the eyeko prducts that ive ordered.. i guess its ok, i mean what happened, happened already=/ just sucks that it had to happen to me. hehe but its ok now, i'm over it!

    & thanks hehe i really like pink and the vintage look so i chose this layout :)

    @Liana: aww thank you so much <33 and aww... just wait a few more, im sure it''ll come soon. thats the only thing i hate about online shopping, theres no guarantee that your order is safe =/ blahhh haha! but anyways thanks for the layout compliment & the many other hehe your too sweet

    @Cyd: thanks love! you're too kind, you're the hottie hehe!!!

  11. Hey Nikki! I just got the goodies. Thanks for the extras! I hope you love your goodies. By the way, I love your fashion style. Hugs!!

  12. @Crissy: Aww I'm glad you liked them :) I haven't gotten mine yet, but I hope to get them real soon :) Hehehe! & Thank you for the compliment xoxo

  13. totally love your blog hun new follower

  14. Very cute look & makeup! Def following your blog now. :)