February 3, 2010

FOTD + NOTD + Giveaways you should join!

Ok, getting crazy with the acronyms now! haha! anyways, here's my face of the day & nails of the day. Hope you guys like it.

Since Valentines Day is nearing in, everything is red & pink and hearts all around. I don't normally wear red lipstick or ever painted my nails red, but I think since its the LOVE season, it could be an exception :) I guess theres something about the color red that looks both classy & sexy. 'So here's my attempt to do both at the same time?? haha!




Products Used:

EYES: MAC "Oh My Darling", MAC "Sorcery", Sephora Duo "N05", Lancome 4Dreaming Quad "Pearl", Femme Couture Gel Liner, Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara, Revlon Colorstay Liner

LIPS: Chapstick "Medicated", NYX Round Lipstick "Electra"

Face: ELF's Mineral Infused Face Primer, Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation "Warm Golden", Missha BB Cream, MAC Studio Finish Concealer "NW 25", ELF's Mineral Booster, NYC Bronzer "Sunny", ELF's Blush & Bronzing Powder Duo "Blush"


Products Used:

NYC French Manicure "146A Love Letters" & NYC New York Color Minute "226B Madison Avenue"

Btw, Here's a better pic of my mini Valentines Day giveaway :) Oh! and I added a red, sexy nail polish in the bunch.

There's still a lot of time to join! Please check this post for more information >> http://ewwitsnikki.blogspot.com/2010/01/mini-valentines-day-giveaway-from-me.html

& Please don't forget to check out my on going BLOGSALE.

2 people can win! 1st Prize you get 2 super cute earrings from Ezziebell Jewelry & the Urban Decay AIW palette. 2nd Prize, you get..yet again, 2 super cute earrings from Ezziebell Jewelry & Too Faced Easy on the eyes gift set.

Another great giveaway is BeautyBag411's 50 followers giveaway! I mean who doesn't love makeup right?? Click here for more info regarding her giveaway >> GIVEAWAY. She is giving out a maybelline e/s & lipstick & hard candy blush & nailpolish

Check out I Heart Cosmetics's 500 follower giveaway!! lots of MAC goodies & more!! <3 check it out!!

So what are you waiting for? click click click the link above <3


  1. Loving the look Nikki! (; omg i gotta go check out your yt vids! i didnt even realize you had vids hehe (:

  2. @Beyond Me: thanks love! hehe! I don't have much vids there, just some fashion related and personal vids hehe ^_^

  3. pfft you know you wanna kiss them! HAHAHA!!! I<3U

  4. OMG love the red lips! HOT!

    I love the whole look! You look like a doll ^_^

    Oooh and I recognize that shirt hehe.. love it!

  5. Awwww thanks sophia <3333333
    you're too sweet!

    &about the shirt...yes yes! she made her public debut today at Fashion02 class haha ;]

  6. I love the red lips :) lovin' those bangs though! i'm thinkin of cutting mine straight across. O__O

  7. Thanks Jamila!! You should cut ur bangs like that it'd be cute :)

  8. omg its nikki! ^^
    You are looking gorgeous girl. Love your make-up & hair. Definitely the red lips, it really suits you. Like the nails too. Haha, geez, I like how everything goes together. (: Hopefully your giveaway turns out well love! & good luck.

  9. Hey there Katie!
    Thank you so much! You're such a sweet heart hehe <333333 btw, about my giveaway, you should comment for each entry u did. So u should put put ur what is love to u on a seperate comment :) thnx dear!

  10. Oh wow sweetie your makeup is so flawless!!! Gonna be entering your giveway now!!

  11. @Geekymacboy: aw thanks love! and mkay!! good luck :)

  12. You look real good with red lipstick..i can't pull off with red lipstick lol