February 5, 2010

FOTD + Asian Bangs + Skin79 Mini BB Set + Blog Award + Giveaway


First of all, here's my FOTD, it's pretty funky with all the vibrant colors and all, but really...it's still wearble :) I didn't use that much products too! Anyways, Hope you guys like it.


TOP: Close Up, BOTTOM: Profile

New Do!! hehe! Well, not quite! Actually, I had these bangs a few months ago but it grew and I really like my side bangs. However, I got tired of em and i kept wanting change without going to drastic. Plus, my BF likes these kind of bangs, so I said "the heck? why not?" So here it is... THE INFAMOUS (or rather, Famous) ASIAN BANGS :)

And, Lastly I wanna talk about the Skin79 BB Mini Set real quick. http://dbeautyshop.com/ had sent me the Black Set with 4 miniature BB creams of different kinds. (Super BB Pink, BB Diamond, Super BB Gold & BB Diamond Pearl)

Kevin from D' Beauty Shop had kindly contacted me a few weeks ago and asked me if I wanted to try their Skin79 Mini BB Set. And today, I got it at the mail & was so excited :) hehe! Anyways, Although I got this following item with no cost, D' Beauty Shop DID NOT ask me to to review it or alter my opinions regarding their product. Anything and everything that is said about this product is purely my own opinion.

Anyways, I'll make a review of the following items when I get the chance to do so. As for now... here's another PIC OVERLOAD.

the packaging
product inside a pink bubble wrap + a free sample

mini bb set in box --black

mini bb set + sample

 the minis unboxed. so cute <3

Anyways, a little FYI about D' Beauty Shop. Basically, It's a company that's based in Malaysia that sells mainly contact lenses and Korean brand cosmetics such as Skin79 BB Creams & Diary Masks <-- which are insanely cheap right now. I just wanna get all the Diary Masks cause believe it or not, its only $1.99 hehe! Anyways, that's all for now, I'll blog about my review when I get the chance to use them.

enjoi <3


Thanks to my good friends Beyond Me & Sophia for nominating me for this awesome award! you both are so sweet!

1. Thank the person who gave you the award
2. Paste the award on your blog
3. Link the person who nominated you for the award
4. Tell 7 interesting things about yourself
5. Nominate 7 bloggers or less
6. Post links to the 7 blogs you nominated.

1.) I can read, write & speak a bit of korean. 2.) I'm taking Fashion courses. 3.) I sew clothes ♥ 4.)  I'm a Lefty. 5.) I play the guitar. 6.) I'm deathly allergic to shrimp & other kinds of seafood except fish & mussels. 7.) I eat 6x a day :]

1.) Cara 2.) Liana 3.) Kym 4.) Rina 5.) Phi 6.) Ezzie 7.) Janice

(Sorry Sophia & Katie...I was gonna nominate you guys too but Beyond Me had already nominated you guys hehe :)

click here!!
here's what the winner gets ^^

She's a super cool chick & I just discover cute things about her :] like toes *cough* hehe jkjk! so anyways, make sure you enter her giveaway <3


  1. Hiiii Nikki!!

    Yes I got mail from you today - but I haven't opened it yet :p I'm so terrible at opening mail... I have like 4 packages to go through..

    I LOOOOVE your makeup! And your HAIR!! I wish I had hair like you!

    I'll mail the shadows tomorrow... after my exam. *sigh* Gotta study for a couple of hours, then go to bed early. I hope you're having a fun Friday night!


  2. Oooh and the BB cream! You know what an idiot I am? I just went to Korea in October, and I had NO idea what the heck is BB cream -- so I didn't buy any!!! Boooo for me.. now that I'm back I wanna try it haha. And Face Shop! I bought the masks here after I got back for like $3/each.. and my mom is like.. uhhhh they had that in Korea for $1/each. Sophia=sucker lol.

  3. @Sophia: oh haha! deng.. you must be stressed huh? well, no worries about the shadows. just mail them after your exams :) i hope you do well, which i'm sure you will ^_^

    as for the bb cream, i've only tired Missha's perfect cover bb cream.. i think it's pretty good but it's too light for me. i got #23 and thats the darkest out of the two colors. but it's good to use to mix in a darker foundation to create a better color foundation that matches my skin tone. hehe! i have like yellow-olive undertones thats why.

    and omgggg i've tried the face shop masks too. I LOVE THEMMMMMMM <3333 i like the "Pearl" and "Cucumber" the best (i think) oh and i think they sell those at Wallgreens now! thats where i bought mine before hehe

  4. love the look! and your hair looks great, i wish mine would hurry up and grow! :P

  5. Nominated you for an award sweety! Check it out!

  6. @Liana: Thanks <333 and aww why? how short is your hair?

    @babe: haha weirdo!!

    @Beyond Me: Thanks hun <33

    @Steph: hmm.. well, depends which kind you get. i've only used Missha BB Cream and i mix it with my foundation cause it's a bit too light for my skin tone. i still have to try these new ones i got. why? are you thinking of purchasing some?

  7. Nikki! Omg you are way too gorgeous. Lovin' the bangs! & the things you got in the the package. Cuuuute! <3

  8. @Katie: aww you're too sweet katie <333 thanks a bunch for all the lovely compliments

  9. i love the bangs, nikki, so asian kawaii! i had bangs before too. but they're hard to maintain

  10. @yumiko: aww thanks alot ^_^ and i know what you mean.. i used to have side bangs, sometimes those just don't cooperate with me. i think these bangs are better for my lifestyle haha! <3

  11. why, magandang umaga to you Mexi! you know what!!! I always have the urge to call you Zoo.. that name just sound so cool. hahaha! I may even name my future child that... maybe.

    Anypoos, like i already said on your fb... the eyes? killer! the look? killer! i love it all! and thanks for the award, you're too kind! ;P

  12. @Zoo: Hahahaha! dang~i'm too good haha! and zoo's a perfect name for you ;) cause boy oh boy do you drive me wild? HAHAHAHAAHAH! i just thought of that! & you should name your future kid ZOO ^_^b and always think of me hehe! better yet i should name my kid Mexi and Zoo & Mexi can be the best of friends lol :)

    & thanks muchos <3 you're the best, you deserve the award.. pfft your a bootyful blogger heh

  13. i absolutely LOVE the color contrast between the colors from the eyes & the lips. eddddgy!!

  14. @604honey: aw thank you so much <3

  15. thanks for nominating nikki! much loves ♥

    ur fotd is super super super gorgeous!! love the bright contrast!

  16. @Chaigyaru: Thanks Janice <3
    i hope you blogged more, cause i really love reading them :)

  17. The Asian bangs works absolute wonders for you! Then again, I am sure any kind of bangs would work for you since you're totally gorge :)

    Happy (early) Valentine's day sweetie!

    p.s. new follower here ;-P

  18. Your hair looks so cute! I am actually about to cut it the same way!


  19. P. S. The t-word is SO gross! LMBO!

  20. @love, sweetcheeks: aww thanks alot <3333 & advance happy valentines day to you! also, thnks for following ^_^ i'm followed your blog too

    @Kate Gene: thanks so much! and oooooohh! make sure you take pics k? hehe! & about the t-word, you're toooooo cute! seriously! <333333

  21. Hi Nikki!

    Im a new reader, found your blog through another blogger. I love the layout of your blog, your skin is so flawless, your hair is amazing, and those bangs--super banging!!! You rock!

  22. @Mrs Zeus: awwwww thank you so much for following & for all the lovely compliments, you are just too kind <3333

  23. hi!! new follower here!! love you fotd, you look gorgeous!! :D im so envious that you're taking up fashion and sew your own clothes. hopefully id be able to do that soon :3

  24. Hey mami! Girl seriously I was like wtf, why would they price it at $40, well guess what? that was the sale price! it was originally $66.00 and it was on sale for $40.00 I mind as well cut a lil piece on my hello kitty stuff animals sew on some handles and call it a purse! at least HK would look better :P yeah bento boxes especially around here they be stuffin it (: soooo yummay!

  25. I LOVE LOVE UR LOOK ON THIS POST BTW!!! girl you sooo puurdy lol

  26. @Saving Capulet: aw thanks for following my blog & for the sweet compliments. & I'm sure you'll be able to. It's really fun, so if you get the chance to do all of that, you should definitely give it a try :)

    @Beyond Me: Hahahaha!Omg~ for real!!! that thing is so tacky! haha! & I agree with the hello kitty thing haha! & hell yes to bento boxes! that why i love them so much cause I'm a fatass internally, may not look like it on the outside but I eat a whole lot hahah & thanks love, you're super pretty too <3333

  27. Hi Nikki! :) Omgoonesss, thank you for nominating me for the blog award! I'm so new to blogspot and you're making it so fun for me ^^ Thank you, thank you!<3 You're the sweetest! Did I mention, you're gorgeous?! Love the makeup. And your hair is just beautiful!

  28. @Cara: Hi Cara :) No Problem with the blog award, you deserve it beautiful one ^_^ hehe! And thank you so much for the compliments you are too sweet, I can just eat you hahahahhaha <333

  29. You're super duper gorgeous. ♥