February 19, 2010

Fashion Class + Missha Deluxe Sampler

Hello my lovely readers ♥

Sorry for the lack of updates & replies on your comments =/ I've been busy with this whole MAC SALE dealio, So for those who gave me a "request order" I'll let you know the status hopefully by next week. Our wholesaler is lagging -_-' kinda ticking me off. But yeah~ on a much happier note, I don't know if I mentioned before, but I'm taking industrial sewing this semester & it's such a fun class.

I love sewing & even though this class is only every Friday, don't be fooled because this class is 5 hours long. haha! it's ok though because time flys by in that class since we're always doing projects & samples.

So today, I learned how to do a "fish eye dart" &  a "blind hem stitch" it's soooooo fun! It made me more excited to sew again at home. I think my next DYI project at home will be a poofy high waisted skirt. Well, we'll see~

Anyways, here's a quick snap shot of my class room ^_^

sorry about the sucky quality, i took this photo via iPhone.
Not a lot of people came to class today, IDK why?

PS. I finally got my Missha Deluxe Sampler from the mail today. Pics will be posted after I get back home :)

Man... I have choir practice today, because my church is hosting this concert & I'm one of the performers... ahhhhh and the thing is.. the concert isnt till April. However the priest is a perfectionist, hence the practices every week. & what's worse is its outdoors -_-' SOOO COLD!
AHHHH~ 싫어 싫어 싫어!!

(brat moment!)


  1. I'm jealous!! I want a sewing class! I used to make purses/pencil pouches with my mom's sewing machine but stopped cause I got lazy.

    also...YAY!! Your Sampler came in. Can't wait to see your review on the other products. I'm always so hesitant to try new things out. I think I'm just too picky. =X

    So today at the mall I decided to drop by the LUSH store. I remember the review you wrote about Fresh Farmacy and decided to get a chunk myself [kind of small compared to what you have/got]. I hope this stuff works for me as well as it worked for you! {*fingers crossed}

  2. :) I am soooo envious of the classes you are able to take! I would love to take classes like that but nooooo time. *sigh* I'm taking some sewing classes later this month, hopefully it'll take off soon!

    Thanks again for all the work you're putting into the MAC orders!

  3. i wish i could go to sewing class! i could not sew if it were to save my life lol! i used to like it (i was learning as a little girl) but don't know what happened!

    :) hope you have a great weekend! try to keep warm during choir practice! i used to be in choir in highschool and loved it!

  4. Nice! I've been wanting to take a class, time is just so hard to catch on. My bro got me a sewing machine for Christmas but I haven't even open it.

    Show us made you made so far.

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