February 1, 2010

EOTD +Getting stopped at wallmart by a talent/ modeling agent

Want to add drama to your look? Wanna spice up your look without overdoing it? Well here's a look you can wear practically everywhere. From Church to Clubbing (not a good combination, but you catch my drift? hehe!) Plus, whats great about this look is...I didn't even use that much products & MOST of the products that were used to create this look were bought from your local drugstore, sally's or your nearest target :)

Sultry, Dramatic, Smokey look. Thick double wing liner, Fake (natural-looking)  lashes were used

Products I used:

STEP 1: ELF's $1 Eyelid Primer
 --Put all over the lids
STEP 2: Prestige Duo (Cinnamon Stick)
 --Use only the shimmery e/s, Put all over the lids
STEP 3: L'Oreal Metallic HIP Duo (Platinum)
 --Use only the black e/s w/ silver flecks then heavily put it on your "outer v" then blend it in a windshield wiper motion NOT all the way to your tear ducts but just about 1/2 of your lid
STEP 4: Femme Couture Gel Liner (Black)
--Make a "cat eye" look using your eyeliner brush but flick the liner more to extend the wing. Make another wing that parallel to the top wing. Also, apply eyeliner below the the water line. Make the liner thick on the bottom by connecting the top to the bottom hence making it thick to skinny, stopping by the center of the eye.
STEP 5: Revlon Color Stay Eye Liner (Black)
--Put some on your waterline & tightline
STEP 6: Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara (Black)
--Use a single coat on your top lashes & 2 coats for your bottom lashes
STEP 7: ELF's $1 Natural Lashes (Black)
--Place it on your lids, not to close or not too far away from your real lashes. Make sure it's not sitting on top of your real lashes either. (Make sure to also trim sides of the lashes to have a perfect fit on your lids)
STEP 8: ELF's $1 Lash Curler
--Curl your lashes to combine your real lashes to your fake lashes so it doesn't look too "fake" lol!!

& Voila! You're Done :)

btw, you don't need to use the exact same items i've used. you can recreate this easy look by using anything you have. Hope you guys like it!

On a side note, I was at Wallmart yesterday getting the NYC matte bronzer in "Sunny" that everyone is raving about these days and out of no where a Modeling / Talent Agent from LA stopped me and asked "You don't happen to be under 20 are you?" and of course I said, "No! Sorry, I'm actually 22" and then she said, "Oh it's ok! I'm sure you can be an exception. Usually we only cast 20 and under but if you're interested you can go to our workshop later at 4pm at the Hilton Hotel and you can be screened for a complimentary modeling and acting workshop. And if you don't decide to go, it's ok...I love your eye shadow & My name is Amy Btw :)"  and so I'm like "Oh! Ok, I'll see~ Nice too meet you, I'm Nikki & Thanks ^_^" then we went on our seperate ways and I'm like WTH? seriously? haha! hella funny!

Thing is.. I didn't go. haha!
What are your thoughts on this & my decision?

Oh & before i forget, here are my lovely & cute customers haha!

Vanessa & Anjeanette

(on the left) Desiree



  1. oh my gosh girl! Your eyes are aaaamazingly gorgeous. & about your decision, I wouldn't judge you! If you wanted to go you could, you know? But you definitely didn't get stopped by a modeling/talent agent on accident! (: Your gorgeous.

    And about the Mac lipglass, I would love it if you could hold it till the 8th of Feb. I understand if you can't, but thanks if you do! (:

    <3 Katie

  2. Love the lashes!! And the colors in that HIP duo are pretty :)

  3. I almost bought those lashes but I wasn't sure. But I like it. You should have gone! But I would have had someone go with me in case.. lol

  4. thanks goodness the modeling agent didn't see me. lol.

  5. i love the look!!! anyway...thats cool that you got stopped but i mean who knows what coulda happened...lol it would have been interesting if u went

  6. i'm glad you didn't go! like i said in my facebook comment.. i'm so suspicious of those people. hahaha! anyway, you're talented and one day you WILL get your big break! :) and hey... how come only $5 for hair and makeup!?!?!? charge more Mexi! haha! ;P

  7. @Katie: Aww thank you, you're such a sweetheart! <3 btw,i'm willing to hold an item for you, so just let me know which one you want :) i added 2 more mac lusterglass

    @Sophia: awww thankssss <3333 and I know the hip dup shadows are awesome i have 3 hehe

    @Alejandra: thanks love!

    @Jamila: aw really? you should have! i brought extras cause its really cheap and really nice. looks natural but at the same time it just looks like u have fuller and longer lashes. & as for the talent scout, i guess it's ok cause I'm pretty shy with auditioning and stuff and i'd rather be a famous fashion designer or hair & makeup artist lmao

    @Babe: hahahaah you're right ;) haha cutie!

    @Beyond Me: Thanks girl! And I know, i'm not necessarily regreting the fact that i didnt go but i guess theres that curiousity in me... like what if? you know? haha

    @Kym: hey zoo! its been a while since i've seen you around my page! i missed you! anyways, i know what you mean. and thank you thank you <33 you're awesome!! and as for doing hair & makeup.. its $5 cause its recession right now and i'm still not a pro. so yeah! im getting my cosmetology lisence really soon though!! hehe! MISS YOUUU HELLA ZOOO!

  8. i just stumbled upon your site and i thought i'd say hello.. so hello! and i really like your eye makeup.. i can never do it correctly to get that sexy dramatic look like yours lol. also, i see that justynie's jewelry is under your to-buy-list. coincidentally, i JUST received a package from her today. i looooooooveee her jewelry so far. seems like we have similar good tastes =)

    feel free to drop by my blog when you have time

  9. @anonimous beauty: hey there!! thanks for leaving a comment <33 i love reading comments cause it makes me smile :) anyways, the look is fairly easy, i bet you can do it too :) & YES! i've been wanting to get a few of justine's jewelry. which one did u get??

  10. Cool. No I guess I say that because I always end up the model for my friends that are photographers and mua's -___- lol Its a fun experience though. :)

  11. @jamila: oh haha aww that's cute :) i know i saw some pics on your FB..hella cute ^_^ anyways, i miss you milf! come visit me hehe

  12. fasho! I work at forever 21 and I still wanna go to the forever over there because i heard it was pretty nice!

  13. oohh nice. I want that Mac pink rat! (: Thanks girl! Oooh, credit card problems? I understand. So e-mail me @ Katiengody@gmail.com and I guess we'll talk about it! Take care


  14. @jamila: oh you work at f21? nice!! the f21 here is ok i guess. i got tired of it though haha!

  15. Hey girl! Thanks for the congrats doll (: The top is from Hollister, if your near one be sure to check out the sale they have going on it was only ten dollars, super comfy and stylish as well (: I thought it was a great buy hehe and yes sweety you are one of them (: i just haven't had the time to come over and tell others about it, bit lazy on my part. I cant wait to a give away!!!

  16. really cute eyemakeup! :)
    Haha no wonder those people tried to recruit you xD
    the prom makeup is also really pretty :D

  17. @Beyond Me: aw nice! i'll make sure to check it out! & thanks for the award :)

    @Hyuna: aww thanks so much love! haha! it was kind of awkward though since they just tapped me and was like ëxcuse me"haha! & thank you again :)

  18. super cute makeup! you're very good...!

  19. What a cool story! If anything, it's cool that you were even asked to participate in their workshop!

    Great story!

  20. Aw thanks Nikki :) I think you're right too - gotta make the black part a little darker. I'll blame it on the ELF shadow haha.

    I'm doing this photoshoot for fun this weekend.. and the theme is "glam"... wanna help me think of a makeup look?? I was thinking of wearing all black, and really colorful eye makeup?

  21. Gorgeous EOTD. I love it!

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