February 16, 2010

Blog Swap!

So I recently made a blog swap with a fellow blogger, Crissy/ Crisania or as you all know her as My Endless Beauty Trunk

And today after waiting a week, I finally got her package :) So excited!!! hehe!

The lovely lippies
Group Shot
Pimple Zapper Lotion
LA Colors Pink Palette

Anyways, Thanks Crisania for sending me some extras (Palette & Pimple Zapper Lotion)


  1. So pretty...a girl can never have enough makeup hehe :)

  2. Love the lippies! I agree with Irene - you can never have enough!

  3. hey Nikki!
    oooh yummy swap i love the pink palatte r the colors as shimmery as they r in the case?

    ps u r the gorgeouss one. i love how u blend ur makeup, just flawless!

    <33 Sharlene

  4. OoOoo. Nice swap! I'm nosy. I see the little CLINQUE box/case on the upper right corner. What is it?! =P

    Thought I would also let you know that the sample size isn't that big. It's 10ml so ~0.34oz and it's in the shade NO.23. Can't count on this for long if you're running low on B.B. cream. =/

    NORCAL!! WooOOoO! That's HELLA cool! {*LOL}. I live in the east bay, Fremont. It's in between Oakland and San Jose. Which city are you from?

  5. cool swap! man, i haven't used clinique in days....i should probably go back to them though bc i really like their products!

  6. hey girl thanks for joining my giveaway! :] nice swap btw, everything looks nice!

  7. you look really pretty :) and I'm loving the lip colours xx

  8. cant wait to you wearing them! <3