February 22, 2010


Ok, so I noticed I have a few cosmetics that I hardly use (such an understatement) because most of these things I've only used 1-5x which isn't a lot. And yep! just never use them anymore. Mainly because its either not my color or it doesn't suit me quite well. And I'm pretty sure most of you girls are just like me too. --Have a lot of makeup but it's just sitting there collecting dust. So I thought, Why not do a blog swap with someone else who feels the same exact way?

Anyways here are a few things for now. I still needa ransack lots of drawers etc. hehe!

So here's the deal, I'll do blog swaps instead of a blog sale so it's much funner (if that's even a word, which i highly doubt) But yeah~I still don't know whether I should just swap with one person or swap with different people for items they're only interested on. But I kinda just wanna swap everything at once.  (So idk yet, but we'll see)

So here's some rules, 
for the blog swap:

1.) Items that you will swap with me CAN be used or unused 
(basically, things you don't use anymore)
2.) Everything MUST be sanitized 
(esp. lipglosses, lipsticks, etc. check the bottom link if you wanna learn how to sanitize your makeup)
 >> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fK8ikGqnnbY
3.) Post a picture url or name the items that you are willing to swap with me
(so i can see if i'm interested in them or not)
4.) Leave me a comment on this post or email me

FYI: Everything in my pile will be sanitized so don't worry :)




  1. damn, lots of stuff lol

  2. Hi :) I have two lipsticks unopened (they are backups) : revlonJUST ENOUGH BUFF & elfNATURAL NYMPH.

    *they are nude colours
    if interested, please lmk via my blog :)

  3. I also have an unopened LASH STYLIST and a swatched lise watier tinted moisturizer in porcelian :)

  4. Aww I wish I had makeup to do a swap! These days I am so minimalist tho... *sigh* that's what happens when you live in a teeny-tiny studio >.<

  5. This is a great concept! I have a bunch that's just sitting in my drawers as well.

    I have to put it up when I can. I'll leave you a comment when it's already up.

  6. Swapping is such a good idea! I just need to actually go through my stuff when I have free time... you know, too much crap LOL

    BTW I love love love your hair!!! Sooo effn gorgeous!!

    Since you're a hair stylist, I have a Q for you (if you're willing to answer it). I have pictures on my blog.. right now I pretty much have my natural hair color all over with blond highlights framing my face. Well totally overgrown and NOT touched up. I have an appt next week to finally cut my hair. I was planning on getting rid of my highlights because i need a CHANGE! But I'm unsure of what color to dye my hair?? I was thinking of going lighter?? Maybe a lighter brown/red...

    But then ppl kept saying that they love the blond & to keep it!

    Any suggestions?? It'll greatly be appreciated ;]... thxx!! <33

  7. Girl! I did order the blending brushes I ordered two and IT DIDN'T COME!!! I WAS SOO PISSED OFF!!! so hopefully it comes soon or else!!! haha ooh girl those are on my list for the next time around for sure =]]]

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