February 19, 2010

행복한 결혼 기념일

Happy SEVEN Months babe!!!!
아~ 난 정말 행복해

Even though we weren't able to spend this special time together, it's still ok because I always believe that if you love someone it doesn't matter where you are or what you do. Because they say that when you're in love, regardless of the distance, that person is closer than ever because they're always in your heart.

I love you so much, & words can't express how much I appreciate you. I can firmly say that yes! you DONT complete me, because instead of completing each other, WE COMPLIMENT each other. "two whole hearts are better than just one"

I won't write that much because I'm sure you already know everything else. I love you & always will. Can't wait to see you next month ^_^ cause boy oh boy has it been too long since I've last seen you.

나와 내 남자 친구
(남자 친구 너무 귀여워 ^-^'' )

See you in March, 할아버지~!! 하하하


  1. ngaw congrats!! you two stay happy and inlove <3

  2. aww girl congrats (: oooh lala have lots n lots of fun in march (:

  3. Congrats to both of you guys!

    Happy 7 months!

  4. @saving capulet, michelle & mrs. zeus: thanks you all so much ^_^

  5. Happy 7 months!

    Miss. P