January 7, 2010

What's In My Purse Video Tag + Random Pics via iPhone

Hey Guys!
Sorry if this blog has no sense and is super random. I'm in that TOM (time of the month) thing, which sucks like a hairy donkey >_< But anyways, I did the whats in my purse tag and I know that this tag has been floating around YT for a while now and I've been wanting to get in on the fun wagon. So yeah, hope this solves some curiousity about what I keep in my purse :)
Oh, by the way..I've been having so much fun with my phone lately that I decided to post some of my random pics here. Enjoy!!!

a random shot my sister took at the asian market. (yes! that girl in blue is me)

CROC-A-LEE, my baby! lol
(i won 2 of em ^_^ pink for me & blue for the BF)

my eye makeup from yesterday
let me know if you guys want me to blog about it

Lush's Herbalism <3

Red Tulips


  1. damn, that's a lot of stuff, haha!

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