January 1, 2010

Welcome 2010!

AHH~ crazy how 2009 just flew by so quickly and now it's 2010. It's so insane how time flys by sooner than we think or would like to think.

When I look back, my 2009 wasn't as bad as I thought it was. Though I lost a few people in my life, I definitely gained much much more. And even though I have let go of a lot of stuff the past year, I can say that..it isn't so bad because when we let go of something, we gain another thing. I consider the mishaps of my life as another blessing in disguise. I know this may sound crazy, but i was never the type of person to be depressed over a thing or two. I'm the type of person who looks at the bad and find something positive about it. Because looking at thing the negative way won't do you any good, it'll just depress you and eventually it'll suck out all the energy you have inside. So instead of dwelling on the negativity, look at life at a more positive way. Sure, recession and our economy right now isn't exactly like pony's and rainbows but we're all still lucky right? We're all still blessed and fortunate compared to some that are suffering far worse that we are. We need to be able to thank God for the "little" things because these so called "little" aren't as little as we think it is. Having a roof over our heads, hot meals infront of our tables, warm beds to sleep on and so on. Compared to many, Yes! I'am thankful and blessed to have all of this. To have a wonderful, understanding and loving family, to have the most amazing not only boyfriend but also my best friend, my soulmate, my motivator & main inspiration, to have the very few but most wonderful friends -old or new. <3 You all mean the world to me!

I'm looking forward to an amazing 2010 :)

Here's what i wore last night (NYE)

Hope you guys all have a blessed & prosperous New Year!!!



  1. happy new year!

    i had a great year, too, baby. Thanks for the great year! can't wait to spend another year with you ;D

  2. happy new year to you as well, I like your outfit, and your hair! I do my hair like that at times too, but for some reason it sure does not look as hot as yours!


  3. i like your hair nikki :]

    happy 2010 <3

  4. @babe: aww thanks for everything too :) can't wait for the days, months and more years with you! i love you

    @toothfairy: thanks beautiful! & i'm sure that hairstyle looks smokin on you as well ;)

    @stef: thanks stef! happy 2010 :)