January 8, 2010

True beauty is way more than skin deep

Make-up and being beautiful

Yes! it's true that "true beauty is way more than skin deep." Yes! natural beauty is the way to go. or People who wear make up are insecure people who want to paint their faces to cover up all their ugliness. And with that I wanna say one thing, just one thing....STFU!

I mean, seriously, just cause people decide to use make-up on their faces does not automatically make them "sluts" or "whores" or "insecure." People who wear make-up or use make-up see this as a way to express themselves, enhance their features & more. Make-up is like Art, our face is like the blank canvas that can convey emotion, passion and true feelings that we feel inside that have been suppressed by this stereotypical society. Like itsjudytime says "Natural is Beautiful, but Make-up is Glam." People who find security with make-up is their own business, not ours. And for those who criticize, both women & men of this society...just shut it, if you have nothing nice to say. We are all entitled to our own opinions however if these opinions are just to make other people feel bad so we can feel good for ourselves, then maybe we shouldn't even start something we can't finish.

What is your perception of true beauty?

Some believe that true beauty lies within, that true beauty is not just on the outside but also on the inside. Yes! I agree. But in some cases the term beauty goes far beyond what we can see or think of. In other cultures, to be beautiful, some require to cover themselves from head to toe. Some require you to be a certain shade. Like in many parts of Asia, for example the Philippines; to be "beautiful" you have to be lighter skinner, not tanned but we all know, most Filipinos are tanned or "Kayumangi." So then what, since they wanted to be a lot whiter because that's what the society sees as beautiful, Filipino's started to use whitening lotions, soaps even taking whitening pills just so they can acheive the kind of standard that the society / media gives them. Another part of Asia is China which i believe used to do a thing called "Foot Binding" where at the ages three to ten before the bones on the girls feet are fully developed they would wrap it very tightly with a bandage just to make their feet small. This process was very hard and painful. It's been said that "bound feet" were considered erotic, but what price do women (or men) have to pay just for the sake of beaing "beautiful?."

Here in America, unlike Asia...Women want to be more tanned and less lighter. So then what? Yep! tanning salons were built and women waste rediculous amounts of cash just to look tanned --in other cases, Orange. LOL! But what gives? All of this for the sake of beauty right?

Whitening Pills, Lotions, Soaps

"LOTUS FOOT" from foot binding

But I guess, whatever it is we do or however the society percieves beauty to be; True beauty lies...well, inside of us and in each of us. I, personally believe that we are all beautiful because we are all created into God's image. Whether we wear a ton of make-up or waste money on things we don't necessarily need, It is our own decision. Beauty is more than just physical appearance. I believe that True, Genuine Beauty is the goodness within our hearts.

*disclaimer: this blog was taken from my old blogspot. everything in this blog is from my own opinions only and i don't wish to offend anyone, but if i have/had...my sincere apologies goes out to you.

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