January 28, 2010

이노래(This Song) - 2AM --Covered by me

Hi Guys! So here's a pretty old vid that I haven't posted here on blogger but it's been on my youtube for a while now. I really fell in love with this song even if it's a guy song. Basically the title of this song is --> THIS SONG. lmao! how ironic eh? anyways, what's beautiful about it is it's lyrics. It has this story almost like a korean drama haha! It's about this guy who loves a girl so much but it's like he almost can't love her because he feels like she doesn't deserve to be with a man like him because he can't possibly provide all the luxury in the world that she deserves to have, and although he couldn't provide her with the materialistic things, he then adds that all he could really offer her is "THIS SONG" that expresses every bit of emotion and his unwavering love.

Isn't it just romantic?
Anyways, what's more ironic is that I actually sang the Chorus part to my BF the night of our 6 months. It's because i found it fitting to our situation. Even though I can't give him a lot right now, it's like me saying that I'll always try my best to be the best girlfriend there is and always love him despite of any obstacle, any circumstance and anything else that may come our way.

"줄 수 있는게 이 노래 밖에 없다
가진 거라곤 이 목소리 밖에 없다
이게 널 웃게 만들 순 있을지 모르지만
그래도 불러 본다 니가 받아 주길 바래 본다"

예쁜 목걸이를 사주고 싶지만, 멋진 차를 태워 주고 싶지만, 예쁜 옷을 입혀 주고 싶지만 오 난, 좋은 곳에 데려가고 싶지만.

 주머니에 넣은 손엔 잡히는 게 없는데, 어떻게 널 잡을 수가 있어. 내 생활은 너에게 어울리지 않는데, 그래도 내 곁에 있어주겠니 있어줄게

줄 수 있는게 이 노래 밖에 없다, 가진 거라곤 이 목소리 밖에 없다. 이게 널 웃게 만들 순 있을지 모르지만, 그래도 불러 본다 니가 받아 주길 바래 본다

너는 괜찮다고 말을 하지만, 나만 있으면 된다고 하지만, 행복하다고 늘 말해 주지만 너는
더 바라는 게 없다고 하지만 .

예쁘고 좋은 것들 조~권 재밌고 멋진 일들, 너도 분명히 하고 싶잖아 Baby~ 내 곁에 있어 주면 못 하는 걸 알잖아, 그래도 내 곁에 있어 주겠니 함께할게

줄 수 있는게 이 노래 밖에 없다, 가진 거라곤 이 목소리 밖에 없다. 이게 널 웃게 만들 순 있을지 모르지만, 그래도 불러 본다 이창민 니가 받아 주길 바래 본다

이 노래 밖에 없다, 정말 가진게 이 목소리 밖에 없다 , 이게 널 웃게 만들 순 있을진 모르지만
그래도 불러 본다 이노래. 니가 받아 주길 바래 본다, 니가 받아 주길 바래 본다

이재호, 사랑해 <3



  1. Nice cover! Have your heard their new songs? I am in love with Korean music hehe (:

  2. You're soo cute! So wait, you know how to READ/WRITE in Korean? But you're not Korean??

    P.S. What contacts do you wear? Super cool! You kinda look like Kim Kardashian to me :)

  3. @beyondme: hehe thank you! And nah I haven't heard their new song heh

    @glitteryeyesxx: aw thanks so much. You're too sweet and yeah I'm not but I can read & write and speak a bit hehe. And Kim kardashian? Really?? How so? I kinda don't see it. Maybe it's the dramatic makeup. And I'm just wearing a regular misty gray contact lenses :)

  4. aw, i remember when you sang this to me :D
    i love you, babe.

  5. hehe aw of course you should remember! i sang this to you a couple of weeks ago only or maybe last week? haha idk but yeahhh i love you too babe <33

  6. Woooow Nikki you're one talented girl! Nice song! Ohmygosh I can't believe you can write out all the Korean too ahaha.

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